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Happy Birthday JK Rowling and Harry Potter!!!07.31.09

To my beloved author, JK Rowling and the character that you made for all of us, Harry Potter…

Happy, happy, happy birthday!!!!

Thanks to Tinypic for JK’s pic and Sketchmyworld (actually, it’s me too) for Harry’s sketch!

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Potter Girls’ Amazing Bikini Bodies07.30.09

I’m now crying with envy when I saw a picture of the the two Potter girls in their bikinis. It’s not photo shopped. I just combined the pictures together. Isn’t it cool? This is how I want to look when we go to Caramoan this August and in Palawan this November! I’ll be exciting to buy swim suits, right? Even Howe is asking me to eat the best diet pills but not for the above reason but for future health benefits. Sighs… Is there any hope for me to be like them?

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Happy Anniversary Howe!!!07.29.09

We’ve been together for so long now but I’ll never tire telling you how much I love you.

I love you and Happy Anniversary Howe! Mwha!

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Tiles or Bamboo?07.28.09

My father is planning to renovate our house. He planned on finishing the house. Something to do with walls and floors. He got couple of ideas and some of them is really outrageous and somehow I don’t know how we can cope it with it. He’s planning to cover our walls with varnished bamboos. While on some parts, he’s planning to put metal tiles.  I can’t imagine the combination on our walls?  Why not use the regular tiles?  Sighs… so now we have to choose, bamboo walls or metal tiled walls.

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Movie Reaction: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Part 2)07.28.09

Read this one first: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Part 1)

Disclaimer:  MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD!!! As if you’ve seen the movie!!! :) In the wee hour of the morning, Harry finds himself in the reeds with water up to his ankle and with Burrow not so far from where he’s standing.  When he walked to reach the house, he first saw Ginny in the upper window, she’s thinking and then writing about something. A smile formed to his lips. A smile that could mean a lot. He could be happy to be back on his second home or he’s smiling because he’s simply so happy to see her, Ginny.  Anyways, he looked kind of a little goofy in his own “Harry Potter” way. Then we see Ginny coming down from stairs getting the book from the settee, seeing Hedwig’s case and Harry’s trunk she then asked everyone if Harry already arrived.  It’s the first time that you will see the staircase inside the Burrow, it’s like Hogwarts, but the steps are not moving and it’s made of wood.  You can see the heads of Mrs. Weasley, Ron and then Hermione all asking if it was Harry who came.   Then Harry appeared in front of Ginny.  She looked so glad to see him that she hugged him, followed by Hermione, then Mrs Weasley commenting that they’re all surprised to see him, it seems that they’re not aware that he’s coming that night.  Then you can see Harry goofing at Ginny (again!) where she stands between Ron and Hermion.  Ron commented about Hermione’s smeared toothpaste in her cheek.  It’s funny how I thought that Harry and Ginny hugging here’s outside the Burrow, but after seeing the film, I noticed the Burrow Family clock near Harry’s head.   I thought that this was taken outside of the house because of the brightness.

Next scene, we can see the trio talking in the middle of magic fire (newspaper that’s continuously burning).  They’re discussing about going back to Hogwarts and their parents thinking that it’s not safe anymore.  Harry exclaimed that Hogwarts’ the safest place since Dumbledore’s there.  But Hermione commented that there are talks since Dumbledore’s already getting old but Harry depended him that he’s still young.  Ron’s comment was hilarous, he said that he’s around 150 give and take a few years.  LOL.  I just love Rupert!  His comedic ability astounds me.  He’s so funny.  I like to make him my pet. LOL!  Somebody that could move my moods up whenever I’m feeling down.

After the light comedy scene with the trio, we have another trio for the next scene which is the opposite of the first, it’s a rainy and dark one.  The scene started where we can find the sisters, Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange running through the rain while in a heated discussion of either trusting Snape or not.  Pettigrew answered the door when the sisters knocked in.  Once they’re inside, Snape slammed the door on his face while he tries to listen at the discussion.  Narcissa asked for Snape’s help.  If you’re an avid reader of the Harry Potter series, you will know that Snape is very good with Occlumency and Legilimency , which is the magic of blocking while the later is reading, navigating, conquering people’s mind.  Alan Rickman is one distinctive actor, when he delivered his lines, you can see how he portrayed being Snape while talking with Narcissa Malfoy(Helen McCrory) about him knowing the mission which is far from the truth.  He then learned what was asked of Draco Malfoy by none other than Lord Voldemort.  Bellatrix in her viciousness wanted Narcissa and Snape to perform the Unbreakable Vow, to seal the promise he made for her.   Which is to keep Draco safe and finish the task assigned to Draco, in case he failed to do so.  Bellatrix was shocked that Snape agreed to it.  Since, she have doubts for Snape’s loyalty.

Stay tuned for Part 3…I wonder how many parts will I have before I finished with all the movie reactions for the Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince! :)

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planning a baby shower07.27.09

I love to give surprise parties. Some of the things that I’ve thrown for friends and relatives are birthday parties, couple of bridal showers and welcome parties. But I’ve never tried to throw a baby shower for someone ever. I’m planning to give one to a special friend but I don’t know how to. Do you have any ideas to share? I’m planning to get someone online or from a book. If you found some sites that you think is good. Leave it on the comments, alright? Thanks!

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Here comes the Volturi!!!07.27.09

Before I post the part 2 of my Harry Potter and the Half Blod Prince movie reaction, click HERE for part 1, let me share this very cool pic from the upcoming New Moon movie.  Presenting…

The Volturi Clan (and the Volturi crest)

According to the source, HERE, this is not a fan art nor a manipulation but an unofficial New Moon images since it’s believed that it’s leaked from Summit Entertainment.  So far looking at the pictures, I’m loving it!

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Ten Dream Vacations07.25.09

We’re already in the middle of the year and I’m still hoping for one or two more vacations to kick start myself. We already have two planned vacations, one is going smoothly and the other isn’t as good as the first one. So if somebody asked you for a dream vacation, what would be your ten most? Mine is here:

1. Trip to London. I want to see all things related to Harry Potter. :)
2. A New York visit. I want to see the Statue of Liberty. Climb the top and see the view from the top.
3. Italy vacations. See if the Leaning tower of Pisa, is really leaned and see if I can go inside it.
4. Japan tours. I want to see the rare appearance of Cherry Blossoms and see the tower or building with see-through floors. That would be nerve wrecking.
5. Vegas vacations. I dream of having my first time luck in the casinos, to win tons of money! :)
6. Korean trip. I want to see the places where they shoot my favorite Korean Dramas, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Coffee Prince, Boys Over Flowers, Couple or Trouble, Full House, Hello My Teacher, Sweet 18, Princess Hours, Foxy Lady, Witch Yoo Hee
7. Taiwan vacations. Same with my Korean Trip. I want to see the places where they’ve shot my favorite Taiwan Dramas like, Fated to Love You, It Started with a Kiss, They Kiss Again, The Frog Prince, Ying Ye 3 + 1, 100% Senorita, Devil Beside You, Love Contract, Meteor Garden 1 amd 2, Summer X Summer, Why Why Love.
8. Caramoan vacation. This is something I’m really looking forward to. I even bought my snorkeling equipment for this.
9. Palawan trip. This is going to be real not just a dream. Our plane ticket’s already booked. Happening this October! Yehey!!!
10. Go to anywhere trip with Howe. Just anywhere.

Oh! Having the possibility of two out of ten is not bad. Can’t wait to fulfill them all!

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Supernatural Season Five Spoiler07.22.09

I never hide how much I love Supernatural. It has been my anti-stress remedy. Whenever I’m feeling a need of fun and sexiness, I just flop in my Supernatural Series and I’m completely happy all the way. So I’m so excited to hear from the creator of Supernatural, Eric Kripke of what we, fans should expect from the up coming Season Five this September from the cliffhanger ending of Season Four.

Supernatural Season 5 Scoop!
by Ileane Rudolph July 20, 2009 05:31 PM EST

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke pulls out all the stops as the sexy horror show returns for its fifth season. In last season’s shocking finale, an angry and demon-blood addicted Sam (Jared Padalecki)—to his horror—was responsible for freeing Lucifer from his hellish imprisonment. In this exclusive interview, Kripke tells TV Guide Magazine what Lucifer’s return means and what roles Sam and big bro Dean (Jensen Ackles) will play in saving the world.

That was a pretty terrifying finale. You have an interesting “pox on both their houses” take on the Apocalypse. Do you hear from angry religious types?
[Laughs] We actually haven’t. Quite frankly, sometimes we’re surprised that some religious people don’t take more issue with our depiction of angels. But—we’ve always kept in our back pocket that despite these particular angels being the bureaucracy of Heaven, there are potentially higher and more benevolent forces in the universe. But we have a humanity-centered show. Our attitude is always, humans with all their imperfections are the heroic ones and everyone else is just kind of messing with them.

Let’s talk about Season 5. Should I assume that the showdown between the angels and Lucifer and his demon minions—with Sam and Dean caught in the middle—is your through line this season?
Part of that is ongoing mythology, so I don’t want to give too much of that away, but yeah, it’s basically that the angels and Lucifer and the demons are just beginning the long foretold Apocalypse from the Book of Revelations. It’s the war that everyone’s been waiting for for thousands of years. Humanity is unfortunately caught in the middle. Our heroes object to that. Their response is “You want to fight a war? Pick another planet. This one’s ours and get the hell off it.”

What’s the time frame?
We pick up from the finale, where we left off with the boys in the chapel with the portal to Lucifer’s cage opening and Lucifer rising. We show the next few subsequent seconds after that and then continue the story from there.

So they escape and…
No, they both die and we continue the series with James Van Der Beek.

I hear the roar of a million fans shrieking. OK, what are the manifestations of Lucifer’s return?
We’re really trying to make good our promise—with Lucifer comes the Apocalypse. Supernatural’s version of the Apocalypse. The public isn’t necessarily aware of it. They’re not running screaming through the streets. That would be hard to maintain through a season. Our version of the Apocalypse includes things like hurricanes unexpectedly slamming into the U.S. coasts and swine flu and North Korea suddenly arming up with nuclear weapons. [Laughs] We’re really trying to create the idea that we always have, that this could be happening right outside your door and you don’t know it. At least in the first few days of the Apocalypse.

The first episode is called “Sympathy for the Devil.” Is that a hint?
One of our goals is to depict Lucifer [played by Mark Pellegrino, aka Jacob on Lost] in a way that’s rarely seen on television. We want Lucifer to be the most sympathetic character this season. He’s this wounded angel who feels very betrayed by God and his fellow angels. We’re writing him with a vulnerability and almost a tenderness. This is totally like douche baggy, but we’re looking at “Paradise Lost” a lot. That idea of the very human devil that has moments of doubt and moments of really human emotion. It’s an opportunity to see a really interesting Lucifer.

Demons and angels take different meat skins—human bodies—to hide their true selves. How about Lucifer?
Lucifer is an angel and like any angel he needs to take a vessel. He’ll need to be walking around as a human as well. A strikingly handsome one. Compared to Zachariah and the rest of the angels on the show, he’s more gentle and soft spoken by a long shot. In his own weird way, he’s the kindest of all the angels.

What are Sam and Dean’s roles here? Do the angels still expect Dean to do their bidding?
Dean still has this chosen status from the angels. He’s someone they expect will defeat Lucifer. Much more of what that means will be revealed in the first episode. But he doesn’t particularly like or trust the angels and isn’t particularly inclined to follow the plan they have for him.

The last time we saw Sam, he was clearly heart wrenchingly guilty for having inadvertently raised Lucifer. How will he overcome that?
Sam is in a difficult place. He’s feeling such horrifying regret. How do you get out from under the weight of [being] the guy who broke the world and you broke it through pride, selfishness and you were seduced and you were fooled and all the horrible things that have happened as a result. He’s got a lot to atone for and he’s really on a journey of redemption. We’ve been talking about his story in the metaphors of a brand new ex-addict. He’s giving up demon blood; he’s giving up all these dark sides and with them comes terrible temptations. And meanwhile your family’s angry with you and they don’t trust you. Sam’s emotional arc this season is trying to go clean again and he’s got lots of trust to rebuild with Dean.

Your fans get famously upset when Sam and Dean are mean to each other. Why do you keep torturing them?
[Laughs] We owe it to the fans to depict an honest relationship and we wouldn’t be honest, having gone through the events at the end of Season 4, if they just said, “It’s all forgotten, let’s move on.” There’s a lot of drama to play. It’s our intention to bring them back together. It always is. I’ve always said it’s a show about the strength of family. But they need to recreate their relationship and come back together in a way in which they’re older, sadder, wiser but ultimately stronger.

Sam’s dead fiancé Jessica [played by Adrianne Palecki] shows up.
Yeah, in Episode 3.

What can you tell me about that?
I’ll keep much of that under wraps. She does return as Jessica.

So we hear demon Meg [now played by Rachel Miner] is back in the premiere. Why does she return? What are her intentions?
They’re not good. I’ve always been wondering what she’s doing out there actually. I’ve been continually asking the writers, “Where’s Meg? What’s she doing? She’s a demon. She has a really powerful grudge against the boys. They have history together. She would be a really formidable adversary. Where is she?” Finally, I got impatient and ended up writing her into my own script. It’s Mardi Gras for Meg and demons like her. Their demonic Lord and Savior has returned and so it’s party time for demons. As far as they’re concerned, Dean is the only threat to that and so we really ratchet up the tension yet again this season. Pretty much every demon in Hell and on Earth is out gunning for Dean Winchester, because he is pretty much the only one who can destroy basically their Lord and Father.

Is Bobby their only ally or will others come in to help during the season?
When we first come back in the season opener, Castiel is dead, destroyed by the Archangel. So there’s some moments when we wonder if they’ll have the help of their old angel pal Cas. There’s always allies, sometimes in unlikely places. But it’s always the idea of this small scared sweaty group up against overwhelming forces, and that’s kind of where the heart of Supernatural lies. In that idea of it as a Western, and you got the entire army outside and you’re inside and you’ve got to shoot your way out.

Supernatural’s fifth season begins Thursday, Sept. 10, 9/8c, The CW.

Thanks to SOURCE through ONTD.

By the way, for my friend, my youtube username is: angelofthewaters and here’s my link:

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ideas on where to put that money07.21.09

If you have extra money, what will you do with it all depends on you. But a friend of mine, a rather person who’s very lousy when it comes to handling money asked me for an advise on what she needs to do with it. I’m no financial expert (like Becky Bloomwood nee Brandon…google it if you don’t know her…LOL) but I shared with her on what I’m currently doing with mine. First, if you have talent and guts to open up your business then that’s what she have to do. But if she did not have any of those, for the mean time, I told her to save some in a time deposit and some in getting an insurance. Best to compare the rates given by different banks when it comes to time deposit and check online for the best insurance quotes. I told her to not touch the money that she have right now. Place on someplace where she will not get the chance even to be tempted to spend it. Now, if the time comes, the best is to open up a business in something that she’s good at and where she’s passionate about.

Agree or disagree?

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