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YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I made it! I made it!

Sorry to blurt this out to you guys, I’m just so happy that I want to share this to all! This is the first ever dish that I cook in my whole life…ever. Hahaha! What a pity! :) I thought that kitchen and I don’t mix at all. But realization hit me! This is so not true! I can cook! I can cook! Well, my mom was helping me, telling me mostly what to do, but I did it all. Actually, I was kind of afraid to do it. I thought mostly of it will go to our house dog, Piso. Hehehe.

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the answer to my eye troubles01.30.08

Are you having eye troubles? Are you squinting to read properly under bright lights? Do you need glasses but don’t want to loose your fashion statement? If you are, well, I have the site for you my friend.

It is the, Zenni Optical: Sell Rx Glasses $8 with case! Zenni Optical provides thin and light lens in a high quality stylish frames. They even got the glasses coated with anti scratch coating and full protection from UV. The great glasses come in very reasonable prices. They were able to do so because they only sell their own manufactured frames directly to customers. They got different frames (in picture) so you can decide which look will compliment your facial features. Now you know where to look for, whenever you are in need for any of your eye troubles. Go to Zenni Optical for all your eye glasses needs.

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It Started With A Kiss 2 (They Kiss Again) – Episode 7 (English Subbed)01.29.08

We will not enjoy this very famous Taiwan Drama if it’s not all because of underfann. Thank you for all the effort in posting the episode on Youtube and for subbing it in English, over at Overstream.

Do the usual, click image to redirect! Thanks to Mysoju for compiling! I love your site!

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cinema at home01.29.08

Are you the type of person that doesn’t have the time to go to the malls or cinema to enjoy your favorite movies? Are you the type of person who loves to internalize all the movies you watch without the hassle of people standing and excusing themselves around you? Or are you the type of person who’s not tolerable to other people’s commentary during great scenes? This is what you need. The best home theater seating you can find and you’ll ever need.

Stargate Cinema could provide all your home theater accessories and designs for all your home viewing pleasures. If you want, you can customize the seating, popcorn machines, poster and cinema decors with your own personal touch. This offer comes with friendly customer support at an excellent prize. Start to impress and entertain friends with your very own home theater!

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start of a new you01.29.08

When you get hooked to drug addiction, there’s no easy way of escaping it all on your own. The best solution is to find the best drug rehab for you. It’s not too late to put your life back on its track. You need all the help you can get.

Ask your family to bring you to the drug rehab center that offers the most effective drug addiction and depression treatment. A top drug rehab center can make your recovery easier, because they have caring and equipped staff that could handle all of your treatment inconveniencies. Mark this day as the start of a new you.

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looking for the best can crusher?01.29.08

Are you getting tired of seeing all those empty can sodas littering your kitchen? How about the enormous file of garbage on the school cafeterias after break? Are you ready to fire your best secretary because of the can sodas left on the table just waiting for you to crush?

Well, I have now the answer to all your problems! I saw online, the world’s best can crusher! It is 75% easier to operate than other can crushers you can find and was tested built to last. This is a great idea! Recycling is easy and fun for the whole family. Also, best to use for offices and schools too. You can start now crushing your stress away!

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great Blancpain for him01.29.08

He is a man of quality and great taste. He always believed in the saying that, no number or amount of quantity can beat one product with the best quality. On all terms I agree with him. So this coming Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking of giving him something with value and would last a lifetime.

What is the best gift for him other than the pioneers of bringing automatic watches to the French market? It is the Blancpain. Founded by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in the mid-1730s and as mentioned, they’re the one who brought forward automatic watches to the French market and was purchased by Swatch last 2000.

Blancpain’s designs are all sleek and with class. Aside from great designs, they are mostly noted because of the outstanding reputation mechanically, which bring forth shares of collectors, continuously making the market strong.

I’m pretty sure that he would love me more once he saw my gift for him this Valentines Day. I know you also want to be like me. Grab a Blancpain now!

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friend award01.28.08

When you’re considered as a friend by someone, it’s already an award.  But think of getting an award for being a friend, I guess it is too much. :)

Thank you to Pusa for giving me this…I’m so touched and honoured as well.  :)   I’m returning this to you, and I also want to share this to all my blogfriends.  Thank you very much. :)

“No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.”

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seven weirdness in me01.26.08

This MEME is from JOJITAH! Thanks a lot my dear for this wonderful tag! To check out Jojitah’s weirdness, click here.

EDIT: I was also tagged by Malensky, here’s her seven. Love you Len! :)

Please see the rulez:
- Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
- Sharee seven (7) random and/or weird facts about yourself.
- Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
- Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog.

The SEVEN weirdness in me:

I asked my friends from work to give me their opinions about my silliness or weirdness…See their comments:

1. I love to quote myself. I agree!  Why? When talking with friends (na alam ang kabaliwan ko), I would say meaningful words that really sounded so true and so deep, but when asked where I read or heard it, I would just say it’s from Ruthie’s Book.

2. I love ballpens. This is so true. Why? Because I have two ballpens in my bag (same color). I got ballpens in my room at home. I got several at the office. And my ballpens were all of the same brand, same color and same finement; unless it somebody gave me a different one. So for ballpen donations, gifts, or chuva, I like the ordinary black ballpen from FABER CASTELL, 0.7mm Fine, with rubber grip. Thanks! Mwha! Mura lang to promise!  You should check National Bookstore!  This is so mabenta that nauubusan ang National Bookstore, promise!

Eto naman yung part na ako ang me alam:


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in need of cash?01.24.08

They say that greatest opinions come from the people who experienced the same predicaments. I believe that this is true. Whenever I wanted to purchase or acquire something with great value, I always wanted to get the best judgment from people who know best. That is one of the reasons why if you’re short in cash or needs cash immediately, you have to check out this very good site that extensively reviews and ranks websites that offers payday loans and cash advance. The process is very easy with no hassle at all! Once approved, the amount borrowed will be electronically deposited to your savings or checking account. And for payments, they offer flexible options for all.

This chance is great for people with no credit, poor credit or even bankrupts, could still apply online for a cash advance payday loan as this is one of the advantages on this type of lending. Process can also be done anonymously in public and in one’s comfort of his/her home. What would you ask for more? They offer the easiest way to get that cash advance payday loans that you need. Tell it to your friends and family, you don’t know, they may need this information now!

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