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Free Tickets to Sweetilicious05.30.08

I’ve got the chance to see John Lapus as he celebrate his 15th Year Annivesary in showbizness at the Music Museum this coming May 31 at 8pm. The title of the show is Sweetilicious as he is famously called “Sweet” as if you don’t know! (Choray!).

A mouthwatering performance.
A delightful skit.
A show you should savor!

John “Sweet” Lapus gives his all in “Sweetilicious!”

For ticket inquiries call TicketWorld at 8919999

By the way, I’ve won the tickets thru PEP.PH.  Thanks to Summit Media for the tickets!  Mwha! Mwha!

O sa indi pa naniniwala, here’s the email…ang choray! Charush!

You can also check John Lapus’ blog. He can blow you with his ano…hehehe…mind-blowing posts! Nakakatuwa and nakakatawa! GrAbEh!

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Personal Logo Designs05.30.08

They say your logo carries your company name and also gives impressions to your business. It’s something that will let you describe your business for you. The best way to get your logo design is by checking all available software either over the counter from computer stores at the mall or get them at a more convenient way, which is via online.

If you’re going to ask me, I would prefer making my own logo. First, it’s personalized that makes it unique that will make my logo stand out and somehow easy to remember. Second, I won’t approve it if I don’t feel that it matches my business’ identity or embody my business in it’s totality. Third, usually with personalized logo designs, you can get them in cheaper price compared to the logos or designs created or done by a professional artist for you. It is a great thing though that there are sites that offers personalize logo designs. I tried to use this site called Logoyes and I got my logo design done in couple easy steps. It was very good and very professional looking. It was also very easy to use. If you feel like you don’t have the creativity or the talent to create one, you can check the different logo design examples posted on the site as well to help you.

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Harry Potter Update: New Promo Pic from Order of The Phoenix05.30.08

I can’t wait for the trailer of the new Harry Potter installment, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Online reports says that they will show it on the Narnia’s Prince Caspian, but it was proved rumor by Warner Bros. Haayyy…. November 21 please come soon!

In the mean time, promotional pics floated online from the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Check it out!

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respiratory weakness05.29.08

I’m very thankful that when I had asthma, I was still a kid. They say this type of asthma is not permanent and you will be cured once you get older unless you were not careful when you had it young and it led to complications. So, I had asthma when I was still a kid and I’m thankful that I don’t have it now. But I know that my respiratory system is something that I should always take care of. I could never smoke and always have to exercise, could be running or other that will greatly exercise my respiratory. Haiisss… health is indeed wealth! :)

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birthday gift – dream vacation05.29.08

I haven’t been to any theme park, as in ever. It has been my dream since I was young to go to major theme parks all over the world. Can I only dream visiting Disneyland? How about the future Harry Potter Theme Park? But no worries, my auntie from the US is inviting as a birthday gift for my Orlando vacations. By the way, she’s from Florida and she married her second husband who lives in that state. Isn’t great?

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popcorn addict05.29.08

It’s crunchy. It’s popping. It can be sweet. It can be salty. It can come in different flavors: cheese, barbeque, caramel, and butter. It’s my favorite munch during movies and television past time. There’s no worry when your watching movies from the big screen, there are food counters ready to serve you, but what if you were watching at home? I’m planning to get my own popcorn machines, for my own personal pleasure and you’ll never know, I can venture this addiction in business too.

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toys when we were young05.29.08

I will never forget my childhood. We were not financially well off but we were loved by my parents dearly. It is possible that I’m different from today, like I would not know how to appreciate small things if I did not experience lacking in some. I used to cry over toys that my parents could not afford, like bikes, swing sets, dolls and cooking sets. So now, I was thinking of putting up toy business that’s very affordable but with high quality. Or something like, bringing old toys that we used to play when we were younger then repackage it or something. What do you think? Is there a market for that?

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Summer Fun05.29.08

Summer is nearing its end, but it’s always a must to wear you most stylish and in fashion swimwear when going to the beach or even to the resorts with wonderful swimming pools. I haven’t been to the beach this year and I usually do every year. So I’m looking forward to our 100 islands adventure and/or Puerto Galera next month. I can’t honestly decide which swimwear I would bring!

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World’s Best Acne Treatment from world’s best mom!05.29.08

Acne was one of the causes of my insecurities back when I was growing up. I’ve got sensitive skin and I cannot put anything on my face that will not cause any redness and itchiness. Thanks to the natural acne treatment that my mom gave me. It’s effective, affordable and very effective. Now, I can say that I have acne free face. Thanks mom and thanks to Acnexus. Mwha! Mwha!

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The “Do’s and Don’ts” at EB: Videoke05.22.08

This is the standard “Dos and Don’ts” at EB. Please remember that you have to follow the reminder below to maximize your time and enjoy your “eye balls”, may it be the first time or the nth time for you.

The “Do’s”

1. You need to get a place, make sure na kasya kayong lahat. Nobody was left standing (unless singing) at me malaking TV para di lumabo ang mga mata.

And make sure that they have two microphones, para masarap mag duet…di halata sa kanila noh? hehehe

2. Dapat me feeling na recording artist. Make sure na me Warner Music sa dingding or kahit ano pa mang label, basta meron! Pag wala…edi maglagay na lang ng cartolina at sulatan ng gustong recording label. Then magpakuha ng maraming pectures for evidence ba-ga! Malay mo madiscover, de va?

3. Make sure that all have proper decorum. Then sing…Sit down! Sit down! You’re rocking the boat! hahaha…

4. Don’t forget to take group pictures, depende sa sex. Here comes the boys:

(Ek! Anong ginagawa mo dyan PUSA and Reynz?)Then the gurls:

(Eto complete ang mga girlaloo…)5. Make sure that there’s a group pic. To make sure that everyone is kasama, isagaw, “ang di sumama…panget!” hahaha

From L-R: Cho | Reynz | Malen | Pusa | Maru | Angelofthewaters | Sherliez | Ambo | GabNow, you have to check out the Don’ts:

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