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catching up with an old friend02.27.10

Doing group activities is so fun fun but when it comes to heart-to-heart talk it’s a big NO NO! So when I attended our high school reunion, I know I will not have the chance to really talk with Rhea, my high school best friend. Maybe we could sit and whisper to each other but I don’t want to commit social suicide or worst be called snob so we decided to just simply meet after our high school reunion. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time that I saw her. So imagine our eagerness to know what’s been going on in each others life.

Last February 5, around 6 pm. We met at Cubao and then we head to Eastwood City. It’s both ideal for us, she have not been there (at Eastwood) while I have to go to work after our dinner date. We ate at Fazoli’s, since it’s my treat, we got to eat where I want to. But of course, I asked them first what they would like to eat. So there, we ate at Fazoli’s.

We had good laughs reminiscing our past. For three hours, we only laughed, eat, reminisce, eat, discussed a topic, eat, smile a lot, eat. I love our random topics that night: husband, kids, having Beatles, Bon Jovi, Jacqueline+, Ryan, Allan, JHERC, Carol, Air Supply, cheerleaders, chess, awards and medals…Indeed, high school life did have memories that you’ll want to treasure forever.

Please pardon the quality of pictures below. Taken using my phone camera.

With my best chum, Rhea

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20 lbs off02.24.10

20 lbs off by May 1! Yup! That’s my goal! Can I do it? Can I really do it? I’m giving myself two months to do crash diet. As in really serious diet, even no cheat days! Who’s with me?!?! I think I need to make a bet with someone to encourage me and fulfilling my goal. I think, I need help, ethereal and earth bound. For ethereal, I don’t have any other source than Him. While for earth bound, I’m checking out the commendable clinislim side effects that I want to achieve.

I wish…no I decided that it’s time for me to go and be healthy, not for anybody but for myself!

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High School Reunion02.23.10

It’s been fourteen years since I had seen my high school friends. Some of them like Rhea and Malou, we had the chance to go to the same university in college, in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Now, after all these years, I’m so happy to see them all again. Memories are flooding back to me as if it’s like Undoy. Memories that were long forgotten are back in a flash. Some of the memories are truly I treasure the most, while some, I’d rather forget. Now you can say that those were the days but I don’t feel like that myself possible because I’m still single and living my own life. I guess my view would have been different if I’m now married and have kids of my own.

The committee have been busy months prior to the reunion. We needed to sell raffle tickets so that we can have fund for the upcoming program. After selling tickets to our friends and colleagues at work, some of them insists that I bully them into buying.  What?  I just told them that if they love me, they have to buy some.  Is that bullying?  Don’t think so…Maybe, it’s persuasion with love.  So we had the raffle last December at our high school ground/building. For my part, one of my colleagues won the P500 gift certificate. None of my buyers won the three major prices, but at least! :)

So here are the pictures of our high school reunion, the group shots:

really serious


wacky_part 2

This is me sharing/updating my friends on what happened to me for the last 14 years:

Some of my high school friends:

The Tarpauline:

with the chairman (the most left) and the gurls:

one of my favorite teachers, my teacher in Chemistry and at the same time, the school counselor, Ma’am Angeles

with my best friend, Rhea

It was really enjoyable. The highlight of the day was when our teachers shared their joy of seeing us again and reminisce all the ‘hard’ times they encountered teaching, in and out of school, because of us.

I think, though I’m not a popular student in high school and I’m not one of those ‘it’ girls. I was really happy in then, but college is another level, another story, that was when I learned to spread my wings and fly.

All in all, it was an experience I would love to do again. And again. And again.

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belly fat – can kill you!02.23.10

You know, if you are a fat person, having belly fat is like breathing to us. I can’t find a fat person that does not have belly fat. Honestly, before I don’t mind having belly fats for as long as I can do stuff that I want to and for as long as my boyfriend will not go turning his head at the sight of gals with flat tummy. But after I read an article how dangerous belly fat and it can ultimately lead to premature death, I decided to do something about it and get action plans on how to reduce belly fat that I accumulated all these years.

I guess, what knocked me off was when our 34-year old neighbor died just weeks ago because of high blood pressure and of course, overweight that I need to something about it now. I hope that I will get favorable results at the end of one month as I decided to go back to the gym next month. Please pray for me. :)

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I hate Ding Dong!02.22.10

Nope, I’m not talking about Dingdong Dantes the actor, not the man who was considered as one of the sexiest in the world, not the boyfriend of Marian Rivera, the Marimar, the new Darna. No, not Dingdong Dantes, the look-a-like of my Superman, Christopher Reeve. I hate Ding Dong as in Ding Dong of our doorbell! It’s so annoying! If you work on the grave yard shift, sleep is the most important aspect of your life. For me that’s true. I don’t know why but when I’m working on grave yard shift, I’m suffering from insomnia. But if I’m not, I can sleep at least 6-8 hours a day with no problem.

So imagine myself about to sleep, then I will hear that ding dong! Bam! I’m going to get a good doorbell soon or I’ll go mad!

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My Own List of Awesomeness02.21.10

I was surfing on the internet the other day and I’ve stumbled this amazing website that sites 1000 awesome things. It was amazing how they were able to come up with hundreds of awesome things, some things are spectacular, some are simple, yet all of them are awesome.

So I’ll try to share some of my own list of AWESOMENESS. If you have your own, leave a comment and let see if we have the same. Wait for my AWESOMENESS #1!

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Five Ways to Fulfill your Goal02.20.10

I’ve read on the internet that you can easily achieve your goal set by dividing it into five small steps. If you think that your main goal is like an impossible dream at this time, try to do the following and see if it’s easier to reach the impossible dream.

1. Divide your big dream into smaller parts.
2. Inform your friends and family about the goal you set to yourself.
3. Create a journal or notes to check your progress.
4. Give yourself rewards when accomplish each of the ‘smaller parts’ you created (from 1).
5. Cite the advantages of fulfilling your goal.

Let try this. Goal: to have my own first car within two years or less.
1. Divide your big dream into smaller parts. – Oh I can put matchbox cars to divide it. So let us say that by October this year, I’ve paid the refrigerator that I bought and done with my travel plans, then that’s the only time I can truly save for my first car. Two months for 2010 and twelve months for 2011. So let say, since it’s my first car, I was advised to get a second hand car where I will not be heartbroken if it get dents once in a while. I wish I can a car like Bumblebee (in Transformers), second hand pain in chassis but when you open the hood, I got Ferrari parts. That will be WOW! And for that kind of budget, real second hand cars and not like a Transformer-y type, we can say roughly around P120,000 to P150,000. I need to save P11,000 per month to reach P150,000 by the end of 2011. Hmmm…maybe if I have to do this for four years. LOL.

2. Inform your friends and family about the goal you set to yourself. – My family and Howe will support me, I know it.

3. Create a journal or notes to check your progress. – a balance sheet is more fitting.

4. Give yourself rewards when accomplish each of the ‘smaller parts’ you created (from 1). – maybe I could eat cake for every complete P11,000 per month self installment made. LOL!

5. Cite the advantages of fulfilling your goal. – no more public transportation. Independence. Road trip.

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psychic predictions02.18.10

If you’ll go at Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City, they currently have an on going psychic activities. I guess they were around 10 to 20 psychics for this activity. They were situated in Cityewalk 2, of course that’s within the Eastwood City. Honestly, I really wanted to try it. I really don’t believe in those kind of stuff, but I just want to try and see what will the psychic read in my palm and/or in my mind. I wanted to know several facts about certain aspects in my life. Like in love, if I’ll get married in this lifetime, when? Is it going to be with my current boyfriend or to someone else? Travel. Will I travel this year and how many times? Outside the country or domestic? Carreer. Will I find a job abroad or not? Or if staying on my current company is a better prospect. Health. Will I have an eminent health issues to take care of? As a friend told me, they’re no guarantees. Let us treat them as guides. For a little amount of money, I can have my future predicted and at the same time, tried something that I’ve never tried before. Let’s do it?

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Movie Reaction: AVATAR02.15.10

It’s more than what I expected. When I’ve read a review that it’s as if like a ferngully in an action movie, I was a little bit discouraged of watching it in IMAX. But I’ve read trivia about the movie how James Cameron wanted to shoot this movie but the technology could not have it done. How he already have written the screenplay more than a decade ago. How some of the reviews were very good, like you will see 3D movies in a different light. And I did.

The movie is really amazing and I should say that it is the best movie I’ve seen in 3D. It felt like as if I’m in different world. It so believable that I wish that I’m one of the people who rides the Avatar just to spend time in their world. It’s so amazing what technology can do today. They say a good movie is something that you will remember even after you’ve watched it. And it what I’ve felt after seeing Avatar. I’ve seen the movie just once and I wish I had more than once, but I did not have the chance because of lack of time and people who will come with me.

I rate this movie, 4.8 over 5 stars!

These are the tickets for the movie.

That’s my sister.

That’s moi…

That my sister and moi! Aren’t we cute?

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money in most unexpected source02.07.10

It’s a common saying for us Filipinos that there’s wealth in waste (“Me Pera sa Basuara”). In hard times like these, we need to find ways where we can earn a living. And I’ve learned one way to do when I was young. It was when I was still studying in high school, we have a subject, called Home Economics, that deals with stuff that for sure we can all use in the future which is related for home improvement and such. There’s one subject matter that I’m not sure if it’s true or if some people are still continuing the process. It’s the process of composting, where the composters perform a process to make waste into a more valuable item. How ingenious people are to come up with this solution where you can still use your waste, turn it into money and at the same time, take care of nature.

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