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I resisted it for a very long time. I’ve been a Superman fanatic eversince but I resisted the charm of Smallville, it’s all because of Clark-Lana tandem. I’m a CHLARK (Chloe-Clark) shipper! Through and through! I wanted them to be together instead of Lana. So I resisted watching it. :)

But all this went down, because of me being a YOUTUBEr could not resist watching Smallville clips and then decided to buy one for my self. I am now holding, Seasons 1-5 of Smallville. Thanks Malen for buying for me.

So if you don’t hear much often from me. You know where I am…just in front of the teevee watching Smallville. :)


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Dumbledore’s Army04.27.07

WB launched the new website for the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore’s Army.

To enjoy the DA. Click click!

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Time Is it Then.04.24.07

For our weekly wisdom provided by Christnotes, it is:

“Time is the price you must pay for intimacy with God.”

Ouch! Guilty as charged.

I admit. I admit. I don’t make time for our devotion. And most of the time, I don’t have time.

I always feel so tired coming from work. Possible that it’s because the stress of commuting 2 hrs from work, just to go home or it could be that I’m not fit enough to have the extra strength needed for quality time with my family and quality time with my God.

As advised,

Reserve a specific slot each day to spend time with God. Don’t do anything else
during that time; make it your time specifically for you and God. You can’t use
the excuse, “I’ll read my Bible and spend time with God, as soon as I can find
some time.” You will never find time! You must make time. Therefore, reserve
time for God, remembering that time is the price you must pay for intimacy with

I got to make this a habit. Now when will I do that? Let’s see, this is my scenario, I got up early everyday, around 3:00am for my 5:00am shift. Most of the time, I am not even awake while I’m preparing to go to work. So I doubt, morning sessions will be effective. It’s either during work time, now this depends if I can have couple of minutes alone. I can take my two 15-min break to do devotion. Right? I can do that. But the problem is I could not make it like with a specific time everyday, simply because I am at work.

Well, if I just wanted to do read and not write, I could do this while I’m on the bus. Since I spend almost 2hrs everyday commuting, might as well read the bible right? That would be way too cool.

But the most ideal is when I get home, I can do my devotion during Asian Treasure (GMA-7) because all of the people would not bother since they’re busy watching…hehehe. That I think would work. It’s not too late for me to get sleepy and it’s not too early for me to be bothered. Way to go then.

I will have time for him. I will make time.

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for you Len04.24.07

A simple message for my bestfriend…

Again, thank you for always being there.

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4 as tagged by Liz04.23.07

I was tagged by Liz, so here it goes…

Four jobs I have had
1. Tutor, Tindera, Repacker, and an all around chimini-a-a — when I was a working student back in college
2. Technical Support — OJT sa PT&T
3. Product Support Rep to QA Specialist-up to Present — here in you know…
4. and future Enterpreneur…but I really wanted to be a Coyote :)

Four movies I have watched over and over
1. Ever After
2. Harry Potter
3. Never Been Kissed
4. Pursuit of Happyness

Four places I have lived
1. San Guillermo,Caruhatan, Valenzuela City
2. Parada, Valenzuela City
3. in the future, Catleya, Karuhatan Townhomes, Caruhatan, Valenzuela City
4. —–>>> USA, hopefully in the future.

Four tv shows I like to watch
1. Captain Barbell ( I love Teng and Kit Tandem)
2. Smallville ( I love Chloe and Clark tandem)
3. Americas Next Top Model
4. PRISON BREAK! ( I love Wenty!)

Four places I have been on vacation
1. Gamay, Samar
2. Tagaytay
3. Baguio
4. —>>> soon in Camiguin, CDO

Four of my favorite foods
1. Chocolate…diggin in Dark ones!
2. Ice cream with chocolate flavors, like Super Rocky Road and more!
3. Fresh salad with 1000 Island dressing
4. Pizza with Cheezy Crust

Four places I would rather be right now
1. in a secluded, safe and wonderful island anywhere here in the Phil
2. bedroom with super aircon, with super computer with super internet
3. saan ba me snow as of this moment? as in this moment? sobrang init kasi…
4. where Alex is… :)

Four people`who will answer this (since Liz already tagged Hannah, Aimz and Len)
1. Tiana
2. Tots
3. Daiji
4. Luisa

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6 Steps to Enjoying Your True Wealth04.23.07

Thanks to a friend who emailed me this…This article may seem long but reading for 5-10 minutes all worth it. Go ahead…read…

6 Steps to Enjoying Your True Wealth
By Bo Sanchez

We were going to Hong Kong that day. I was going to preach for three days but had two extra days to be with my family.

Picture us at the airport: My wife
carrying our baby in her arms, my eldest son bouncing about like a rabbit and
announcing to the whole world, “I’m going to Hong Kong Disneyland!” And the poor
skinny father? Straining to push eight massive bags on a wobbly cart with a
stubborn right wheel. (I’ve noticed that these deranged carts supernaturally end
up with me wherever I go.)

That was when we heard the crying.
Correction. Not crying. But spine-chilling, lung-busting screaming. Two kids
were holding onto their mother. They were separated by four-foot tall steel
bars. But to those distraught children, those still bars represented two years
of being without their mother — the contract of a domestic helper in Hong

Four small arms clutching, grabbing, not letting go. The whole world heard
their pleading scream, “Mommy, please don’t go! Please don’t go!”

I’ll never forget the mother’s pained, tortured face — as though a knife was ripping through her body. My wife cried openly. I wept inside and held onto my kids more closely.

That was two days ago. Yesterday, the story continued…

Those small arms continue to reach out.

Yesterday was Sunday. And I walked around Central. If you don’t know Hong Kong, Central is where thousands upon thousands of Filipina Domestic Helpers congregate. They sit on sidewalks. They sit by storefronts. I walked passed one woman who was reading a handwritten letter. The handwriting was obviously a child’s penmanship. I walked passed another listening to a little cassette player — not to listen to music — but to a voice of a kid telling stories. But what broke my heart was the news given to me by Shirley, the head of one organization that tries to help them get financial education. I was shocked by what she said. “Brother Bo, out of our 700 members who are married, 80% are already separated from their husbands.”

Families aren’t designed for prolonged separation. They’re not just made for
that. We’re supposed to spend time together.

6 Steps to Spending More Time with Your Family No Matter How Busy You Are
“Bo, why are you telling me this? I’m not in Hong Kong. I’m living with my family under one roof.”

Listen. Yes, you’re not in Hong Kong. But if you don’t have time for your family — and your heart is not focused on them — you might as well be in another country. You could be physically present — but are you emotionally present as well?

Let me share with you five important steps you could take to become more
emotionally present with them…

Step #1: Be Close.

I’m still in Hong Kong as I write this piece. It’s five in the morning as I type this article in bed. And my little family is literally around me because we’re all sleeping
on one bed. Yes, we’ve become one mass jumble of intertwined humanity — our
limbs, legs and arms crisscrossing each other.

And that’s when I realize — gosh, I don’t know how blessed I am. Why?

Here I am with my family. I feel their skin. I smell their scents. We’re so close, I feel their breath. And yet, I’m surrounded by 148,000 domestic helpers here in Hong Kong that have been away from their families for months, for years, for decades. And for those who’ve separated — forever.

Let me say it again: We don’t know how blessed we are. We complaint that are families are nutty. But we don’t understand how blessed we are to have them close enough to experience their nuttiness. We complain about our petty quarrels, our cold wars, our dysfunctionality. But whose family isn’t dysfunctional? I’ve talked to some
people here in Hong Kong who would give anything to be with their families again
— even for just one day of nuttiness.

The first step is to be more emotionally present to your family is to actually be physically present to them. Be close! You need to know how precious your family is — and treat them that way.

You need to see them as your true wealth — that nothing is more precious than your relationships.

Step #2: Be Deliberate.

Because you need to protect this treasure or they get stolen from you.

No matter how busy I am, I schedule a weekly romantic date with my spouse. Yes, I actually write it down in my appointment book and treat it like a meeting with the President of the Philippines. These weekly nights are blocked off for the entire year. Nothing can touch it, except some dire emergency. Why? Because if my marriage fails, everything else stands to fail as well: My ministry, my businesses, my soul… So it is an emergency that I bring her out every week.

I also schedule a weekly date with my kids. I believe parents need to do these one-on-one dates with each of their kids. Unless of course you’ve got 18 children and may need to bring them out by two’s or three’s. Sometimes my son and I just walk around the village and talk. It doesn’t have to be big. But swapping stories and opening our hearts to one another on a consistent basis is already very big to them. It means they matter to you — that you value them — and you’ll see their self-esteem grow.

Step #3: Be Expressive.

I tell my wife “I love you” seven times a day. I hug my kids countless of times a day. At night, I tell my kids, “I’m so proud you’re my son. I’m so proud I’m your Daddy. You’re a genius. You’re a loving boy. You’re an incredibly gifted young man…” This is true. I have met 40-year olds who long to hear these words from their parents — I’m proud of you”, and feel an empty gaping wound in their souls because their parents have never told them this. Don’t do that to your kids.

And before I forget:

Praise your kids seven times a day. And praise your spouse seven times a day. I’m not kidding. It will revolutionize your marriage. If I say, “Criticize your spouse seven times a day”, I bet you’d say, “Kaunti naman. I do that already”.

But that’s the problem. We don’t realize that when we criticize our spouses, we
actually destroy our marriage bit by bit — not just our spouses. But when you
praise and honor your spouse — you build up your marriage.

It can be very simple stuff:

Ang sarap ng luto mo ngayon, Hon.

I thank God He gave you to me.

You’re so hardworking.

I love it when I see you play with the kids.

You know how to make me happy.

Ganda mo ngayon.

Keep on doing this and you’ll see changes in your life and your marriage you thought were not possible.

Let me say it again: Praise your spouse — and your children — seven times a day.

Step #4: Be Deep.

Your weekly dates shouldn’t just be watching movies, eating out and

Talk deep.

Talk about your feelings.

Enter each other’s worlds.

Dive into each other’s dreams, hurts, desires, worries, hopes and burdens.

When you open yourself up to your spouse or your child, there are more chances for the other person to open up to you.

Step #5: Be Simple.

Yesterday afternoon, I preached to 700 people in Hong Kong. I usually give my talks for 45 minutes. That’s been my trademark. But yesterday, I gave a solid two-hour talk. Vein-popping, heart-pounding, passion-driven talk — because I had a burden in my heart. Because I preached on Financial Literacy. I challenged them, “Raise your financial I.Q.!” I scolded them, “When you left the Philippines, you told your
kids, “Anak, two years of separation lang ‘to. After two years, Mommy will have
saved enough and will go home and we’ll be together again.” But after two years,
you go home and you haven’t saved. Because you repainted the house. Because
there’s a new TV set in the living room and a new gas range in the kitchen.
Because the kids have new designer rubber shoes.

I taught them how to live simply and ruthlessly save 20% of their income. Because unless they do this, they will be forever trapped in Hong Kong.

Look at your life.

Are you living simply?

Are you saving 20% of your income?

Step #6: Be Financially Intelligent.

I also taught them where to invest.

I told them, “It’s not enough to just save. You need to know where to put your money. Because savings accounts at 1% and time deposits at 5% won’t do. Inflation — which is at 7% — will simply eat them up.”

So I taught them about mutual funds and other investment vehicles, including the
ability to sell something and get into business. Here’s the truth: The more you
know about money, the less time you need to make money. So the more time you
have for your family. Actually, a time should come when you don’t need to make
money. And that requires financial intelligence.

Read. Attend seminars. Look for mentors.

Go Home.

After giving my talk, I took a deep breath and told my audience in Hong Kong, “When you follow these principles and have saved enough — please go home. Please go home to your children.”

I made a lot of people cry that day. I’m telling the same thing. Oh yes, you may be living with your family in one house, but it’s possible that your heart is so far away from your spouse and kids — and they are far away from you as well. You need to let your heart go home.

Go home my friend.

Your heart belongs there.

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New Twins Pic04.23.07

I’m not sure if I’ve seen this before. But in case I have not, I’m posting this! To see how cute the twins are. Nice to see promotional pic of the Weasley twins. Go Weasleys!

Thanks to Ohnotheydidnt!

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overnight swimming and bonding04.23.07

It’s been a long time since I was with two of my BFF, Malen and Aimz. We had our overnight swimming at Great Falls Resort in Maysan.

I really enjoyed our time together, patching up with the latest news. Verifying things that we’ve heard. Upating each other. In short, chika to the max. Hehehe. Ang dami kong nakain…sobra! You’d think that we’ve prepared for a group of 5-6 peeps. Hahaha. Dami talaga food. We had rice, adobo, pork barbeque, inihaw na isda, itlog na maalat with kamatis, and a lot of chichiria. Hahaha! Glut time again!

Malen and Aimz got to learn how to swim. Inggit ang lola mo. Hehehe. I don’t know, I can’t get the hang out of proper breathing…hehehe. Bad me. I should practice more. I can’t forget how we did different versions of bubble breathing. hahaha. My stomach ached because of over laughing…hehehe.

Alex came around 11pm. He brought water, soda, and ice cream! Sarap! He just stayed for 30mins. I just wished that he would stay longer. Mom also came to check us out. Hehehe….

Guys, I wish that we could do this more often! Go go go! See yah on Malen’s celebration coming this Saturday! Yahoooo!!!

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Harry Potter and the OoTP International Trailer04.23.07

Everyone is drooling with the new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix international trailer. It’s darker and more exciting. I can’t wait til it’s July 13.

Thanks to TLC for the video.

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New Harry Potter OoTP Poster04.22.07

Check out the new Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix Poster from IMAX. I’m so excited to see Ginny made it on the poster. Go Bonnie!

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