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Kapalaran (Horoscope) – April 26, 200804.26.08

Know your KAPALARAN for today!  Mine’s LEO…



Ihahatid ka niya
papunta, pauwi hindi

Gusto mo man bumili,
out-of-stock na

Ikaw ang gumawa pero
di mo alam kung paano

Kailangan mo gayuma
para mapasagot siya
Masungit ka kasi wala
ka na namang pera
Huwag ngumiti, may
malunggay sa ngipin
Uy, walang tigyawat!
May lahi kang unggoy
May matatanggap
na mid-year bonus
Ngayong andyan ka sa
taas, enjoy the view
Parang nagmamadali
kang mabuntis
Sana suwerte ang
dumapo, hindi sakit
Mababa ang grado na
akala mo mataas
Kung friend lang ba’t
mo pinagnanasahan?
Mapapanis kasi hindi
niyo agad makakain
Basahin nang maigi
bago mo ipadala
Mag-offer ka na lagyan
ng panyo ang likod niya
Nagmura nga presyo
pero lumiit naman
Mahirap talagang
punahin ang sarili
Ang init-init aalukin
ka ba naman ng kape
Saka na magpakulay
kapag di na uso
Turuan mo sa halip
na pagalitan
Hindi ikaw ang no.2,
pang-llima ka na no!
Mas tipid kapag
marami ang bibilhin
Magpanggap ka na
lang na isang artist
Mabait ang mister mo
kasi guilty siya noh!
Namamaga na naman
tiyan mo sa kakakain
Huwag makisabay sa
bad mood ng iba
Lipstick na naman ang
makabibisto sa iyo
Gusto mong yumaman
kaya magnanakaw ka?
Masama yan, adik
ka na sa ketsap
Layo pa niya pero
amoy mo na kili-kili
Ibenta ang mga naipon
na bote ng beer
Hindi naman nila
nababasa isip mo no
Obsessed siya sa laki
ng kuwan niya…sus!
Uminit lang, nagtaas
agad presyo ng pechay
Mukhang papayag na
sila sa panukala mo


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Make Yourself Rich04.26.08

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heart talk04.25.08

Heart attack is one of the leading causes of death in the whole world. It’s like a thief in the night. You will never know when it will strike. Unfortunately in our kin, we have relatives that already passed away because of heart attack, that’s why I’m always cautious of my own heart rate. Before, I always thought that if I have rapid heart rate, I’m already suffering from heart attack, but after learning from the site called, I’ve learned more about it. Rapid heart rates can also be appropriate for you, but it depends on the activity that you are performing at that time. The site gives you a lot of insights about what you need to know about your heart and more. Share this story; you will be amazed to know that people needs to know this too.

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best baby shower invitations04.25.08

Are you planning a baby shower for your special mom-to-be? Do you know where to get the best baby shower invitations? If you want it in different designs, with striking colors and beautiful background or if you want it personalized, check this site called the, with wide range of options to choose from. Tell me the personality of the mama-to-be and the site definitely has something that will suit her individuality. Check it out and browse for the list of invitation available. Tell your friends about it!

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Vintage Fashion04.25.08

I’m not a fashion critique and not even an expert. But I’ve always believed that fashion comes and go, but for sure it always returns. I saw this photo album of my mom when she was a lot younger. Gosh! The things that give away the age of the picture were the paper used and it was not even in color yet. She was wearing this black and red tight striped leggings and this empire cut blouse that had embroidered with lace and beads. She was accessorized by these cool white vintage sunglasses. She really looked good. I should look for the same type of dress and have my picture taken with the same pose. Wouldn’t it be cool? You should ask your mom for her old stuff and add ornaments to it with modern accessories. Be in fashion with a touch of something old and with more sentimental value.

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Know Your Worth04.25.08

Isn’t brilliant to know how much your business’ worth? By knowing that, you’ll know where you stand in the business market and you can have an edge on the business deals by simply knowing it all. To do this, must get the best business valuation that could help you. Remember that you have to get the service that offers fair and professional review. You must know your worth. Now!

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Birthday and Birthday04.25.08

This post is dedicated to my bestfriend and my favorite niece, Malen and Althea Nicole. They’re both celebrating their birthdays today. Both lovely and both special girls. I hope that both of you got what you wished for since today’s a very special day. Malen and Althea, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Len, thanks for the treat for the whole QA team and again welcome to the family. Wag ka sanang ma bore sa kakapakinig sa mga calls and pag ika’y nalulumbay, diyan pumapasok ang pamilya mo sa QA to entertain you. Yan ang specialty natin, ok? Chismaks at chismaks to the max!!! Bwahahaha. Mwha!

Thea, I pray to God that He bless you with good health. And I always pray that you may grow to be a good girl with a good heart and with the fear of the Lord. Mama ‘Nang ‘Thie loves you, don’t forget that, ok?

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Our very own Prince04.25.08

I can’t believe that our very own Prince, my one and only brother is officially an adult and now holds responsible for everything and anything. Actually it’s a double celebration because aside from turning 21 last April 9, he also graduated in college the week after. He just finished Business Administration from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela. The commencement exercises was held at UP Theater at UP Diliman. Congratulations baby brother! It’s time to conquer the world. AJA! Fighting!

My bro, acting silly….hehehe


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Jackie Chan VS Jet Li in “The Forbidden Kingdom”04.21.08

They say that it will never happen again, seeing two great martial arts movie icon, Jackie Chan and Jet Li in one movie. I won’t let it pass without seeing this on the big screen because this is the first movie together by Chan and Li. For that reason enough, you should watch it!

After all the black mails and drama innuendos, yesterday, I convinced Alex that he should have some time off since its Sunday and it’s supposed to be his rest day. Mega text and mega call ang lolah nyo. Si Inday nga nagde day-off pag Sunday di ba? Ayun! Everything paid off, he agreed with me. Napapagyag ko rin sa wakes si Koya na manood ng sine. The last one that we’ve seen was I am Legend. Tagal na noh? Hay naku he’s so busy this past few days I mean weeks, he got hang-ups at work, I’m not sure where he’s getting all his energy from. Baka sa akin through…hehehe. Ok, back to the movie…

I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars. The movie was great. The effects and the martial arts choreography were awesome. I just love the antics on this movie. It will entertain you with either through the magnificent martial arts or with the funny scenes delivered by the actors. So if you’re looking for a good movie this week, I would definitely recommend The Forbidden Kingdom. By the way, the movie is mostly in English a little of Mandarin and if you’re wondering who’s billed first in this movie between Jackie and Jet, their names were shown together on the opening credits, just like this….


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Best Computer Rental Service04.21.08

I’ve always wondered where to get the best computer rental. We often need computers with certain brands and specific model like HP, Dell, IBM, Apple and others. But aside from getting specific brands, we also need people who can help us set up the computers on the location. Sometimes for some applications that we need, we require special video card, other flash presentation, and extra insurance. And the best deal is, you can even get the computers within 24 hours with 24/7/365 service, for me that’s the best deal for computer rental service we need.

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