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Kim Bum, the Boys Over Flower’s Cassanova here in Manila09.30.09

Now, now, I should breathe….hoooohhh….

What?!?!?!  Kim Bum’s here in Manila?  This is so great!  What an uplifting news after the disaster that we had because of Ondoy. Oh, I wish I could see him in person! Can I attend this event where we can greet and meet him? At least I don’t have to go to Korea just to stalk him… LOL!

According to ABS-CBN,

Korean actor Kim Bum or Yi Jeong of Boys Over Flowers as he is popularly known has just arrived in Manila this afternoon. The model/actor is currently in the country to shoot a commercial for soft drink brand RC Cola with actress Maja Salvador. Keep on visiting for updates on his visit and join for details on how to be part of Kim Bum’s meet and greet event in ABS-CBN.

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Ondoy, Metro Manila’s Worst Rainfall in History09.27.09

How were you guys yesterday when  the storm Ondoy hits Manila?  I hope that wherever you

According to this news report, Metro Manila experienced it worst rainfall in history yesterday (Saturday, September 26) in just 6 hours, 6am-12noon with 341 millimeters of rain.  The previous worst rainfall in Metro Manila was 334 millimeters in 24 hours recorded in June 7, 1967.  Imagine if the rain continued for 24 hours?!?!  I don’t even want to think about it.

I would say that me and my friend, Aila was still fairly lucky when we were simply stuck in the office when it happened.  Though we lost the power supply, when we were in the dark and there’s no air condition.  We still have food in our stomach and water to fill us for the rest of the Saturday afternoon and when we were waiting for the water to recede stretched into the night and straight on ’til morning.  Actually, I just got home and wanted to blog this immediately.

Please let us help all of the people who were greatly affected by this calamity.  Imagine all the people who lost their homes…their families.  It does not matter how big you contribute, for as long as you help and there’s the desire to, it will be amazing.  Thank you!

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new tiles09.26.09

We are improving and improving and improving. I mean our house.

It’s a good plan, my mom and dad is getting new tile flooring. It’s for my sister’s welcome back home in December. It is so fine with me because my mom wants it green colored theme. I don’t have anything against it since it’s my favorite color.  Go GREEN!  I’ll take a picture of it once done.

Here’s mom, dad and my brother buying tiles and me taking their picture.

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Happy Birthday Ate Yen!09.25.09

I would say that we, me and my family is so very lucky to have her as our oldest sister.  She never fails to put her family in her priorities and the goodness of her heart is so amazing. I can say that having her as my ate is always a blessing that we will always be thankful. You’re the best Ate in the whole world! Love yah! We will always be there for you to support you! Mwha!

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shopping daydream09.24.09

My cellphone is broken again! Gee!

I wish to get a new one soon, probably not too expensive, just something I could use for SMS and calling.  Haayyzz…

I’m still not done preaparing for our Palawan Trip, got lot of things to buy.  Planning to buy swimsuits, cover dress, and probably new goggles and snorkling equipment.  You know the thing when you want to reserve gifts when you get married, what do you call that again?  I just wish I have a barcode scanner like that and shoot all the barcodes of the stuff I want to buy.  I just love daydreaming about that when I want something bad.  I’m pathetic, aren’t I?  LOL.

Got to do some shopping soon.

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Happy Birthday Leng!09.23.09

Happy birthday to my younger sister, Leng!

Be good and be happy! We will always support and help you. You have your family behind you, always!

Pakabait ka na oy! LOL! :P

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for friends in Tacoma09.21.09

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SS501 – Pregnant Idols09.20.09

Yup!  There were old videos of my favorite idols, SS501 experiencing pregnancy for 24 hours.  I’ve learned several things from them about pregnancy and of course the group was hilarious and very, very cute.  You have to watch it for yourself.  At least you’re warned about their cuteness and all. :P

Screen shots from the show:

SS501 – Picture Taken (September 2007) for the show and they all look different now. They’ve changed so much in the last two years.

SS501 – with the pregnancy experience jackets (is that how you call it?)

SS501 – with the babies – so cuteee!

Here are the links for the show:
Episode 1 (1-2)
Episode 1 (2-2)
Episode 2 (1-2)
Episode 2 (2-2)

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Mesothelioma, what?

If you’ve never heard of the word, Mesothelioma, probably you don’t know that it is an asbestos-caused cancer of the membranes that surround many of the body’s vital organs. Vital organs like lungs, abdomen, reproductive organs and lining around the heart. It is a very serious and rare cancer that occurs in individuals exposed to asbestos. Unfortunately, Mesothelioma is a highly aggressive type of cancer and very resistant to many current cancer treatments. For malignant Mesothelioma treatment, you have to undergo a complete a range of tests so the doctor can identify the extent of the cancer involved. Only by doing this they can identify and help you.

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New Moon Official Trailer from MTV Video Music Awards09.18.09

Okey, step aside my darling Kim Hyun Joong, Edward needs me…LOL

Check out the latest New Moon Official Trailer from MTV Video Music Awards. I love the new clips that they are showing. So far, all the sequences with Volturi is awesome. I also like the action or movements on this movie, there’s something like a snap or can I say as if this got more attitude than Twilight, so it’s so good! I just wish that there’s more Edward in it since New Moon is my least favorite book (I’m biased since I’m Team Edward…more Edward, the better…LOL).


Thanks to Youtube user: HDTVSpots for the video and of course Summit Ent.


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