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Up North Trip Day 2 – La Union, Vigan, Ilocos Sur06.25.10

It was January 15 and we woke up early since we wanted to catch the sunrise from the most coveted resort in all of La Union, Thunderbird. Their facilities are amazing. The view from their location is outstanding, no wonder the rate of the hotel’s sky high. See the early morning view? Love it! Love it!

After the trip from the resort, we had back to the house to eat our breakfast. Thanks to Toni’s mom it was so amazing! I love the longanisa together with the sukang Ilocos (vinegar from Ilocos). I also love the danggit and fried fish. After breakfast, we rested for a while then went to Sebay to try surfing the waves! Only Malen and I tried the surfing lesson for an hour. The money was all worth it. Believe me. So if you have the chance to go to La Union, make sure that you will have the chance to try surfing, and even if you don’t know how you have to take a one time lesson from the local, fun and experience surfers.

After surfing, we went back to Toni’s hacienda and took a bath. We are on our way to Ilocos Sur but before we drove there, we have to try the famous Fiesta Casino. Yup, I lost P200 from playing the slot machine. I think it’s only Malen who did not loose money and made at least couple of hundreds. After that we went back to Toni’s place and drove to Ilocos.

We made a short stop to experience how beautiful and romantic nights at Vigan are. It will make you want to hug and kiss your special someone, believe me, coz it made me. Make sure to bring your camera who can shot beautiful night pictures and you will get a lot to remember.

Thanks to Mario’s relatives for the warm acceptance and letting us stay there.

Click here for the rest of the pics!

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Up North Trip Day 1 – La Union06.20.10

Started last January 14 and for four days, me and my friends have traveled up north to conquer the hidden beauty of Northern Philippines. Thanks to Mario for letting us hitch hike all the way to La Union to Ilocos Sur and back.

Toni, our very own haciendera
We have to go now…
Time for big snacks!

Stop over at the Shell along the highway for late, late lunch.

So after work we traveled for six hours all the way to La Union where we stayed to Toni Parel’s hacienda. Her family is very welcoming and we really enjoyed our stay there. It really feels like we’re staying in a hotel since we were really taken care of, we even have all of our rooms air conditioned. So here it us, testing the beds…

Stay tuned for the next days happening and a lot of picture taking.

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Congratulations Ronalyn!06.19.10

Congratulations to my niece Ronalyn for having her new born son! His name is Angelo Sheen Kier Suministrado! He’s so cute! Look at his picture below. Gosh! I am now a certified grandma at the age 30! Hahaha. It’s funny how I was not affected with the idea that I am now a grandma when I’m still a virgin and innocent. Bwahahaha!

Now, with all seriousness. I want Ronalyn to make sure that she takes care of herself and her baby, ASKier (as I named him). Like how she took care of herself before she had the baby. She made sure that she got all her prenatal vitamins and needed food for new mothers. She also have to make sure that the post vitamins for herself and vitamins for the baby were all taken.

Congratulations Rona! Be a good mom!

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Kim Hyun Joong Live in Manila06.17.10

How can I, his girlfriend not know the exact date that he’ll be coming??!?!?!??!

Yup, I know that he’s coming here in Manila and will have his concert with B2ST and other Pinoy Pop groups. This concert is for the benefit of the Young Mothers. How noble! He’s a very good christian! Isn’t he? Oh my prince chariming!!! :) It’s so very nice of him and the rest of the group to do this benefit concert. I wish that next time it will be with SS501! So that I can meet my brothers-in-law. :P

Check out the poster for the concert:

He will also have a fan meet organized by Triple S Philippines. But this fan meet is exclusive for fans who will attend the concert and seated only in VIP, Patron and Upper. As usual, it’s limited slots only, meaning 60 people can only meet and greet him. You have to check out the forum for more details! Click HERE:

My side? I’ve been wanting to meet him at the airport with open arms and running as if we’re Sharon and Gaby but I can’t. He have 9 muscled bodyguards plus police escorts. Whew! What a tight security! But I don’t worry because he will come over later at my house to meet his future parents-in-law. HAHAHAHAHA! Here I am…getting delusional. :)  How I wish that my picture from here will come true!

TSPH!!!! Let us support him, ok?

Saranghae,Kim Hyun Joong-nim!

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text you in the morning06.15.10

Every morning I ride the cab to go the office. I remembered about this certain news, and it has something to do with the girl riding the cab and what she do is, she sends messages to her friends the name of the taxi and the plate number. But then the taxi driver got mad at her for doing that resulting him to beat her up. That, that really frightened me. Honestly. Because I also do that every morning I ride cab. I will text my Howe the name of the taxi and the plate number. That way, in case something happens to me, or if I can’t get any emergency assistance from police or law officers somebody will know where I was the last time. He told me that it’s like his morning mantra, he’s waiting for my text messages in the morning. Isn’t he sweet?

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