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Inkheart – the movie09.27.08

The new website and trailer of the movie version of the best-selling book Inkheart by Cornelia Funke has surfaced online. As per the trailer, the movie will be coming out on January 9, 2009. It stars Brendan Fraser, Paul Bettany, Helen Mirren, Jim Broadbent, and Andy Serkis.

I could still remember the book that was unintenionally given to me by my previous team lead, Ramon Manuel Javines. RM as how we fondly call him, is still working on the same company, it’s just that he’s working at a different TAC site (in CDO) while I’m still here in Manila. Thanks Sir RM for the book! I haven’t finished it yet, but so far, it was amazing!

I love the cover of the book and the idea that all the things in it is coming to life by simply reading them. If it was me, I would read that I’m losing weight and my boyfriends are Wentworth Miller, Brad Pitt, Jensen Ackles, Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Welling and Johnny Depp and that they’re all fighting for my beauty. har! har! har!

Friends! Let’s watch it!

UPDATE: The video is no longer available, sorry for that. But you can still check out their official website for the trailer and for more information about the movie.

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digital camera09.26.08

It’s been five years since I purchased my digital camera and I can’t believe how many pictures were taken using it. It’s really good to know how many memories were cherished and will never be forgotten, how many forgotten scenes that were remembered because of it.

I could still recall how I searched online, evaluated specification, checked feedback from users and experienced photographers about their review for certain products and features. I had several questions that I asked myself that maybe you could ask too before purchasing a digital camera. What brand of camera? Do I prefer brands known for the lens they use or for the devices that they make? What type of memory card am I going to use? Is it SD? MMC? or a compact flash card? How about for the battery? It’s life span? Will the budget suffice the camera that I want?

In the long run, I think that I was able to get the best one for me. The one that suits my needs and that was well within my budget.

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birthday gurl #2 – Ate Karen09.25.08

It’s all about you, sis Ate Karen, using the “one word” tag…

Bon Jovi
Romnick Sarmeienta
Sheryl Cruz
harry potter
physical therapist
wls fm
Happy Birthday Ate Karen! I’m wishing for your happiness and better love life. God bless you and thank you for everything… We love you!

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Meeting the In-Laws 10109.25.08

Whew! It’s ninety seven more days before his birthday. He’s turning another year older, as what usually happens whenever a year ends. But this year, what I anticipate more is the fact that I’m meeting my future in-laws. I’m nervous as I can be, honestly. But I’ll try to remember tips that were given me.

Before the grand meeting:
1. Must meet them on your rest day. So that I would look fresh and not so stressed out or haggard. You will not want them meeting you while you look like Garfield, with all those heavy eye bags.
2. Dress appropriately. If it’s just a weekend get together, try to look casual and comfortable. If it’s a party or something that they’re celebrating, try to be a little fancy, but just a little. Try not to stand out, not on the first meeting. On my case, I’m trying to loose weight. Exercise, diet, and diet pills are helping me.
3. Bring your curriculum vitae. For sure, they would love to know about you, like what Kindergarten you graduated from and also remember your long lost relatives; you’ll never know, chances are they know you by a relative or sort of. But not the black sheep of the family ok?
4. Ask your boyfriend/girlfriend about them. Like what their favorite topics to discuss, food to eat, songs, actors, movie. You can also about their weaknesses or phobia, if you’re really hopeless of getting any thing common with them.
5. Get ready for your dramatic script. For sure, they will ask you difficult question like, how much you love our son/daughter, or are you ready to start a family, things like that. The more dramatic the answer is (I think) the better.
6. Arrive on time and bring something for them. Being on time shows that you are excited to meet them, but if it’s not a party, not that early, chances are you will be on the spot earlier than what you expected. Bringing something for them shows your thoughtfulness and gives your hands something to fondle on when you’re nervous.

During the grand meeting:
1. Don’t forget your good manners. Answer them with respect, either on your tone or gestures.
2. Give a good vibe. If you can mentally psych them, do it! Since we can’t, try to give good vibes by smiling and thinking something good inside.8. Don’t use the bathroom too much unless you really need to. If you do, it will show that you are not confident with yourself, or they may even think that you have urinary disease or something, right?
3. Avoid looking at your boyfriend / girlfriend while talking to them. They will think that you are not honest or keeping something from them.
4. If not avoidable to comment something not nice about their son / daughter. Choose your words carefully, you may hurt them or they may think that you don’t love their son or daughter.
5. While eating, if you are vegetarian or fruitarian or something and they presented you something that you don’t eat, be like Julia Roberts when she met the friends of Hugh Grant in the movie Notting Hill, be gracious enough to tell them that you enjoyed it. Just be honest the next time. Remember that they prepared it for you.
6. Before leaving, don’t forget to thank them for the wonderful time and express that you are willing to visit again. This is a good start of building a relationship, not only with their son / daughter, but also with them.

Remember that they are your future partner’s parents; you have to love them like your own. Believe me, your partner will love you more if you do.

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Digital Signage09.25.08

Anytime that you go to malls, boutique, airport, hotels and busy highways, take a look around you. Try to see what the difference is. Like me, I notice that our industry today is taking up the digital revolution by marketing their products through digital signage.

Why digital signage? It offers speed, adaptability, flexibility, and interactivity with the customer. It can provide a richer experience with more compelling information which reaches out to the consumers.

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birthday gurl #1 – Leah09.23.08

Happy Birthday to my youngest sister, Leah! May you have more birthdays to come. I pray for your continous good health and may you have your heart’s desires.

Take care of yourself and your family. Mwha! We love yah!

Me, Leah and her daughter, Althea Nicole! :P

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Are You An Easy Girl?09.23.08

Guys Think You’re Easy to Be With… But Not Easy

You’re definitely a flirt – and a good one.
But you also know that you shouldn’t make a move on any cute guy who passes by.
You save your seductive moves for someone who already knows the real you.
That way, your sex appeal is just part of the whole package.

Are You An Easy Girl?

Yesh! Yesh! Indi ako pok pok! Bwahhahahha! hahahahA!

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What Kind of Blogger Are You?09.19.08

You Are a Social Blogger!

Your blog is more of a semi-private affair for your friends.You don’t consider yourself a journalist. Your blog is more of a diary.

Your blog is how you keep in touch… sharing stories, jokes, and pics.

No one outside your social circle probably gets your blog, but they’re not supposed to!

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Saw this from Malen’s. Social daw ako….indi halata…hehehe! :)

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thank you for the prayers09.18.08

I know guys that I made an entry about my mom’ condition way back last March and I admit that I really did not want to post any update about my mom, it’s just that I can’t write anything about that without crying…but its different now.

After her operation, as per her doctor’s advised, she had to undergo chemotherapy. She had 6 Cycles with 2 Sessions each. I’m so thankful to the Lord that He blessed Mama by giving her very positive result of no cancer cells on her other organs after several laboratory testing. I also want to thank her very wonderful doctor from MCM Hospital at UN Avenue, Manila and St. Lukes, Dr Vicente Bernardo III and his very nice secretary as well, Mitch.

Thank you guys for all the prayers for my mom. Thank you very much and please continue praying for my mom’s health. As what the doctor said, we should all have a healthy lifestyle and a healthy living! Take care everyone!

By the way, this is me looking weird outside the clinic (RM 312 – MCM at UN Avenue, Manila)

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casino royale theme09.18.08

Isnt’ the same as what we had for our company Christmas Party last 2006? It was called different though, it was called “Black Tie Event”, but now it’s “The Casino Royale”. I’m afraid that not many people will attend (based on the 2006 event) this time. It’s too much to dress up! I was hoping of the 70′s or 80′s fashion with a hint of the modern era. Something like futuristic retro. Wouldn’t it be great? So far, since I joined the company, the themes that we had were, for:
2003 – Costume Party – held at Technoplaza One Bldg, Eastwood
2004 – Come As You Please – held at Camp Aguinaldo one of their theaters in Cubao
2005 – Movie Theme – I wore the the golden orange ball gown – NBC Tent, The Fort
2006 – Black Tie Event – Red Satin – Black Lace combination with shrug made of black lace, there a stadium of some sort near SM Mall of Asia (sorry I forgot the name)
2007 – Rock Star – most comfortable ever! Many people attended too – NBC Tent, The Fort
2008 – Casino Royale – most likely to be held at NBC again

But eventhough it had the same “theme” last 2006, I still want to look good and shine with the gown that I want to wear but I’m still trying to loose weight. I’m hoping that with the correct eating habit, exercise (if I can) and the most effective diet pill in the market, I will loose the pounds I need to shred! Go! Go! Go!

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