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1462 and 53510.31.07

What can I say? It’s been a long time…
For the record, this blog is my longest and most updated diary, journal, blog, or whatever chuva you wanna to call it, so I’m happy talaga.

This is really just a short post to share that, this is my 1462nd day as a blogger and my 535th post. Grabe! So kung nagkababy ako when I started this blog, e di dapat sa coming school year, me prep student na ko…bwahahahaha….

Thank you everyone! The list will be very long, for sure, because of all the people who inspires me to continue blogging staring from Day One. From my real life friendz who purshed me to start blogging (Aimz and Malen), up to the new wonderful people that I met through WordPress, WAGI kayo prendz! Thank you! Thank you! Basta Thank You ok?!

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was on hiatus10.30.07

I was on a sort of hiatus mode feom my blogging life for the past 2 weeks. Sorry for being such a blogger bum. In fact, I did not want to, but I think that my real life is fastly catching up on me. Sometimes, I felt like the world was revolving around me so fast that I can’t even tell my own reference point. Huwaahhh! Naliligaw na naman ako…

Ok..update! update!
So many things happened for the past few weeks, from the tragedy that happened in Glorietta2 up to the Executive Clemency given to Erap. My prayer goes to the family of the victims (of Glorietta2), may acceptance, peace and love for your departed love ones stay within you. And to Erap, no comment lang.

Ano pa bang update?!?
I was on my morning shift for the past two weeks. I really miss Malen, but what can I say? I love to be on the morning shift, iba kasi eh. And baka for the next two weeks morning pa rin ako, YIPEE!!!! We have a refresher training kasi for high-end devices (SMB and LVS).

Ano pa bang update?!? update?!?
Last week, my head was so busy preparing for our departments Team Building activity and our kagandahang supervisor na si Ms Crystalyn Cledera’s Bridal Shower cum Despedida Partee! Congratz Tin! May you have more weddings to come…bwahahahha….JOKE LANG! And God bless on your very wise company move. Take care! We will miss you talaga!

Opppsss…have to go…my eyes are literally dropping now. Take care everyone!

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It Started With A Kiss10.22.07

Alternative Title:
E Zuo Ju Zhi Wen

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Film Date: September, 2005

Total Episodes: 20


After an earthquake destroyed Xiang Qin’s house, she and her father moved in with the family of her father’s college buddy, Uncle Ah Li. To her surprise, the kind and amicable aunt and uncle are the parents of her cold and distant schoolmate Jiang Zhi Shu, a genius with an IQ of 200 whom not too long ago rejected her endless crush on him. Will the close proximity give her a second chance to win Zhi Shu’s heart? Or, will her love for him end under his cold words? What happens when there is competition for his heart?

My Description:
Haayyyy…so kakainlove dito si Joe Cheng. Luuuv you! Luuuvve you! Lalo na’t dead na dead ako sa mga smart men….haayyy… I watched it ng paulit-ulit! Sobra! I really like his acting in this drama series. You should watch it! It was not one of the top rated drama last 2005 for nothing, di va?

I also like Ariel Lin’s dumb act. Kakatuwa. Honestly, I like smart women too. But I think, you cannot have both actors in one drama series to be both intelligent. Edi wala ng conflict, di ba? Tsaka, ang galing ng crying scenes ni Ariel. Touching kasi ang plot if it’s about unrequited love, that is pag sa drama series and movies ha! But in real life? Sobrang hirap. Mahirap talaga.

Naalala ko tuloy, I have a story to tell about unrequited love. This story is about a girl who loved somebody so much and waited for a happy ending that did not happen. Sad di ba?

O basta, if you missed watching the tagalized – It Started With A Kiss sa Channel 2 years ago, you should see this on Started With A Kiss. It’s worth watching! Go! Go! Go!

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Entry for Reyna Elena’s Project OFW Slogan/Logo Contest10.19.07

I call this “I heart”.

It’s just a simple message to all of our Kababayans Abroad that we all love them. It doesn’t matter if they’re top executives or simple apple pickers sa foreign land, basta OFW…HEART!

Simple noh? Indi kasi me marunong sa Photoshop eh, kaya gawa lang sa paint. :)

Nakakatawa kaya yung mga slogan na naisip namin ni Malen on the way home. Sana pwede…Kung pwede lang….

- Pinoy, UUWIAN MO.
- Pinoy Meets Reyna.
- Pinoys Abroad, sshhhhh! (pang Victoria Court)
- Pinoy, sarap talaga, di ba? (from RC Cola)
- Pinoy, langhap sarap… (galing sa Jollibee)

Nababaliw na kami kakatawa….Bwahahahaha…

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Alter Thy Blog and other Good News10.18.07

For the past few days, I’ve been doing TONS of blog hopping and altering my blog on the side (kaya antagal matapos), trying to edit it as much as possible as I like it. Adding links with all the sites and blogs I like (like yours, since your reading this…hehehe…and still I’m adding and updating).

With this, I would like to thank the sites where I got codes and info to configure the template, thanks for all the widgets!!!

To HACKOSPHERE, not for using their template but for letting me grasp the 3-column theory, it made me possible to edit the template! Yahoo! Mahirap man ang tinahak, wagi pa rin! Thanks a much!

To PHYDEAUXREDUX for the Blogger Archive Calendar, with their very cool widget, I was able to customize my very long Archive. Thanks guyz!

To Blogger-Templates, for the recent comments codes. That’s a cool one!

And to Mr. Google, of course. And I don’t need to explain why! hehehe.

Now for updates, how are you guyz? Still alive but with big eye bags and having a hard time coping in the Grave Yard shift again. I don’t know why. Possible that, most of the QAs handling the new accounts were on the Morning Shift, and since I don’t belong there (new account), wa-wa. At the GY shift, there were only five of us left working, that was compared to 12-15 personels months ago. Hayy… So sad. Wala akong maka-chicka! Napapanis na ang laway ko. Lumalabas lang to dahil sa pagtulo, ng dahil na rin sa kakatulog. Hahaha! Feeling ko lalo akong tataba nito, why? Kasi naman, I’m sleeping na at night, then I’m sleeping pa in the morning. Bad Ruthie! Bad! What can I do? I’m not sure if I’m still cut to do the night shift. Feeling ko, I’ve been doing this for far too long. That’s why I’m thinking of a career shift. Gusto ko sana yung tipong free lancer. Writer. Photographer. Pro-Blogger. Ano pa ba? Dancer. Singer. Painter. Actress. Sus! Nanananginip na naman ako…

On the other hand, I have several good news. First, thanks to Page.PH for approving this site for sponsorship. I know it will be really difficult. Lalo na’t ang alam ko lang sa ganire eh null. So in short, baka matapos na yung six months na site sponsorship ay di ko pa rin nagagamit…BWAHAHAHAHA! Me expiration ba yun? But I know, it will be nice to learn something different and new. Di va? O sige, add to sa Must-Do ko. As of this moment, me additional na sa 15-Must Do.

16. Reunion with Mimi. (Len! Atin to!)
17. Have my digicam cleaned. Meron daw nito sa Cubao. How much kaya? Yung air clean, yun ba yung tawag dun?
18. Go to Hidalgo for Camera Canvassing. Uy…balak ko na bumili ng hindi point and shoot. Go! Go! Go!
19. Go to Divisoria. Masaya to! Lalo na pag maraming datung! PAUTANG!
20. Kailangang kumbinsihin ang mga Supervisors na I’m not needed in the Grave Yard shift. If indi, i-blackmail na magreresign. HAHAHA! Actually, payo yan sa akin.
21. Have to do the web hosting thingy with Page.PH. Thanks again guyz!
22. Tapusin and ipasa ang logo/slogan for Reyna’s Logo and Slogan Contest. Shy kasi akong ipasa, indi kasi bonggacious. Sa paint ko lang kasi ginawa. hehehe. Deadline’s tomorrow, Manila Time, Noon!

For the other good news, Magic 89.9 and Eastwood City brings Journey of Sound. Explore a new world of music with today’s hottest bands. They already featured Sino Sikat last October 12 and M.Y.M.P. the next day. So for tomorrow, October 19 they’ll bringin 6 Cyclemind and Hale, the night after (October 20). It will also be the launching of 6 Cyclemind’s latest album. At higit sa lahat, FREE ADMISSION. O ano? Nood tayo? Sige na.

Music: You Belong To Me by Bob Dylan (Ganda nito!)
Mood: Sleepy and senti

P.S. Thanks to BryanC for the Mozilla browser. Can post again from work! KAPAL ko TALAGA! Bwahahahaha!

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watch out!10.14.07

I’m pimping my blog! Trying to use the new XML template for blogger.

It’s puking time!!!!! WAAAAHHHHH!!!!

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Lumang Songhits10.13.07

I was just cleaning my room (my 11th Must-Do) when I saw this plastic bag na pagkabigat-bigat. Puno ng alikabok at me part pa na nginatngat na ng daga. I wondered what it was, I opened the plastic, and it was like my old treasure…I saw some of my old songhits. Ang saya! Mga isang dangkal pa yung dami. Natuwa talaga ako. Pramis! Pero dati ang dami talaga nito. Indi pa kasama yung mga songhits ng ate ko ha. Kaso konti na lang pala ngayon. It’s possible that mostly nahiram yung iba at ang iba naman ay nasira na. Haayyy…. I was collecting it before kasi. Sayang, iba pa naman nito ay issues nuong early 90′s pa, around 1993 pa yung iba tapos puro black and white lang yung mga articles, even the pics. Mostly were from Smash!, Golden Hits, Trip, 2000 Music Mag, Solid God atbp. And the price was around P7.50 lang. Minimum Fare! hehehe. Nakakatuwa kasi dun sa songhits, buo pa ang Eraserheads at Rivermaya. Me article pa about Jonathan of Introvoys in coping his fandom and teenage life and yung ke Paco, na nagpasikat ng Line to Heaven. Nandun din yung The Youth na takot sa mga multong bakla, Alamid na inlove na inlove sa Your Love, Agaw Agimat na may likha ng Sabi Nila, True Faith na buo pa rin hanggang ngayon, The Weed, Color it Red with Pagtawaid, at napakarami pang ibang Pinoy Bands na featured. At syempre indi mawawala ang aking favorite pinoy band na AfterImage o AI. (I’m so excited, wait for my entry about them).

I remembered, itong mga lumang songhits at mga libreng chord charts sa gitna ng mga songhits, ang nagturo sa aking mag gitara. Hanggang ngayon kahit pa strum-strum lang ang alam ko and indi pa rin ako mahusay magplucking (my bad!) eh pwede ka na ring sumabay sa pita ko, mapagtyatyagaan na. hehehe. Pag nakakakita nga ako ng mga friends ko today na mahuhusay sa musical instruments like Liz and Aimz, BOW ako! Nakakamotivate na hawakan ko ulit yung gitara ko at matutong mag-keyboard.

I remembered yung unang song na natutunan kong gitarahin was Obladi-Oblada ng Beatles. Hahaha! Oldies pero classic ha! Madali lang kasi yung chords tapos matututo ka kaagad magpalipat-lipat from one chord to another. Bilis kaya nung song na yun. Haayyy…paltos-paltos ang daliri ko nun pero ansarap. Na miss ko tuloy bigla. Eh ngayon, makinis na ang mga fingers ko. Wala ng paltos. Wala na ring practice.

Tapos ng Obladi ng Beatles, dagdagan mo lang ng konting chords, natutugtog ko na rin yung Line to Heaven. Uy! Sabi ko sa sarili ko madali lang pala. But that was before I encountered yung me mga sharps (#) and base (b) na chords. Dun! Naluha na ko..hehehe…Pero enjoy pa rin.

Itong mga lumang songhits na to at yung gitara ko lang ang sagot sa amin, ng mga kapit-bahay ko, sa mga gabing malulungkot dahil sa otso oras na brownouts dati (remember?). Kahit pa yung mga boses namin ay wala sa tono. Basta jamming. Jamming. At dahil din sa lumang songhits na to, nakatugtog ako nung Recognition Day namin when I was in fourth year highschool with my friends. Nirequest kasi ng teacher namin na magperform daw kami. It was an all-girl band. Drummer nun si Jacqueline Ngo, Lead Guitar si Jackylou Blanco (indi yung artista ha), Rhythm Guitar ang lola mo, at singers sila Mildred Capinig at Jaqueline Advincula (+).

Sikat na sikat nun yung Prettier Than Pink. Kaya we sang their hit song, “Cool Ka Lang” (Buhol-buhol sa trapik, kinat ka pa ng dyip. Minura pa ng driver ang ulo’y uminit. Kumukulo na ang dugo mo…) sa buong school. Syempre proud ang Mama ko, andun sya eh. She’s very supportive, tsaka me award kasi yung younger sister ko (same school, two years younger) kaya sya andun, at syempre ako rin meron. NAKS!

Haayyy….sarap i-reminisce. It all started just because of all the lumang songhits that I found. Ano pa kaya ang makikita ko sa paglilinis ko ng aking room. Abangan!

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Birthday Celebration!10.12.07

Happy Birthday MOM! You’re second to none, Ma. Coz you are really the best! Thank you for all the love and for being the best mom ever! We love you!Pakiss daw sabi ng apo mo Lola Men! Happy Birthday ulit Ma!

And to my friend, Janis

Happy Birthday Lola! May you have more BFs to come, este Bdays to come pala! Mwah! Mwah! I have a birthday gift for you. I’ll email it to you. Then once you received it, this is what you will do…

Print and then burn it. Sabayan mo ng katagang, “kakalimutan na kita…kakalimutan na kita…kakalimutan na kita…” Effective yun sa akin…hehehe…okidoks? Ek, halos sabay kayo ng birthday noh?

CHINESE WORD: To-she – Thank you.
Thanks to Toni! This is for my 6th Must-Do.

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15 Must-Do10.10.07

We’re now entering the last quarter of the year. Pangalawang BER na ng taon! Malapit ng mag-Christmas and New Year! YEHEY! Sounds ko sa work PC, puro Christmas carols. Nakakasenti, specially during night shift. Haayyy.

Well, before the year ends, I have a checklist of my Must-Do. I believe that we should have at least 15 Must-DOs before we say bye bye to 2007 and hello-hello to 2008. Yun bang tipong realistic and possible na mangyari, and not imaginary….hehehe. Short term lang ito dear, kayang kaya lang gawin within three months. Go! Go! Go!

So here’s the list.

1. Ice Skating sa Megamall. I really wanted to try this. As in! Gusto ko kasing magroller blades eh, but I have not found any place that offers roller blades rentals, or something like that. Sige na ha! ha!?! ha?!? Prendz, one time, let’s watch a movie there and then ice skate tayo, kahit one hour lang..plezzz….

2. Visit Manila’s Pride. Like Luneta, Intramuros, Chinese Garden, National Museum, Spolarium, Manila Zoo and others. Also the ECO-Park! Mantakin mo! I have not been to the Manila Zoo, National Museum and Spolarium??? Ang gala-gala ko pero di ko pa narating yun. ASUS! Ganoon kalapit, ganoon kalayo. Tapos picture-picture tayo dun.

3. *****Rebond my hair. DONE!!!! Had my hair rebonded at Index Salon, with treatment from L’Oreal called Diacolor Richesse. This treatment will make my hair radiant with color, healthy and shiny, beautiful and glossy. Ganito daw ang finished product, kaya nagpa-diacolor na rin ako…Eto kasi yung poster sa salon….hehehe… Kala ko nga pati peys ma change, indi pala. :P

4. Loose 5-10 pounds. Either I have to contact the Fitness First’s Nutrionist or take Reductil. :)

5. Wanted to experience the Hundred Islands Adventure in Pangasinan. This task depends on my L2S_MOC buddies as well.

6. Learn little Fukien. My friend, Toni, is teaching me, one chinese word per day. Wagi to!

7. At long last, meet his family. The reason why I have to do reasons 3,4, and 6.

8. Get basic piano lessons. I needed time and money here. Sige…carry lang…

9. ***Scan old pictures. NEARLY DONE! Couple of hundreds na lang. :)

10. Buy new DVD Combo (RD/WR) and then reformat PC. This is ASAP, but I have to clean my files first. ASUS! Kaka-PUKE!

11. Clean my room. Kahiya noh? As in remove all my Harry Potter posters and possible repainting (?)

12. Finish watchin all of my favorite Asian Series. NEARLY DONE! :)

13. Get a domain of my own. :)

14. Edit my template. Sooner than later. Kaso hirap kasi nito eh…hehehe…

15. Post blogs every other day!!!

Ikaw ano ang 15-Must Do mo before the year ends?!
Joey Pring

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GY again10.10.07

Tonight, October 9, is the start of my night shift. Starts at 9:30 til 6:30 the next day. Wahhh! I’m so sleepppyyy…zzz…zz…z… as in! Super antok ako, til makita ko tong pic na to…


Kaya mo bang makipagtitigan ng more than 10 seconds? Ako indi…
Parang ID pic nya noh!?!?! hehehe..

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