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My New BABY…NIKI!!!!05.17.10

I want to share to everyone that I got my new camera!  At long last, I give in to myself and bought my new very own, my OWN, DSLR!!!!!!

I’m so happy!!!

I asked Japox to help me buy one in Quiapo, because I don’t know where to buy. He also went with me buying accessories in Divisoria. We got two extra batteries so that I can use my camera longer, UV lens for sun protection, some filters and bag. So happy! Then we had lunch at Estero in Ongpin.

I love it! I can’t wait to try my new camera! :)

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Moon and Star Phenomenon05.16.10

Tonight, we saw an amazing phenomenon. No one could tell if that is a star resting on the moon or something else. I’m no astrologist but I have not seen that kind of star as if it just landed on the moon. I think it’s no star. I think it’s a spaceship. Check out the pic below. Sorry it’s not that sharp. I was not able to capture the outline or the lining of the moon but it’s there. It’s so freaky, as if it meant something, something miraculous, something scary…something unexplainable. I hope that there’s an explanation, but as of this writing (9:01pm) nothing’s online yet.

Our neighbor’s said that she saw that even early in the evening around 6 pm, but suddenly around 7:30pm it was gone.  Nobody noticed if it flew away or it just suddenly faded.  At least we were able to see this as this is a very rare occurrence.

Picture was taken at Valenzuela City.


Thank God it’s no spaceship  :)    It’s the planet Venus aligning with the moon.

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noir dream05.13.10

I’ve dreamt about something last night. It’s all about man in spandex with lit sancho panza cigars. It’s like a scene taken out from my favorite noir movie, The Untouchables starring Kevin Costner and Sean Connery. Weird thing though, I’m not one of the girls with curls and pin up style. But I’m a tough girl with machine gun while smoking cigars. Honestly, there’s no deeper story. I just saw myself laughing manically after firing one round of those bullets in a plate like. This is the catch, in my dream I did not see even one single dead man and no blood. That’s so much for my noir-self dream.

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Did you vote?05.11.10

Yup I did. I exercised my right as a Filipino and let my voice heard. If you didn’t, you don’t have the right to vent your anger in the government if something bad happen. I call it the VENTING RIGHTS. LOL. Don’t tell me that you’re paying your taxes and that should be enough to exercise your VENTING rights. Nope, not enough.

So who did you vote? I want to admit that even up to yesterday I still don’t have anybody in mind for President and Vice President. I’m torn between my conscience and strategy. Don’t worry my conscience still won and it took me only 10 minutes to finish the whole process from finding my name in the master list to having my nail polished with the I-ink. :)

So who did you vote? I kept on asking this because I want to know who. Most of my colleagues at work did not get the chance to vote. Mainly, it has to do something with the lack of time. They don’t have the time to vote since we’re working on a call center company, we don’t have holidays. So they don’t have time to go to their provinces just to vote. I wish that in the future, you can vote anywhere, as in anywhere in the world for as long as you’re a Filipino and of legal age. I think that way, if that happens, in that election we can say that all Filipinos were counted.

So who did you vote? Ok fine. I’ll answer my own question. For President, I voted for somebody who loves to fly and looks good with sunglasses. Who knows…maybe we get miles and free airplane tickets if he wins! For Vice President, I voted someone with political will and with a dead sense of humor coz he says that he does not joke. D’you get it? LOL

So who did you vote? For Senators, they are as follows:
1. A super brainy-crazy witch.
2. A sports woman.
3. Someone who loves to run.
4. A farmer.
5. A butete.
6. A chocolate.
7. Once a panday, always a panday
8. De-De-De
9. Who hates the Aquinos (admit it!!!!)
10. An angel
11. I voted her husband for President when he run against Ramos.
12. Who makes bread or for the madlang people.

So who did you vote? Can you guess mine? 

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move that file05.08.10

I bring my 2 Gig USB flash drive anywhere, everywhere, anytime. It is as if my other lipstick. You will never know when you will need to save files for future use. I can still remember the ¾ floppy disk era. I use to have boxes and boxes of that for my thesis in college, you know the one that can hold at least 10-15 disks at a time. Usually I bring about 2 of that every day. And I hate it when it gets corrupted and you can only use it after formatting, but you do format it, you will lose your files. Nah…those were the days. I’m so glad that flash drives were invented, you don’t even have to have a bag to place it, you can simply put it around your head (using the necklace that came with it) and you also got to have an instant accessory.

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Apathy and Love05.05.10

The opposite of love is not hate but indifference.


My sister got into a motor accident weeks ago. Thank God she’s still alive and she did not have any broken bones in her body. She got bruises and scrapped face, arms and legs. True, maybe an angel is indeed watching over her. We’re all thankful for some of the people who saw the accident and helped her. One of the onlookers is a pastor who even prayed for her while the others gave her new soap and cleaned her wounds. So what’s wrong in this picture? Of course, it’s not the onlookers who helped her but the people who caused the accident.

She got into an accident because of a ball. There were group of people, teenagers to be exact, who were playing basketball near the road and while they’re playing, the ball bounced into the road hitting the motorcycle, making the ball slide between the tires. This made her lost her balance causing the accident. After that the teenagers just run and left my sister and my future sister-in-law, who were with her (her tandem) literally smashed between the pavement and the scooter. If they just help her, we would not have been mad. My parents even went to the Barangay Hall and reported the incident. Our anger should have been abated if they helped her. How could some people just live her lying on the road? Thankfully there were no cars or trucks that passed by…

I’m enraged on how some people just left her and amazed (and thankful) on how some people helped her. How can apathy and love exist in one location, one situation, and one circumstance? I just wished that it would have been just love, but we live in a real world where real things happen. We’re just lucky that she was not seriously hurt and thankful for the people who helped her.

Look at her scrapped toes and the blueish smallest toe.

Scrapped knee

Scrapped heel

Bloody arms

bruises on her face, the day after the left side of her face turned all blue

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after losing weight dilemma05.04.10

When I announced that I’m trying to lose weight, some people told me not to be too skinny (as if I can lose weight up to being called skinny) and I’m way cuter if I have a little chubbiness. What are they thinking? I of course will not lose weight up to be called skinny. Where will I place all the sagging skins and visible stretch marks? Where? Now wait a minute…well, when you think about it, I can remove that excess skin, like that man who was interviewed in Oprah, who lost weight from around 400 lbs to 150 lbs and had his skin removed by an operation and I can get stretch marks creams for the visible stretch marks.

Ok fine. I’m going to lose weight and I will be called skinny. Who cares about the sagging skins and stretch marks! :)

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Pancake but no Pancake05.01.10

After watching Iron Man 2 with Howe, we ate at Pancake House in Eastwood City but no we did not eat pancakes. I ordered their Roast Beef Special. For P231 you’ll get a niclye done and perfectly sliced roas beef and a cup of rice. With that you also have vegetables on the side and Caesar salad. On top of it, this meal set already have iced tea to wash out the tasty food. It’s a complete meal, carbo, protein with veggies and a nice ice tea.

I really wanted to try and order dessert, the frozen yogurt and the best of it all, it says that it’s 98% fat free. But I can’t because I was already full from the roast beef meal. But that’s no biggie since I work about 50 steps away from it so I can drop by anytime I want.

Love the Pancake House! And most of all, I love spending time with Howe. It made the whole dinner a lot more special.

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dieting again05.01.10

Why do I feel like I’m always on a diet plan? But I never really lost any weight, you know, like a dramatic lost where everybody will ask me, how I have done it or have I taken anything or who’s the faith healer helped me. You know that kind of ‘dramatic weight lost’. I hate to turn 30 and still over 200 lbs. It’s not nice to look at and of course, it can be a health issue and again did I make a point that it’s not really nice to look at? I’m not sure if diet pills will still work for me. I hate to expect and be disappointed again. Sometimes I feel like I want to give in with this crazy crave-ness in losing weight and just eat and eat and eat my way to obese-ness.

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