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am i on hiatus?03.31.08

No I’m not.

I was just busy these past few weeks mainly because of my mom. Last March 1, she had an operation. It was a modified mastectomy on her right breast. Just two weeks before that, she was complaining that her right breast was painful and when you feel it, there’s a lump just below her nipple. That really made me very worried. She has two cousins who died because of breast cancer so you can imagine the panic and worries that we felt. And the lump on her breast was big, it’s about 2cm x 5cm. I asked her to have a check up with the ob gyne so that we would know for sure. The next day, they went to Fatima, which was Wednesday and was advised by the doctor to do a frozen biopsy and mastectomy on the first day of the following week. I feel like everything was so fast, according to the doctor, if it was benign, they will just remove the lump, but if it was malignant, they will remove the whole breast. Imagine the shock that we all felt, that was less than a week when we’ve learned that her breast was aching and the next step will be removing her breast.


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change now03.31.08

Do you need help? Are you in that stage of your life where you feel like nobody wanted to help you? But you should always think that we all must live and never let die our hopes and dreams. In any problem, it could be weight, personal, love life or drug and alcohol addiction there’s always a solution. If you really wanted to turn your life in a new direction, I believe that you simply have to decide. Decide that it’s enough. If you have problems with your weight, get the best doctor to help you loose weight and must learn to exercise and have to start dieting. If you need help with your love life or even if it’s personal, must look for the best people that could lend a hand. And if it’s about your addiction, get the best alcohol rehab or drug rehabilitation that will help you best. Stop doing nothing. Change now.

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how safe the world is?03.28.08

I’m the type of person whose trust is very hard to attain. I’m not saying I’m not friendly, in fact , I believe I am otherwise. It’s just that I don’t usually trust a person I just met unless it was a friend of my friend, things like that. Most of times, I just rely on my instinct if the one that I just met did not have any criminal records or a serial rapist or worst, a killer. But I’m mainly judging them by the aura that I can feel around them; I cannot do a background check. My instinct cannot do that. I know that judging a person through their aura is not the most reliable and safest way to do something like a criminal background check, specially if you are meeting for the first time and it is for pure business or any money related meeting. Some people did not know how important it is to do a background check if not a criminal check for people whom you want to do business deals with. I’m imagining myself doing a manual background check for people I just met on regular basis and believe me it flips my head imagining that! They’re maybe thinking I’m part of a gang or something, maybe CIA. Hahaha.

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my favorite room03.27.08

I don’t know why he asked me what my favorite room in the house is. Is he asking me because he values my opinion or is it because since they’re renovating his house, he wants to put an extra effort to please me? I simply answered him that if I have enough money, I would have really wanted to have a very enormous bathroom. I want it filled with aromatic candles, also to have a Jacuzzi, a bath tub that could fit two persons, sauna room, walk in tubs for my elders and a separate room for steam bath. He just kept his silence; I know what he was thinking. “I should have not asked it.”

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i am bragging03.27.08

When I was named as one of the top performer in our company last year, I was wondering how personnel from Human and Resources did it. There were about two thousand employees in our company and they need to process an employee performance evaluation for each of us. How did they do it? Do they have a program that automatically calculates our performance? How accurate and how efficient was the program used to gauge us? How reliable it is? For sure it was accurate, efficient and reliable, I was one of the recipients, remember? Hahaha. Bragging!

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Technorati Authority Explode03.25.08

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    another business idea03.22.08

    Franchise, this is the type of business I want to venture since it’s the type of business that has already built its own followers or supporters and I will just get the permission to carry or have the business established in that particular area or location that I want. And since the business is already established, you don’t need much for advertising or promotion. All you have to do is get the capital you need, find the right location for the business and the right people to mend it; that is, if you cannot do it personally, like me.

    I think that most of young business-minded adults these days are into the nature of franchise. I for one would like to franchise a business from food franchise industry. The reasons that I have are very obvious, it is a necessity and second, I love food and I will franchise all those that I like. One way or another I will surely save some money from buying to myself, right? 

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    advertising through signs03.22.08

    The power of advertising is finding the right medium to communicate your product, your offer or your services. The top leading advertising medium is still the visual effects through building an eye-capture banners and build boards. Placing this eye capture banners and billboards on the correct location is just as about the quality of the advertisement itself.

    Do you need the best advertising company that could help you create your own banners or any other type mediums like magnets, stickers, wood in very practical prices? Magnetic Signs can provide you the best quality signs at the most reasonable price and at the most little time, as little as five minutes. They allow their customers to customize their own designs, thus saving your money for designers. Isn’t that great? They offer top quality signs that you customized in the lowest price you can find. Make your own sign now.

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    all about fashion03.20.08

    I love to read fashion magazines and watch TV shows with fashion as their main agenda and I always wondered where the fashion designers learned it all. Is it just pure talent? Do all fashion designers have the innate gift or is it something that could be learned?

    I think it’s mixed; something that you are born with and then it should be honed to perfection, it could be by fashion schools in California where it was known to have great schools, which the main focus on the fashion trends’ from Hollywood. It’s no wonder if most of the great fashion designers may have gone to the best fashion school in California or from the list of the top fashion schools in Los Angeles.

    How I wish I could have done the same. If an opportunity or scholarship will be offered, I’ll do it. Want to give me one? :)

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    It Started With A Kiss 2 (They Kiss Again) – Episode 13 (English Subbed)03.18.08

    This episode is not concentrated all in Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu’s married life. We will see major events from Xiang Qin’s friends and how she (Xiang Qin) affects her life as well. I see all ZS’s tenderness toward XQ. Hayyy… I wish I could have a husband like him. Will do piggy back when I got drunk and will not even get mad about it! :)

    Enjoy watching! Click image to redirect!

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