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when washing is not enough03.27.09

I’ve been telling this to my nephew.  Sometimes, washing is not enough!  But he simply don’t get it!

He’s now in a phase of adolescence where you have to take care of your skin or you will be hunted for the rest of your life.  He’s a teenager.  He got tons of problems, hormonal and acne.  I told him already how to get rid of acne and it’s not by simply washing your face.  You have to get treatments and I told him to act now before it’s too late.

Sometimes teenagers don’t know when to get help.  Offer it!

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Hong Kong Trip (Day 8) : Bye Bye Hong Kong and Ni Hao Philippines!03.26.09

Why don’t we try it differently?  I’ll post our Hong Kong trip backwards starting from Day 8, March 11, 2009. Okidoks?

I love how Hongkongers are so disciplined. When it says that you have to fall in line at bus stops, they do.  See?  It’s rush hour but people have respect for others that they wait for their turn. I really like it! But in Pinas, na-da!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

This is Sherlie and I, inside the bus.

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Sherlie‘s solo picture. I love this pic because of the fuzzy background.

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Now, I can’t get by without the “Kim Sam Soon” post!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Entering the Hong Kong International Airport

From mar11-HK day8 airport

I love Hong Kong’s airport! It’s so big and so clean! It even has it’s own train (that’s when you arrive…will be posted soon!)! While the other girls were having dinner, I remembered that I still have several dollars in my Octopus card so I used it to purchase chocolates from 7-11. I did not want to return the card but still want to use the deposit worth 50 HK dollars, so I just purchased up to -21. Good deal right?

Hey! I know that gurl! Is that you Malen?

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Check-in time! Please fall in line…. Superfriends adopting the disciplined attitude of Hongkongers. Len, Sherlie, Aimz and Lizzie.

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Angelofthewaters leaving Hong Kong with only four bags!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

It’s no wonder Sherliez got 6 kilos of excess baggage! LOL! Go Lite ka ha?!?!?!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Pa cute in Hong Kong, you’ll never know…somebody might fall in love with my smile…CHARUSH!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Now this is the real smile…

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Hey! Where are you going guys?! Don’t leave me here!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

The clock at the airport showing different time zones. Sorry it’s blurred. I wondered how this will look like if I shot this using a better camera, like DSLR? Calling my Ninongs and Ninangs! LOL!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Please turn off your cellphones, mp3 players, laptops and other electronic devices as we are about to take off…” – STEWARDESS inside the plane (Cebu Pacific, flight 5J143).

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Ma’am sabi po, please turn off your cellphone and other electronic devices as we are about to take off…” – STEWARDESS na makulit inside the plane.  Huli ka balbon!  Picture ng picture inside the plane!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Teka, where’s that stewardess (na makulit) that keeps on reminding me to turn off my digicam, ha? Hhmmm… So there you are… I see you… I did not have the guts to turn on the flash.  Baka itapon ako sa labas ng plane for not following.  Hahaha…

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Ok, that’s all I have as we left the beautiful country of Hong Kong. We did not encounter any major problems when we checked in our baggages, only minor blips. First, we did not expect that our baggages when combined (Lizzie, Aimz, Len and I) will exceed 9 kilos. For every kilo, people have to pay 70 HK dollars. We were only allowed to have 15 kilos for check-in and 7 kilos for hand carry. Now, we have to do something about it! So after transferring stuff from check-in to our hand carry bags, we were able to lower that to na-da! As in! Well actually, I exceeded 0.2 kilos but the very nice girl did not ask me to pay for the extra. How cool is that? And for another blip, Malen lost her Arrival Card issued when we entered Hong Kong and you can’t leave without returning one. Good thing though I have extra arrival cards as I keep for souvenirs. So that solved it.

We arrived in Manila around 11:40 PM. After getting our bags we head straight to Customs. They asked us what were the things that we purchased from HK. Lizzie mouthed “souvenirs”. So we answered souvenirs. The lady asked us if we purchased any electronic devices and nothing convinced her more when I answered, “It’s cheaper here in Manila and the warranty is better, it’s local.” It’s ok though coz we really did not purchase any electronic gadgets or any of that sort, but what if we did? Meaning, we have to pay for tax or something like that? Gee!

Thanks to Alex coz he fetched us (Len, Sherlie and I), while Aimz went with Lizzie. It’s thoughtful and very nice of him that we dropped off Sherlie in Laguna and Malen in Eastwood. He was thinking that it will not be safe for my girls to commute in the middle of the night. How sweet! Love him! Love him!

I arrived home around 2:30 am. Everyone was so excited to see me home (or my pasalubongs? LOL) that everybody was awake. Since I only have four bags, I decided to give all the pasalubongs right there and then. So after unpacking and handing out my pasalubongs, I slummed in my bed. Feeling at home after eight memorable days in Hong Kong.

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Happy Birthday Papu!03.25.09

Happy Birthday Papu!  Thanks for everything.  We love you!

Sorry for the low quality video.  I only used my old digicam.  Which is gone missing in action again… Haayyy…

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continue my gym membership?03.24.09

I had my gym membership frozen for the last two months, last February and March.   I’m still not decided if I want to have it continued because of the recent economic crisis and because I want to save money to compensate the expenses I had for my last trip.  Would it be better if I just buy my own treadmill and weights and use it at home?  I still could not decide.

One thing is for sure, I will miss boy watching at Fitness First.  hahaha.

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Movie Reaction: When I Met You03.23.09

The story to tell:  Jenny (KC Concepcion) is your average type of girl who works as a mall promodizer searching for true love.  A very hopeless romantic girl, who believes in “magic” and “spark”, her search for this lead her to Benjie (Richard Gutierrez), a cargo pilot who offered her the love she truly yearns and deserves.  An unlikely romance begun when she hitched a ride with Benjie to attend a wedding in Palawan.   The trip started on wrong foot.  While on their way, both showed their dislike for each other but when the aircraft crashed in an unknown island, the two turned to each other for comfort and eventually resolve their differences.

But that’s not where the story ended.  It just a mere start of the plot and twist.  Both Jenny and Benjie are committed to other people, played very well by Iya Villania and Alfred Vargas. Both blindly in love to the main two characters. With this blind love, even though they’ve learned that their boyfriend and girlfriend are falling out of love, they still cling and became the antagonist of the true love and the true loves spirit. But in the end, love conquers all and both Benjie and Jenny lived happily ever after.

My reaction: though, this movie is a lot better than the first movie they’ve done, I believe that it could have been better or I’m just asking for too much? The script is better and the flow is smoother. But there are parts of the movie that the “kilig factor” is not working to me. Dunno why…

If they need to create another movie, they have to make sure that the story is something not common, or not too average and it should be movie that you will even want to watch the second time around.

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effective advertising03.22.09

I’ve always wondered what makes of an effective advertising that could sale thousands or even millions for certain products or services.  How about the new commercial from  It was about a father who visited his son at work.  The humor in the commercial is very evident and you can see how effective the adverstising is.  Who will not be attempted to buy, when the products are cheaper,the stocks are always available and with even free shipping.  Imagine the time that you will save from going to the store.  Nice advertising right?

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My Twilight DVD03.21.09

YESSSS!!!!! I already have my Twilight DVD!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!

To make this thing possible, I would like to thank Lala, Prince and BPI.  Lala is the current Video City Staff whom I kind of get to know because I’m so addicted to movies that whenever I go to SM Valenzuela, I always pass the Video City to check for the new releases and most of the time, to check their stuff on SALE then buy tons! So in short, we’re kind of friends , we even know each others cellphone number and we’re on a first name basis.

Alright, so last Friday, I’m kind of tired from work (as usual) and I’m about 15  minutes away from home.  I received a text message from Lala.  She told me that they have the Twilight DVD out then, hours ago and they have the limited notepad for every purchase.  So, instead of going home, I asked my brother to go to SM Valenzuela.  So there we went and got this using my BPI credit card, I’m so poor that I don’t have cash anymore. hahaha.

Here’s Lala and the shelves of Twilight DVD plus the advertisement of free notepad.

From twilight DVD from Video City in SM Valenzuela

Here’s the DVD

From twilight DVD from Video City in SM Valenzuela

The back-to-back shot of the DVD (used my digicam’s feature. cool yeh?)

From twilight DVD from Video City in SM Valenzuela

The back-to-back shot of the free notepad

From twilight DVD from Video City in SM Valenzuela

The carton and the DVD box.

From twilight DVD from Video City in SM Valenzuela

Inside the DVD…the two disc

From twilight DVD from Video City in SM Valenzuela

The Twilight DVD special feature (selling here in the Philippines, don’t know if the same for products in US and abroad):

- Theatrical Trailer
- Director’s Introduction (Extended Scenes)
- Deleted Scenes (with Director’s Introduction)
- The Adventure Begins: Journey from Page to Screen
- The Comic con Phonomenon
- Theatrical Campaign
- A Conversation with Stephanie Meyer
- Music: The Heartbeat of Twilight

- Becoming Edward
- Becoming Bella
- Catherine Hardwicke’s Vampire Kiss
(Montage and Edward’s Piano concert)
- Catherine Hardwicke’s
“Bella’s Lullaby Remix” Music Video
- “Decode” Music Video by Paramore
- Muse performing “Supermassive Black Hole”
- Music Video: “Leave Out All The Rest” by Linkin Park

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Better to be Safe Than Sorry03.18.09

While I’m editing the remaining pictures that I have in my memory card that was not deleted, from our Hong Kong trip, I saw this picture of hardworking men while working in the new construction project along Edsa. The train line that will join the LRT Line (Monumento to Baclaran) and MRT Line (North Avenue to Baclaran) and also the same project that’s causing major traffic everyday. I just wish that they’re using safety equipment while working, though the height of the said post was about two to three storeys only, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Right?  Calling the people responsible here!!!

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end of first quarter03.17.09

This is just some random blurps.

I only have two weeks left in the month of March, my so called lazy month, and for sure I will be busy again come this April.  Suddenly, it feels like the first three months of this year was a blur.  I spent the first month preparing for my mom, dad and brother’s vacation in our province in Tayasan, Negros Oriental (near in Dumaguete).  While the second month, I was so busy with work and preparing for my own very special trip.

Then suddenly, everything was laid back.  There’s no definite activity to look forward to.  Just your average, regular day passing.  Haayyy…   Well I need to keep myself busy.  I have to keep myself busy doing things aside from work.  Here are the plans that I have:

1.  I need to get my files (our Hong Kong pics) from Lizzie.

2.  I’m planning to pursue my music lessons.  Instrument?  Secret…hahaha.

3.  I need to finish my portfolio.  Just my sketches, drawings and drools about my favorite stuff.

4.  I need to reapply my membership cards, from Fitness First, Mercury Drug, and Video City since I lost it when my pouch was stolen months ago.

5.  I need to do a BIG general cleaning, in my room and in the sala.

6.  I need to save money because I need to finish the house / apartments.

7.  I need to save money because Alex and I are going to Singapore, either late this year or early next year.

8.  I have to get myself a car, even a second hand one.  I think I will save money by doing that since I ride the taxi every morning.

9.  I need to go back to church.

10.  I need to keep my blogs, all my blogs up and running.

Now.  Now.   Now. I don’t think we need to be that excited right?  Let’s do the first ten and make the next 11 – 20.  Seems a good plan, right?

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Twilight’s Edward Cullen Makeover03.16.09

Who needs an Edward Cullen Makeover?  Posh up Edward Cullen with the hair style that you like, the color of the hair, the shape of the eye brows, the color of the lips and even the color of the eyes that you want him to have.

Here’s mine… Angel of the Water’s very own Edward Cullen….

Now to have your own version of Edward, go to  HERE!

You will see the Twilight Makeover Menu, just click the country/language you want.

And then, you will get the option whether you want to Play, Select Language or Instructions.

You have to click Instructions.  This is to give you an idea on what to click, but basically it’s very easy.  And very cute!!! :)

When you click instructions, here’s what you will see…  The option to change his facial feature and everything.

After you click the arrow to right, you will have the chance to change the clothes of your own Edward Cullen.

But if you want him to stay in his briefs, I don’t think he will mind.

Remember, he can feel no cold…no pain… :)

I don’t think he’s that skinny though….

Alright, enough drooling…click the HERE to redirect to site!


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