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kissing Ben Barnes06.21.08

O-M-G! As in O-M-G!
I got the chance to kiss Ben Barnes, my Prince Caspian!
Tsup! Tsup! Tsup!

I’m so lucky! I can’t believe it! Poster pa lang, solved na ko! Hahaha!Picture was taken after watching Narnia: Prince Caspian at Eastwood Cinema weeks ago (naks sa update noh? indi late. hahaha). For my review, well, it was a good movie. The lines were delivered fabulously by the actors and there was enough thrill, wit, action to make the movie worthwhile of your time and money.

But I cannot help comparing it with the other movies like:

1. Lion King – because of Aslan. I’m kinda waiting for him to stand on the edge of the rock and roar. hehehe.

2. The Mummy Part 2 – because of the scene where Aslan stopped the force/army of the fallen king from the bridge by asking the river to swallow them. Yung wave ng water may face din…familiar sya…

3. Lord of the Rings (Twin Towers) – when I saw the trees battling the army.  Sumusugod sila and they were walking…parang sa Twin Towers eh.

4. Shrek – the talking mouse…but it was a cat from Shrek.  Parehas kasi sila ng attitude…so it’s still related, ok? Cat. Mouse. Mouse. Cat. hahaha

5. Harry Potter – the professor of Prince Caspian. He looked like Dumbledore. His professor and mentor, just like Harry.

I don’t have anything against Narnia: Prince Caspian, this is just like an observation on my part. I would still suggest that you watch it, either on DVD or if it’s still showing sa mall, ok? Just seeing the cuteness of Ben Barnes is enough….hahaha. Go! Go! Go!

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HDMI Switch06.20.08

Do you think you have too many high tech appliances like satellite systems, HD DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, and PS3 and you simply want to connect them all in one display unit? Then what you need is a HDMI switch. It’s a device that could accommodate several high definition inputs could be an audio or video or audio and video simultaneously to an output display with high definition signals too. You don’t need to disconnect and reconnect every high definition appliance to your display to use, just plug it all to your switch and use your remote to toggle between. It’s another device to make our life simpler right?

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drool with new David Beckham’s underwear campaign06.20.08

yes! yes! I am DROOLING! I can’t help it!

I envy all the girls and gays in San Francisco because the sizzling hot pictures/campaign of David Beckham for Emperio Armani underwear were unveiled at Macy’s.



Drooolllll…..again and again

Drooolllll…..again and again and again

Drooolllll…..again and again and again and again

I can’t help but compare this with Dingdong Dante’s Bench Body billboards (though I admit, indi ako disturbed pag nakikita ko yon…naseseksihan ako….hahaha) in Edsa. Pag eto ang nilagay sa Edsa…ewan ko lang. Basta, I like them both…together! hahaha!

Credits to only-beckham for the David’s pics. You can check out their site for the HQs!

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Branson Getaways06.19.08

Remember when I won concert ticket for John Lapus’ concert at the music museum? Well, I was hoping that I could also win this fabulous vacation from Branson Gateaways from Branson Missouri, which is also called the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World”. As amazing as the place they also have equally amazing vacation packages and the best of it all, you can customize your own package depends on what you want and need. Now that’s something extra for vacationers, right?

And you’ll experience a complete vacation because they offer many attractions and events. One of the museums that you need to check out is the Titanic. It was actually built half of the original scale of the magnificent boat. It feels like walking in the past with all the artifacts from the survivors and they’ll even give you the experience of touching an iceberg. They even have the Grand Staircase replicated mostly to its perfection. You’ll be amazed with the craftmanship of the staircase. If I will win, for sure, I will stand at the top of the Grand Staircase and try to imagine Jack coming to me as if like in the movie Titanic.

Aside from museums, they’ve got tons of other attractions and events that could make your vacation unforgettable. So book your vacation now!

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harry and ginny hug from HBP06.19.08

I’ve been waiting this for so long! An intimate scene of the two couples that I adore from the Potterverse…Harry and Ginny! Yehey! Yehey! I can remember all the posts that I made for the couple! It’s so sweet!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be shown on November 21st.

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shopaholic in a week06.18.08

Have you tried to read a series of book and finish it within a week?

Yes! Yes! I did! I did! I finished reading the whole series of Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella! The series was amazing! It was intelligent and very witty with full of humor.  Though I consider myself a “smart buyer” (naks!) I sometimes wish that I do have Becky’s (the lead character) non chalant attitude when it comes to shopping and…life.

I can’t wait to see the first movie adaptation of this book which is still in production but according to IMDB, it will be starred by Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Scooby-Doo) and Hugh Dancy (Ella Enchanted, King Arthur) and will be shown next year, 2009. Got to watch it!

By the way, thanks to Toni for lending me the books.  I RUV IT! Awww!

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tears from papa06.15.08

It was just a simple note…and it had done it all.

I will not write what I wrote to him. Too personal I guess…but with the same meaning and content, I just want to let my dad know that we love him very much and we will never forget all his kindness and hardships just to provide for our family.

The truth is, I always acknowledge my parents hardwork and perseverance. When we were still little and those were the times that we we’re having a hard time financially. I’m thankful that they (our parents) did not just let go and continued to strive for us.

We love you both!  You’re our role models!

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thanks for the package!06.14.08

With all the beauty and slimming products in the world, my cousin, daughter of my Auntie who’s a head nurse in California gave me a package today that contains a product called Lipovox. Thank you my dear! I never knew how you managed to know my weight problem since the pictures that I’m sending you were all chosen by me to look a lot thinner. Hahaha. So before I take it, I got to research more about people who used the product and gave their own lipovox reviews, right? Most of their comments have something to do with losing weight and making the skin healthier by fighting acne and eradicate wrinkles. Nice!

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secret trip06.13.08

It’s a secret but I would like to share. It’s good news though. Our company’s sponsoring us to an out of town trip before the year ends. This is not just for the Manila based but also for Cagayan De Oro and Davao staff. I’m so excited but I’m wondering, since they planned us to have only a one-day off for the activity, how are we going to do it? I think they need to give us jet charter, don’t you think? We’re planning of either going to Bohol or Palawan! Yahoo! I’m going use all my convincing power to have this activity a 2 if not a 3-day adventure! Bet on it!

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John Lapus is SWEETILICIOUS!06.12.08

John is not just sweetilicious, he’s sweety sweet sweet sweetilicious (parang tongue twister anoh?). It was indeed a show that you will savor, sobrang ganda and sobrang funny. I really enjoyed. Proof? If I was not smiling the whole time…I was laughing. I think, I should pay Sweet an extra for the face lift. hahaha. Maraming akong napulot na joke na pwede kong magamit one of this days and maraming akong aral na nalaman. hahaha. Thanks Sweet! :)

Ok, so here’s what happened….My sistah have to fetch me at work. I need to finish tons! It’s my last day, so you can imagine all the “quotaz” I have to finish and it’s all because of my problem in time management and I guess more of my laziness. hehehe…

inside the taxi on the way there

She came around 6:45pm and indi pa ko tapos. I’m not sure if we’re going to be late. Kinakabahan ako at baka di ko masimulan, May 31 nun, katapusan, Saturday at gimik time ng iba, add mo pa na sa Music Museum kaya yun dun sa Greenhills. O trapik dun di ba? Buti na lang at magaling si Manong na taxi driver at dumaan kami sa likod ng Greenhills. From Eastwood, imikot pa kami sa Green Meadows, dahil trapik daw kasi sa B Serrano…hmmm…mukhang indi naman so..ewan ko dito ke Manong driver… O ayan, dumating kami sa Greenhills ng 7:40pm. Yehey! We still have 20 minutes to relax, unwind, window shopping…Ang daming bag! Grabe! Ang dadanda! Susme! Naglaway ang lola nyo! Ayoko ng bumalik dun! Mamumulubi ako! Buti na lang at di pa sweldo kaya wala akong pera! Hahaha!

tickets for the show

O san ba ang concert ni Sweet? Sensya na first time ko eh, di ko alam kung saan. Naghanap na lang kami ng pila ng tao na parang pila din ng bigas sa NFA. Ang haba ha! Infairness! Buti na lang at sa stairs ang pila at pwede mong upuan. Kwentuhan kami ni Sis. Tsinitsika namin yung taga Nestle at Tang na me booth dun! (Libreng after the show!…Ayos!) Dumating daw si Dingdong Dantes ng maaga, around 5pm. At nakatambay lang daw dun sa labas after the rehersal, pa picture nga daw yung iba dun. Ang sister ko gustong maiyak sa panghihinayang…hahaha..luvs nun kasi Dong way back pa nung era with Antoinette Taus. O antagal na di ba? Tapos me dumating na guy, amputi! Ang amputi ng polo shirt at ang flawless ng balat…si Janno Gibbs pala. Sayang I don’t have my camera ready. After a while, pinapasok na rin kami sa loob.

ano ito college reunion, hehehe? with yvette

While we were waiting for the show to start, imagine a seat away from me, I saw my college friend, Yvette with her hubby. Nyak! Small world! Parang reunion itoh! Hahaha! And to make the world smaller….she was also one of the winners from O diva? Ibang iba! Small world talaga! hahaha!

opening number

So it’s past nine when the show started. The opening number was Sweet’s ala “Vilma Santos” dance number. Napapatili ako talaga. Parang show girl with all his male back up dancers. Infairness, he’s very good in dancing. Ano kaya’t ganun ang parusa sa kanya sa Don’t Lie To Me? That’s tiring for him for sure! Then when he was changing his outfit, you can see his friends giving him messages and greeting him. Nakakatuwa talaga yun… Binuking sya talaga, included yung make up artist and hair stylist nya…o di ba bongga?

ala kim

Then pumasok si Sweet sa stage on his bike wearing a white dress. Cute, catchy and nakakahilo ang opening ni Sweet. For sure nahilo din sya. Hahaha. And his monologue was so funny, he shared all his endeavors on his fifteen years in showbizness. Ang choray noh? From a simple researcher to a multi talented showbiz host, writer and comedian. His career’s full of life and very rich with experience. Very colorful. Parang rainbow! hehehe

spoofing Kris A

After that, Sweet showed us his trademark impersonations of Sheryl Cruz and his close friend Kris Aquino. Nakakatawa talaga pramis! Pero ang bentang benta ay yung gawan nya ng ibat ibang version ang walang kamatayang linya ni Ms Cherie Gil na, “You’re nothing but a second rate, trying hard, copy-cat!” sa version ni Nora Aunor, Jacklyn Jose, Sheryl Cruz, Kris Aquino, Annabel Rama, Mahal at marami pang iba. Sobra! After that part, I knew I had to go to the bathroom for a short wee-wee break.

some of the movies made

Then Sweet showed us all his films done. Dami pala, 27! Parang age ko na! And his first movie was Bala and Lipstick with Roderick Paulate and one of the memorable films for him was “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw” because his nick Sweet was used in that movie for the first time ever. That’s why he sung, the theme song while we saw the clips from his other movies.

He did his comedy bar segment where he asked one of the audience to participate. Kaloka talaga! Just look at the pic below!
ala comedy bar

ala comedy bar 2

with a fan guest

with a fan guest – naughty

Then he also did his trademark “Prangka Ka John!”. Sa part na to, bawal ang pikon. hehehe.

The hunk guests:

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