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a christmas party12.29.08

The Christmas Panty Party with Superfriends – December 17

The Superfriends had our first ever Christmas Party! Complete with exchange gifts and special gifts for everyone, mind you apat lang kami ha! Ang saya-saya talaga when you’re with your friends and your celebrating the Christmas season. Ang sarap ng bonding…

the beautiful personalized gift wrapped by Lizzie

From First Christmas Panty with Superfriends

We’re suppose to meet at Trinoma around 3PM, but we (Malen and I) got there around 3:40pm, the usual reason…traffic! Imagine, we even have our own dress code! Dresses with short leggings! :) We did not have time to catch our breath coz the movie time starts at 3:50pm. We watched the movie starring Keanu Reeves, The Day The Earth Stood Still. The movie was captivating because of the props and the idea that somebody have to go in between us (Earth and humans) for humans to realize that we’re destroying the Earth. From the actors, I love the lines delivered by Jennifer Connelly and John Clees and need to mention Kathy Bates. I adore Keanu Reeves futuristic robot acting…something tells me it’s like the Matrix. :) He’s so cute! It’s just that I felt like the movie just ended without me noticing it. Nyek!

with Aimz at Bigoli

From First Christmas Panty with Superfriends

Lizzie and Malen

From First Christmas Panty with Superfriends

the exchange gifts

From First Christmas Panty with Superfriends

After the movie, we held our party at Bigoli. It was my first time to eat there and I’m sure that it will not be the last! I loved their pizza! The pastas are great too! During our dinner, we’ve had our exchange gifts, picture picture, chizmizan, gift giving each for everyone while laughing all the time. I think I lost years of lines in my face. I really had a good time. I loved all the gifts that I received from Malen – a papelmelroti picture holder and picture frame, Lizzie – a bracelet and a diary/notebook and Aimz-a sweet smelling personalized green face towel. Then after that, we went window shopping! I’ve seen the laptop I wanted to have ever since! It’s a Dell and it’s color green. According to Aimz and Lizzette, the specs was ok and the case/hardware looks ok too. Hmmmm…. Then we also had a studio picture together. I wonder why we have never done this before? We look so beautiful! Hahaha…

Here are the four shots from our studio pic. Had it in my workstation at the office, using the picture holder from Malen.

From First Christmas Panty with Superfriends

Check it out the rest of the pictures from my picasa and from Lizzie’s multiply!

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a wedding, then…12.28.08

This is the late post of my cousin’s wedding I attended and hosted last December 14 and the next one is for the last Christmas panty party I attended.

The Wedding – December 14

It’s my cousin, Fritzie and her new hubby, Edgar’s wedding.  They’ve informed me about hosting their wedding months prior to date.  No more major preparations.  I was just worried about the dress that I’ll wear and how the couple wanted me to host it.  Is it gonna be funny or serious?  At the end, I decided to wear the dark blue I wore from the Christmas Party.

The church wedding at Caruhatan Holy Rosary Parish was very romantic.  It was the church where we used to go to when we were little, it was not a parish then.  Actually the church’s very near from Alex’s place, isang kandirit lang andun na.  Surprise visit kaya? hehehe…

Here’s me making stupid pose while waiting for the entourage.

From Fritzie and Edgar’s Wedding

Me and my baby bro

From Fritzie and Edgar’s Wedding

It started around 3:40pm as supposed to the 3pm schedule.  The reason was…we were waiting for the two of the secondary sponsors, my niece and nephew.  They are so late that they arrived 10  minutes after they suppose to walk down the aisle.  Mga pasaway!  Lagot sila sa Tita ko (mother of the bride)!  hehehe.

After the wedding, the reception was at Malabon.  If I have not been there the day before, for sure I will not find the place.  Nakakaligaw talaga!   We’ve been there the day before because I have to meet the owner of the location. I love the place.  It’s like an old spanish mansion.  And the garden is where they have the reception.  Romantic!  Then on the patio, they will have the Royal table and of course where we (the hosts) will stay.

From the family, my dad was one of the Principal Sponsors and Althea was one of the flower girls(?).  We all came, including Alex.  Si Ate Karen na lang ang kulang, complete na ang pamilya Zaragosa…hahaha…

Here are some of the pics….(hirap magupload..hahaha)

My sister Leah and niece Althea

From Fritzie and Edgar’s Wedding

Mom and Dad

From Fritzie and Edgar’s Wedding

with me beautiful niece from Bora, Nini

From Fritzie and Edgar’s Wedding

Ate Cho (my cousin), with her two beautiful daughters

From Fritzie and Edgar’s Wedding

with beautiful cousin ala Mirriam Quiambao, Cathy

From Fritzie and Edgar’s Wedding

and of course with Howe

From Fritzie and Edgar’s Wedding

You can see the rest of the pictures… HERE!!!

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hardest choice12.28.08

For all the problems that we’re encountering mounting everyday because of the economic crisis, I found one of the hardest choices I have to do for the week.

See the pic below…

How about you? 

Stumbled from MIGS.

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3rd Sexiest Man – Dingdong Dantes In Your Wallet12.27.08

Thanks to Bench for giving me the opportunity to have the 3rd sexiest man in the world in my pocket! Yup! You heard me right!  I now have Dingdong Dantes in his sexiest photo ever in my pocket!

All you have to do is buy something from Bench and get this limited pocket calendar!  Enjoy and drool!

Here’s the calendar…

From angelofthewaters – reloaded

Here’s the picture…

From angelofthewaters – reloaded

I promise mas titillating sya kung hawak mo sya in person, I mean in real life, I mean ung picture…  Naalala ko tuloy ung paglabas ng billboards nya all over Manila! hehehe…

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an older aimz12.26.08

From angelofthewaters – reloaded

When you have your birthday one day after Christmas, do you simply get larger ‘combined’ presents? Or do you just get more of them? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me either way, but we could ask my good friend AIMZ to be sure! It’s her 26th birthday today and we will be coming over to their house to join her celebration! Yipee!!!Thanks Aimz for the years of friendship and for the memories! I wish for all of your dreams to come true! Love yah!

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High School Reunion Anyone?12.25.08

Am I going to pursue and coordinate our high school reunion next year?  I saw a high school friend when I was on my way to work two weeks ago.  Her name is Rebecca.  She told me that they wanted to have a high school reunion next year and they wanted to me to plan it.  But I’m not so sure if I can do all the things that I’m planning for next year. I’ve got big stuff needed to finalize for the 2009.

So when you say high school, what are the things that you can remember?  What are your experiences that you cannot forget?   People that will always be part of your life…  Experiences that will shape yourself, your future, your life…

1.  We (my friends) formed a group called JHERC.  That’s the letters of our first names.  J for Jacqueline.  HE for Rhea. R for Ruthie.  C for Carolina.

2.  Had a long time crush with a friend, Ryan.

3.  Era of  Air Supply and Autographs.

4.  A schoolmate who was suffering from cerebral palsy, and seeing the actual spastic attack that gave me the fright.

5.  Nearly had my finger cut because of high speed sewing machine.  Ouch!

6.  Have to sing in front of our class during our Filipino subject.

7.  Play in a drama, with multiple characters because we’re only 4 in the group. But got the best performance/grade of the group. Ehem!

8.  Joining and competing with the school’s Cheering competition and had wardrobe malfunction.  Gee!

9.   Hate cooking classes with our Home Economics subject but glad that I was the team leader.  No need for me to cook.  Just tell them where to place things.  Ha ha ha!

10. Teenage drama with sensitive teachers! :)

It seems that I’ll do the preparation for our high school reunion.  hehehe.  I kind of miss my high school friends.  Any tips?

Happy holidays everyone!

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merry christmas to all!12.24.08

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no gifts at all – the reason why…aside from laziness12.24.08

Usually, I do my Christmas Shopping every first up to second weeks of December, but since I was on training from December 1-12 and my schedule starts from 12 noon til 9 pm, I did not have the time to buy stuff for everyone.  Meaning, this Christmas, ampaw (Chinese money envelope) again for all inaanaks!!!

By the way, here are the pics during our training…

all of the trainees (from L-R: TC Alma, Curly, Noel, Trainer Mela, beautiful QA Ruthie with the peace sign, QA She, Ryan at the back, Kat, Leo, and Alexandra)

From Training – Hosted Exchange

with Josh (most left), our trainer from US

From Training – Hosted Exchange

the wacky version (daw)

From Training – Hosted Exchange

So imagine the stress with the training and schedule, eto ang lola nyo during training…ek! bat double chin ako dito?!!!??!!

From Training – Hosted Exchange

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Filipino Version of Twilight – for Teledrama12.24.08

What?! What!? What?! This news stopped me from whatever I’m doing today (work related) and I really have to post this. You know that I’m a Twilight fan so this is something like I’m not sure if I would like to see…

Here’s the news from the SOURCE.

Rayver Cruz will star as Edward Cullen and Shaina Magdayao as Isabella Swan in the local television version “Twilight.” The hit vampire novel has been bought by ABS-CBN has bought for more than US$1 million with Ignite Media as co producer. The taping is set to start next year by Feb. in Baguio, Tagaytay, Bukidnon with some parts to be shot abroad. To be directed by Cathy Garcia Molina, the TV adaptation will focus on Edward and Bella’s love story to be treated as drama, romance and fantasy. The unofficial cast includes Valeen Montenegro as Alice Cullen, Gabby Concepcion as Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Luis Manzano as Emmett Cullen, Al Tantay as Charlie Swan, Yayo Aguila as Renee Dwyer, Fred Payawan as Jacob Black, Carlos Agassi as James, Chin Chin Gutierrez as Esme Cullen, Karylle as Rosalie Hale, Joross Gamboa as Jasper Hale, Jessy Mendiola as Jessica Stanley, Empress Schuck as Angela Weber, Brad Murdoch as Laurent, Nikki Bacolod as Victoria and Aaron Villaflor as Mike Newton. Rayver and Shaina were former love team partner but the tandem did not work. It seems their tandem will click in “Twilight.”

It’s for you to decide. Here are the pics of the main stars as our favorite couple, Edward and Bella..

Rayver Cruz as Edward Cullen

Shaina Magdayao as Isabella Swan

Picture of them together (maybe from previous movie/tv show)

I’m really not sure if I would like a Filipino version of Twilight. Is it gonna be just the book one or they will have all the books (1-4) turn into a teledrama as well? Will they do justice?  Will they change the plot ?  Hayyy…  The best thing to do now is to wait for the announcement or press con to confirm it. 

I’m not sure if I will ask this Edward (Rayver Cruz) to bite me. And will Stephenie Meyer make a cameo on this one too?

Thanks to ONTD.

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i got something new today12.23.08

I’m so excited to blog this new thing that I got for myself today. I feel so selfish this Christmas or this holiday season that tomorrow is the 24th already and I have not yet purchased anything for my godsons and god daughters; and try to think of it, I have not gotten anything yet for my immediate family and for Alex. Hahaha. Bad Ruthie. Bad.

But I really wanted to get this ‘something’ for myself since my birthday last August. I’ll just blog this later. A more updated and with pictures too! Hope you’re enjoying you’re holidays!

Thanks to my friend, Brooke for the gift! I love the Decaslim you got for me. Hope it will work.

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