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Vegas trip02.28.08

When Tiana posted on her online blog that she was planning to go to Las Vegas with her boyfriend last holiday, I thought that they were planning to get married secretly. I was so excited for them. But I know my friend; she will not do something that will definitely hurt her mom. Maybe they decided to go to there just to have some fun, since both of them were hardworking people, I don’t see why not. And I was correct they had a wonderful time in Vegas. They found the perfect Vegas hotel were they stayed. They really enjoyed their stay there. I hope that I could go there too. Soon!

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It Started With A Kiss 2 (They Kiss Again) – Episode 11 (English Subbed)02.28.08

This episode was very much waited and watched after the cliffhanger from Episode 10. This episode mixed a lot of emotions: angst, love…happiness, love…worried, love…celebration, love…
I’ve seen another part of Zhi Shu here, almost like Joe Cheng was not acting as Zhi Shu anymore but Joe. Some scenes from the teasers before the drama started was shown on this episode.

Click image to redirect! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Thanks to mysoju, overstream and gloriawen!

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addictive to pens02.28.08

I remembered answering “seven weirdness in me” post couple of months ago. One of the things that I listed there is my love for pens. I don’t know why I have this kind of addiction. I just know that my bag won’t be complete if I don’t have a pen with me. I have several ink pens at work, got a spare pen even in my shoulder bag, and couple of pens at home. So imagine my happiness of finding a site that carries different types of pen for everyone. If you love pens as much as I do, you have to check out

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kangaroo ears02.28.08

Do you have a nickname when you were younger that you really hate? Sometimes that nickname they gave you, will stick with you till you grew up. Most often than not, some people was affected with that kind of teasing and caused lifetime insecurities that were mainly because of all the ridicules received.

Let me share to you the story of my friend, which experienced the same mockery of having kangaroo ears. It’s the type of ear that’s protruding and somehow affected the total look on her face. She’s now a woman of mid twenties but could always remember all the teasing when she was growing up. She said that it took a major role when she was younger and it would have been better without. She now moved in the US and was so happy to share that she found the best cure to her insecurity, an ear surgery known as ear pinning or otoplasty in Chicago. She was handled by the best doctor that performs otoplasty, it’s Dr. Moynihan.

I will not forget what she told me once, she will not let her kangaroo ears jumped to her children and experience the same humiliation. I could not agree more on her, since Gold Coast Plastic Surgery could perform this type of operation for kids as early as four or five.

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no play makes one dumb02.27.08

Who says no to my title? No one! Because it is without doubt true! One must learn how to play as well. If you work hard, then you must play hard. If not, you will get burned out, stressed out and in return, you are not as effective as you think you are at work, at business, and even at your self. Our friends from San Diego are the luckiest people alive when it comes to this because restaurant happy hour in San Diego is the best. Where can you find the one of the longest hours of Happy Hours that offers appetizer specials and drink specials at great discounts? Now, you have to check out this great site that offers the best Happy Hour spots you can find. already gauged and sorted each restaurant based on price, restaurants that get most reviews, the newest and most specially the top rated. Don’t be a dumb, let’s go and play now at the Happy Hours!

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my own cover shot02.27.08

When Malen tagged me in doing my own cover pic. I really wanted to make it very realistic, as if you’ve seen it before in a magazine. Luckily I had this pic in my archive, just eating my space in this computer at work that only has 2G free space. hahaha.

So do you think I deserve to get an award for this cover pic? Guess who is me in this one!

Now I want to see your own cover pic!

Aimzster | Chuvachienes | Draejonsoul | Hannah | Janis | Joanjoyce | Julian | Lizzie | Manilenya | Mimimola | Michellie | Part of You | Reyna Elena | Sherliez | Tiana

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forever young02.27.08

Why do people say that to have beauty, one must endure pain? Honestly, I don’t see the logic in that. People in general have their own natural beauty; only that one must take care of it when you reach an early age of past twenty. One must have a good diet and should exercise everyday. Putting on lotion everyday all over your body to moisturize your skin and applying moisturizer on our face day and night is a must. Actually, it is better if we will make it a habit.

But all good things all come to an end, it does not matter how unfailing you are in taking care of your skin, all of us will grow old and experience changes in our skin that we may all not like at all. Do you know anybody who does not want to look young forever? Then, what we are all looking for is answered by the Williams Rejuva Center. They offer best treatment for skin with problems in rejuvenating. My friend who lives in New York, once mentioned to me that in Schenectady injectable fillers like botox are popular. They provide treatment for BOTOX with new state-of-the-art dermal fillers that were added with no pain surgery by having a “no surgery lift” that is perfect for patients who want a practical and safe alternative to surgery.

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forever flat02.26.08

I’m a Filipina, no doubt about it. I carry all the characteristics of being a pure Filipina through and through. My mother was born in Bulacan and my father was born in Negros Oriental. So you could consider me as half Bulaceña and half Bisaya. I was not even spared even a little percent of being a Spanish or American as we were conquered for years, decades ago. Now, why would I want to have even a small lineage with Spaniards or Americans? Well, as you know, pure Filipinos were also known for as flat nosed people. It’s like a common denominator among us. Even an Filipino singer once said in his song that Filipinos are flat nosed, but either way, should be proud of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be Pinay, who’s not going to be? But after seeing the pictures of a fixed rhinoplasty or nose surgery, I’m thinking of having one myself. Look at how the noses were perfected. This could boost someone’s confidence and self worth. Do you think, I should have done mine?

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love your eyes02.26.08

The eyes are the windows of your soul. How true this saying is. Since I was kid, I’ve always believed that I should always take care of my eyes. It was the one of the sensors that I really treasure the most. This is because of my love in reading and photography. I’m not getting any younger, but I’m still young. I believe that taking care of my eyes is one of the things that we should also prioritize, aside from taking care of your whole body.

Good thing that I found on the internet the best site that gives us the best eye care products you can find. Aside from taking care of your eye retinas, you should also take care of the skin that surrounds your eyes, Doctor D. Schwab provides the best eye care products available, and aside from the eye care products, they also carry top quality of lip care line. Love your eyes! Love your lips! Check out all Doctor D. Schwab products! You’ll love it!

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the MOMMY tag02.25.08

This is a really hard tag to answer, because I don’t know if choosing five will suffice what I wanted my children to know, to have and to learn.

Lizzie tagged me about 5 things I want my children to know before they grow up or 5 values in life I want them to have, in order for them to be a better person. They are as follows:

Love thy God – I want all my children to know God as their personal saviour and I want them to have a relationship with Him.

Love other people – Loving another person besides himself; specially his parents, family and friends. I want him to learn how to people even in their worst.

Learn to appreciate things – I want him to appreciate things, tangible or intangible, that were done, given and even offered to him. In this way, he would know how it is to be loved and he will also know how to love in return, de va?

Learn to listen to his heart – This next one is confusing because I want my child to listen to his heart the most when doing things, specially when judging things that matters most like love and … love.

Learn to be humble – This is something that I will definitely share to my children because I personally hate boastful people, even if they have that edge. For me, if you are intelligent but boasting about it, you’re as good as a dumb duck.

Well, that’s my top five. What’s yours?


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