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the BODALICIOUSNESS in me12.30.07

What more can I ask for? When Reynz, her highness above all royalness awarded me the Bodacious Blog and believed that I possess the bodaliciousness that nobody can ever dispute. EVER! :)

And may I quote,

Unbelievably one of the coolest angels in the water that I have ever ran across! I warn you, if ever you meet her, you better bring some painkillers and anything to calm you down because you’d be laughing off your behind uncontrollably at all of her antics!

(Teary eyed…) Thanks Reynz for the award! Mwha! Mwha! And if it’s from REYNA, it must be GOOD! Mwha!

Now to be called a Bodacious is an honor.  Let me forward this honor to the following people…


“If only Roadrunner could talk, for sure, Carolina could beat her to it. This girl is a really fast talker. The exact opposite of late-Kuya Cesar. hahaha.  I pass her the Bodacious Blog for her beautiful smile that could really brighten up your day and for her insights about things that you would not think of thinking. Encouraging people is also one of her strenghts”



“She could beat Kristeta for being so frank. Tagos sa heart. Promise! She could tell you what’s on her mind, especially if she knows that you need a good spank, either to your heart or to your butt.”



“A lady with a big heart, a big smile and a loud mouth. (admit it!? hahaha) You will know where she is even from the distance. hahaha. She’s my senior at work and always taking care of me like a baby. She’s also one of the main reasons why our offiice will never go dull…will never be boring. Always generous and very giving. (Thank you sa gift mong bag! Love it!) She can always find the reason to laugh, but if needed, could be serious – a deadly one.”



“You will never have your piece of mind if you are with her. She’s so macoolet! She’s called the “INBOX-KILLER”. Globe could get bankrupt because of the unlimited texting. Maybe she’s the reason that they got the promo stopped (?). She’s a fighter and will always fight for the persons she loves. Most of the time sweet and naughty.”



“Many words would describe Malen. She can be your angel and your demon. She always wanted her friends to be on their best…in all things. Not afraid to say what’s on her mind and will fight for you. A comedian wanna-be. Loves to quote when talking. And like me, she loves Reynz.”I want to see the bodaciousness in you too… :)

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Good Thing with Smorty12.29.07

This coming 2008, I wonder how am I going to finance all the stuff I had planned for the whole year. First of all, since early this year my best friend (Malen) and I are planning to go to Hong Kong and aside from that, I really wanted to buy my own laptop. It’s not much but with all the responsibilities that I have from home, no wonder I’m thinking of ways to earn more to fulfill this dream. I’ve checked all my resources and what came up really surprised me, I’ve been blogging for almost four years now and it never came to me to use my blog for money. Yes! You’ve read it correctly; I decided to get paid for blogging.

This is how it started, before Christmas; we had a reunion with our college buddy Mimi. Malen and I went to her place, there at Altura, San Juan. Funning thing was, it’s like a reunion plus Blogging 101. Aside from talking about recent news and happenings, we also got to talk about being bloggers as well. They’re the same people who gave me an idea to get paid to blog.

I applied online to one of the best blog advertising site on the internet now. I’m amazed on the offers made by the site. You got to believe that my application was approved within 24 hours with no hassle at all. I even got three pending tasks to do. I just applied online last night and when I got up this morning, I checked my email, whoa-la! I got approved and could start posting right away. Smorty is a service that bonds great advertisers to bloggers (like us!). In simpler terms, they help us make money from our blogs and we still get to post about the things we love. Who could ask for more? With their help, I believe that the chances of fulfilling my plans is more brighter than before and who knows…maybe, it could be more.

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It Started With A Kiss 2 (They Kiss Again) – Episode 2 (English Subbed)12.29.07

I just posted this couple of days ago and I’m not complaining that they’ve got an update on my favorite Taiwan drama series, It Started with a Kiss 2 (They Kiss again).

Click image and you will be directed to the site! Enjoy watching!

Episode 2 Highlights:
>plane ride on their way home from the honeymoon trip in Guam.
>showing the new home
>misunderstanding between Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin

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blog revenue12.28.07

This is the one that we’ve been all waiting for, the santa who will grant our wishes, not just during Christmas season but for each and every day of the year. The one that will lead us to our financial freedom.

What I’m talking about is the best blog-advertising site, called the Basically, it is a service, connecting great advertisers to potential bloggers (like me!). It’s a very simple way for us to earn money while writing about the things we love at the same time.

To have this kind of opportunity, where you get paid to blog is such a wonderful thing. Try to imagine yourself, sitting in the comfort of your home at the front of your computer and at the same time, you are earning money on the blogs that you posted about certain products or offered services by an advertiser is simply brilliant. Whoever conceptualized the idea of blog+advertising is remarkably genius.

Blog advertising is a quick and definite way of increasing consumer’s/user’s awareness of a certain product or services an advertiser offers.That is the reason why it’s such a big hit in the internet industry. If you want to earn and still express your own view, be a blog advertiser!

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aiMzster day!12.26.07

Happy Birthday AIMZ! May you have more boys bdays to come! Enjoy your special day! And see you on Friday! Take care! :)

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Happy Christmas to all!12.25.07

This Christmas..May you be showered with boys, or be showered by boys, or be with boys in a shower! Basta! Many boys and many shower!

For gentleman: kindly exchange boys with girls. :)

May you have all your heart’s desire! I already had mine…I got three papables for Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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Blessing I-Disguise12.24.07

Yup! You’ve read it correctly! Blessing i-disguise and not in disguise, that’s the title of my post for today. It’s now 24th of December (5 hours before Christmas) and I’m here at home blogging and thinking of my recent mishap.

Last week, our supervisor, emailed and asked us what was our preferred holiday-off. Since I work in a call center company, we really don’t have holidays, even if I’m part of the off-support department, imagine that! We’re far more better (I think…) than the Operations Dept. The message says that, we have to choose either, January 1 or December 25.  I chose the first option, January 1, so that I don’t need to wake up early.  And it was also my papable’s birthday. Days after the emails were sent; we received the copy of our 2 week holiday schedule. I was so happy! Imagine, this was the schedule that I had.

I can say that I had the best schedule. I’m out of the office for the Christmas and New Year’s day, plus my 2 rest days were not separated. This was so good. I felt overwhelmed by this, I immediately emailed my Supervisor, thanking him for the schedule that he gave me, praising him for his kindness and everything.  With matching mwha! mwha! at the end.  I was in heaven for the whole day, bragging about my rest days to my other colleagues here. ha-ha! But my time of bragging came to an end when the next day our Supervisor informed me that he was mistaken. And his attention was caught by the email that I sent to him.  Eng-eng me noh? He apologized and emailed us the correct schedule.  huhuhu.  If I don’t love him at all (hi Sir!) for sure I would really get mad and not agree with the changes made.   So here’s the new sched…

Now, I’ll be working on Christmas…away from my family…away from him.

Moral of the story: 
“Some good things never last” and “Some good things are ment to be…secret.” LOL!

I’ll just enjoy my Christmas, wherever I am.  :)

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Tag to Beat All Tags12.24.07

This tag is for the love of laugh and for my love, only for Malen. Effort ito Ati! E-F-F-O-R-T! hahaha!

1. Write your name using the little finger:

2. Write your name using your elbow:

3. Write your name using your forehead:

4. Write your name with the heel of your foot:

5. Write your name using your nose:
ruthie  (this is hard for flat nose peeps like me! LOL)

6. Write your name with your ear:
gt7 ykh6o4

7. Write your name with your mouth:

8. Write your name with your: boobies, jog-jog, future, whateveryoucallit! :)
ftrhjuftgie – (this is not suitable for breastfeeding moms…milk may leak… ;)

And for the gentlemen and boylets, for #8, you may use your: trunk, manok, snake, for the sole purpose of writing your name. Hahaha. You have to linkback Malen once your done.

And now, I’m tagging:
Ambo | Daiji | Hannah | Janis | Joanjoyce | Lizzie | Lui | Mimimola | Part of You | Pusang Maganda | Reyna Elena | Rodney | Sherliez

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It Started With A Kiss 2 (They Kiss Again) – Episode 1 (English Subbed)12.23.07

The most awaited drama sequel of the year is now currently shown in Taiwan. For everyone who loved the Taiwan Drama, It Started with a Kiss starred by Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng, you will all definitely love the prequel, They Kiss Again, still starred by Lin and Cheng as Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu respectively.

Now acting as husband and wife, for sure, we will see more closeness and a different kind of struggle as they balance their studies, career, family and marriage.

For the fresh new episode of They Kiss Again, English subbed, please click the image below where you will be directed to my favorite site, Enjoy!

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Emo Rocker12.15.07

We will…we will…ROCK YAH! ROCK YAH! Yeah!

We rocked the house down last December 12 at NBC Tent – The Fort, Taguig City. The party started around 5:30 in the afternoon, but my! the preparation started hours way before that. Imagine?! I started fixing my friends from our department (QA) from 9am ’til about 3pm. I got to do black nail polish, hair and make up for some of my colleagues. I think I can also do a career in a Beauty Parlor and likes, what dya think?

We finished preparing around 3:30PM. Aren’t we all gorgeous? (L-R) Malen, I, Jean, Toni and Sir Dave (our very cute supervisor)

Riding the free shuttle bus (from work to NBC) took about 30-45 minutes. It was a long time drive for that short distance, but who cares? We were busy taking pictures inside the bus.

And when we reached the place, picture taking did not stop there…we must have our pictures taken from the lobby.

Once you entered the tent, you will see the stage well prepared with the theme for the night, ROCK!

Now, for the next pic, you will see the cuttest bloggers on my blog roll, that’s still working in our company. :)

Malen, I and Hannah

We also have Lizzie and Aimz, as our guests, but please don’t tell our admin people. I think, we’re not allowed to bring unlisted guests…so we can say that they gate crashed our Christmas Party? But that’s ok, we love to have them there. Next year again?

Some pics with my QA family. Ayamaya and Sherliez.

Now with Super C…And I am Super R….We’re the Super Twins. LOL!

For the party and the outfit, I did choose to be an EMO (Emotional) Rocker…so I tried to have the EMO make up, EMO nga ba, eh naka smile? Admit it, I’m cute :)

Now for the highlight of the night, I did receive an award. I was one of the Top Performers. See the pic below?

Just kidding…. :) … I really did receive an award, but not for any of the night’s performance (as some of my non-work friends and family thought…LOL).I was really shocked to see my name, and sad to say, my bar code pic on the big screen (kadyahe! hahaha!) It was for getting excellent performance based on KPI (Key Performace Indicator) and attendance (I think so). We got certificate and 5T as a reward. Not bad. :) And that recognition will be good in my resume. LOL. Thanks everyone! Hope you had a nice Christmas Party too… :)

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