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34th anniversary01.31.10

In this world, when couples been together for a decade, they are already considered lucky and blessed. Many envies them and wanted to be like them. So I’m happy, honored and very proud to greet my parents a happy 34th anniversary!!!

Thank you for being the best parents in the world. You set a very good example for us to follow. WE LOVE YOU MA and PA!

Both of them are trying very hard to open the gift. They do it together. :)

So serious! hehehe

The wedding photo, 34 years ago…

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highschool remembrance01.26.10

After seeing my high school best friend after our high school reunion get together, I can’t believe how much all things are coming back to me. Often those small things I have taken for granted when I was younger gives me too much delight these days. How funny is that? Hmmm. Can I cite some examples?

Autograph – a great way to know who the crush of your crush and the best way to know your crush a lot better.
Cutting classes – though I don’t do this often, but I experienced it first during high school days.
Songbook – lyrics of the songs copied in a notebook, where you can use during idle time between classes.
Bon Jovi – they’re my favorite band, so as my best friend. Their song, Never Say Goodbye is the theme song of our group, JHERCS. I love his voice, his band, his body, and of course his smile. I wonder if he had it made from one of the best NJ Cosmetic dentist.
Air Supply – it’s their era. Because of that, I memorized all of their songs.

Ahhh…what else? I can’t remember anymore. But if I’m askedif I have one regret, that is, I wish I had studied better. It felt like as if I could have done better.

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SS501 Ur Man Special DVD01.25.10

“I’m your man…”

WOW! I would love to hear that coming from my Howe [the love of my life] but I first heard it from my boys, SS501. I want to share the good news! I got the most recent add-on for my SS501 collection, the SS501 Ur Man Special DVD. I bought this from YesAsia for $32.99. It’s all worth it since it has a photobook and two DVDs and take note, with English subtitles. So now, I can understand what they’re saying. LOL! Enjoy and drool!!!

So here’s the rest of the pics:

the package

what’s inside? the DVD holder and the photobook

inside the DVD holder

I so love it! I can’t wait to get my hands on their other merchandise! :)  Soon!!!!

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eye creams for joongbo couple01.25.10

Have I told you that I’m addicted to Joongbo Couple from the variety show, We Got Married? Their part was shown last May to December of 2008 and I only discovered them last August of 2009. That was after I’ve seen Kim Hyun Joong (the groom) from the show Boys Over Flowers but did not like him, since I cheer for Kim Bum and his love team more.

I just want to share how the couple (JoongBo) was bothered with their eye bags and that what made me what me to give them the best eye creams ever. See how cute they are!?! And how so fitting with each other…

Major Spazzing!!!!

Kim Hyun Joong worrying about his eye bags.

Hwang Bo worrying about hers.

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My Family Is My Life01.23.10

I know that I’ve had a long hiatus for this month, but before I post my yearly review let me share first the activity that we had for the year 2010. I don’t want to sound corny but I really want to be sentimental. I love the quote, “My family is my life.” This month alone, so many things happened to us [family], but one thing is for sure, we will always support and love each other where ever we are, whatever we do.

The “Familia Saragoza”…classic

Another Familia Saragoza pic

my siblings.. ^._.^

with my siblings… showing my strength!!! ^._.^

my favorite wacky shot

We should have done this pictorial a long time ago…I really love it!

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worries for 201001.22.10

They say that my horoscope for this year (Year of the Tiger) is not so good for non-water element signs, since I’m born in the year of the monkey, it will be harder for me this year. I should be careful on where I spend my ‘wealth’ and should be careful with my health. That’s sad to say since I’ve been thinking of opening a lot of opportunities this year. I’m even planning to franchise a good food stall that I really, really love or even go for bigger like taking over one of the properties in Corolla foreclosures. I’m not sure how to start this year right. Maybe all I should do is close my eyes and take the plunge and say hakuna matata.

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Movie Reaction: Confessions of a Shopaholic01.21.10

The movie Confessions of a Shopaholic is not the book Confessions of a Shopaholic! First the movie combined the first two books into one movie. Maybe the producers thought that it would be more fitting for a Hollywood movie if that was the case, but I can say that you removed the essence of the book by doing that. I was kind of hoping to see the part two of the movie but how will they do it? Are they going to use books three and four to do that? Sighs…

Alright, I’m here to do a review about the movie not the book, so it does not matter how much I love the book, I cannot compare it with the movie. The movie on it’s own is a funny and romantic but it’s loosely based on the book, if they have titled it the Confessions of A Shopaholic in Manhattan, it would have been more fitting. Good thing Isla Fisher is one funny and beautiful actress. She’s not the Becky Bloomwood that I’ve imagined but she will do as so as her man, Luke Brandon played by Hugh Dancy.

If you want to experience to laugh and laugh at yourself for those times that you felt like you were overspending, this movie is the best for you! I grade it 3 out of 5 stars.

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surfing lessons01.18.10

The month has not ended yet but here I am, I’ve been to the best and closest beach in Manila where you can surf in the best waves ever. Where else can you find it but in San Juan, La Union? I’m no surfer, not really, I just tried the one hour surfing lessons where you have to pay two hundred pesos for the surfing board rental and another two hundred pesos for the instructor per hour. It was an experience, it’s hard but it’s cool. I wish I’ve learned how to skateboard, maybe it will be easier. For sure, ti’s one of the experiences that I would like to try again. Maybe when my friend who lives near the gulf shores can invite me, just don’t know if surfing is fine there. I wish I could try that again…really!

So this is how we should stand up…me while doing the flash study on how to stand up on the board while trying to balance the waves…difficult and I love it!

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