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I want to kill my desktop08.31.09


I hate my desktop computer!!! It’s broken again!!! I dunno why but desktop are supposed to last for couple of years before you buy any parts right? Gosh! The reason why I got my laptop because of my problems with the desktop computer. I purchased it last 2005 and for four years, I already changed the motherboard, hard drive, internal power supply, video card, memory RAM, and DVD player. I can’t believe how many problems I got for that one, considering that I did spend a little for that. Considering that I got the CPU tower alone for 20T! 4 years ago and that’s saying something, right?

What I hated most is that all my files, the pictures that I’ve taken since 2005 was in the hard drive. Even my MP3 files and other important documents were stored there. I hate it when I lost all of my old videos of Althea (my favorite niece) when she was a baby. I wished that I could have prevented this if I used an online backup service. How cool is that? Even if my computer crashes, I don’t have to worry because I can recover it as good as new! In the long run, it’s a good investment, right? You cannot bet against your memories right?

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Belated Happy Birthday To ME!!!!08.29.09

Yup! I always greet my friends late right through this site, right? Try to think of it, I even greeted myself belatedly! LOL!

But no worries, that’s fine with me. I’m not mad at myself. LOL. I have been busy doing something that I even don’t eat much because of it! :) I even lost several pounds this past 2 weeks because of it…hahaha.

Anyway, thank you to all the people who greeted me on my birthday through SMS, email, phone and in person. I don’t know what this year will bring to me. It may be full of tears or laughters, I just hope that all of my friends and family will always be with me. I promise to myself that I’ll make good memories before I turn 30. Be with me!

And here’s a special collage done by Malen. Am I that gorgeous?!?! LOL

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gym at home08.15.09

I’m really tempted now to stop or cancel my membership at Fitness First. I don’t think I have much time to work out because of my schedule at work and the fact that I have to add one hour to my travel time from and to at work because of the construction of MRT along Edsa that will loop that MRT and LRT. Hayyzzz…

I’ve been planning to setup my own gym at home. So far, I have several dumbles, 2 pairs of 2lbs and 4lbs each. I also have twister and another equipment for abs. But I don’t have anything for cardio. Since I love the stepper and treadmill at Fitness, I’m planning to get my own fitness equipment and set it up at home. That way, I don’t have any reason not to work out right? I just need to look for the most effective and not so expensive stuff. Email me if you got one.

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Nobody by Wondergirls08.13.09

Okey I give in! I’ve been listening to Korean songs even before I became interested with K-Pop (Korean Pop). Before, I only listen to romantic Korean songs, mostly OST from my favorite Korean Dramas. My favorite OST’s are from Coffee Prince and Lovers. But now, I also listen to K-Pop! Yup it’s trueee! And currently, my favorite is Nobody from Wondergirls! :)

This song is very popular that it got covered by several people, famous and unknowns. See the other versions of Nobody uploaded in YouTube:

Man in Black and White with Tie Version

Students from Thailand Version

The Solo Fighter Version

Cebu Inmates Version

ASAP’s Version (channel 2)

SOP’s Version (channel 7)

and the original version

The Original Wonder Girls’ Music Video – US (English Version)

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psychiatric help08.11.09

If I can get a psychiatric help for only 5cents per session, I will be tempted to have one now. Thankfully I got family and friends who listen to my every whine. They save me millions. :)

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New Moon – Jacob Black Poster08.09.09

Who says that Edward and Bella are the only ones with solo poster for New Moon? Of course, we can’t left behind Jacob. The man who’s in the 3/4 of the book, New Moon. Taylor Laurent actually look so good here.  I wish I can find a bigger copy of this.  If you have, please give me the link by commenting so that we can repost it!  What an abs!

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My Name is Kim Sam Soon, I mean, Angel of the Waters08.08.09

Do you know the Korean Telenovela that was broadcasted last 2005 by MBC titled My Name is Kim Sam Soon or My Lovely Sam Soon starring Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam-soon and Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin-heon? It was about a baker with an exceptional talent in making pastries and cakes. She met the love of his life in a very uncompromising location and situation. Later on, she agreed to post as his boss’ girlfriend for his mother’s sake. All complications started with the boss’ ex-girlfriend came back after three years after she left him when he needs her most.

Well, I’m like Sam-soon. She’s a little bit overweight. Even the actress had to put on 20 lbs to play the role and after that Kim Sun Ah (the actress who played Kim Sam Soon) have to shred it all off. I wonder how she did it, maybe she hit th gym and/or she took the best diet pills in the market. By the way, I’m watching it all again and loving every minute of it because it’s my one of my favorite Korean dramas ever.

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Another Interview from ‘New Moon’ Director Chris Weitz about Taylor ‘Embodied’ Jacob and Dakota’s being ‘Genuinely Scary’08.07.09

‘New Moon’ director Chris Weitz gave an interview about for I’m impressed with Taylor for doing a very hard work or embodying Jacob. For a teenager, yup, he’s only seventeen (DOB: February 11th, 1992), he was able to transform himself to be a better Jacob. We can see his transformation from Twilight to New Moon. Just for his abs, I could not wait til November to see New Moon. :)

SAN DIEGO — Chris Weitz made big news when he stepped in for Catherine Hardwicke as director on the second “Twilight” film. Over the months, and recently at Comic-Con, the fans have come to embrace him with as much affection as they did his predecessor.

As Weitz gets back to work editing November’s “New Moon,” we caught up with him to discuss such key fan issues as a Stephenie Meyer cameo, Dakota Fanning’s evil ways and Taylor Lautner’s abs.

MTV: Chris, “New Moon” has a lot of disparate elements. You need to portray a love that’s Shakespearean, like “Romeo and Juliet,” but at the same time do action scenes and car chases, and at the same time do effects work with werewolves and vampires. Which is the hardest, and how are you dealing with it?

Chris Weitz: The hardest thing to do is to blend all these elements into one thing that seems like a coherent whole. We [need to make sure we] don’t just stop for the action sequence or stop and have the audience say, “Oh, what a great special effect!” You want it to be a complete, seamless experience in which the emotions of the characters are what’s foremost. The hardest thing, but also the most enjoyable thing, is working with actors. You can control everything else, except the weather — what really matters is the characters and the feelings that they evoke in the readers of the book. It’s the hardest stuff, but it’s also the stuff that makes it the most satisfying when you get it right.

MTV: In last year’s “Twilight” movie, Stephenie Meyer had a cameo that the fans really loved. Will we see her in “New Moon”?

Weitz: You have to look very carefully for it. No, she doesn’t actually. If she had asked, I would have definitely put her in. But I think that she may have decided against experiencing that again, because frankly, to be an extra in a movie or a day player is a lot of sitting around. People don’t realize the sheer tedium that a movie set embodies; she was probably like, “Well, I’ll sit this one out.”

MTV: We all remember that there was a lot of drama around whether Taylor would return for “New Moon.” How close did he come to not being asked back?

Weitz: When I first met with him, I took off my shirt and I said, “You’ve got two months to look this good.” And he said, “I’m willing to try that.” Finally, he came back, and the results were just about as good as my abs. [Laughs.]

MTV: You must have a real six-pack.

Weitz: To answer your question seriously, the character in the second book is meant to be 6-foot-5, let alone transform into a werewolf and all that stuff. And Taylor, having only done three days of work in the first [movie], it was time to take a pause and say, “Should Taylor go ahead and do it?” My overwhelming feeling was, “Yes, absolutely, let’s go forward with it.” To me, it wasn’t a very difficult decision. For Taylor, it wasn’t difficult at all. He knew the character, and he embodied the character — as people are going to see in the movie. So it wasn’t really as tense and as scary a moment as it was portrayed in the media.

MTV: What can you tell us about Dakota Fanning’s performance as the evil vampire Jane?

Weitz: Well, it’s the scariest performance probably you’ve seen out of her so far, because she’s evil for once in her career. I think she really appreciated the chance to do that.

MTV: Yeah, she must turn that “adorable Dakota Fanning” thing on its ear.

Weitz: Absolutely. But what you expect from Dakota Fanning is uncannily grown-up, experienced and clever acting — and that’s what she did. I think she was just keen to do this part and to be part of the franchise, and she is genuinely scary.

MTV: Fans at Comic-Con saw a few brief shots of “apparition” Edward. What was your thought process as you reinterpreted Bella’s feelings of his presence?

Weitz: I would best describe him [in the movie] as an image that represents Bella’s sense of self-protection and her love for Edward. Really, it’s very subjective to Bella’s experience. It’s our filmic way of representing what Stephenie describes in this book, which is hearing his voice. It’s ephemeral and very subtle. We didn’t want to hit things over the head. The thing to describe him best is a flame-like apparition … very subtle and elegant. That’s what we’re aiming for.


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weddings and all08.06.09

OK, I’ll admit it, I really want to get married and I’m hoping it’s sooner than expected. I want to plan my own wedding. I want it something like from the movie, My Bestfriend’s Wedding. Not the bestfriend trying to make away my groom but the whole preparation of it. They have a very nice wedding cake, cool wedding invitations and very nice reception because of the band. I don’t know what it means but I’m liking wedding movies a lot for this past few days. I’m re-watching my CDs and DVDs, like Monster In-Law, The Wedding Planner, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and My Best Friend’s Wedding. Gee, what does it mean? Am I getting married soon and unexpected? YESH!

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Movie Reaction: Transformers, The Revenge of the Fallen08.05.09

Can we say that I was satisfied but only 3/4 of the film and utterly dissatisfied for the remaining? There are some parts of it that so boring and downright ridiculous, like Sam Witwicky meeting the old primes and some of the stuff from military that’s so unrelated with the whole Autobots and Decepticons. Good thing though that they have so many funny antics including the stuff with Shia LaBeouf and John Turturro, either together in a scene or separate. Megan Fox is her in most usual role, sexy and sexy. For the Transformers, I like the fight between Optimus Prime and Megatron in the woods. The graphics is so great that you can barely see the CGIs and it’s so believable. I also like the twin autobots called, Mudflap and Skids. Both funny robots and very good in fighting. If they intend to do Transformers Part 3, I just wish that they added more character development for Sam Witwicky and more of Optimus Prime, and if possible a stronger plot line.

I’m giving this a three start out of five.

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