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The Lake House06.30.06

After knowing that Toni and Aya watched the movie, The Lake House, I really wanted to see the film as well. It was kinda like “Moments of Love” with more positive ending with the two lovers separated by time. More like Persuasion by Jane Austen.

I went alone, that’s the sad part. I really wanted to see it with Alex but he did not want to go since he got a lot to do, so I decided to ask Malen out but maybe I asked her too late. I texted her one hour before. It was understandable that she was not available, it was really lacking on my part.

I got to see the FS (First Showing). There were four cinemas at SM Marilao, 3 for Superman Returns and 1 for The Lake House. I was the first one, and I thought that I’d be the only one to see the Lake House. Seems that everyone wanted to see Superman Returns (tomorrow, I will). Good thing though that before the movie starts, I got to see five more. Hehehe!

The movie was good. It was all natural. It was well paced. It was so different from seeing Keanu Reeves from all those powered characters that he used to play, like Neo and Constantine. With the Lake House, he was all natural. More acting was required. You got to see his face to feel what Alex (Keanu) was feeling. I noticed his scar at his upper lip. My naughty side wanted to lick it. Hahaha! Bad me.

Sandra also played the role very well. How old is she? I saw some laugh lines, but she was still beautiful. I really like the way she acted the part. It was so natural for her. They got chemistry. Well since they both (Sandra and Keanu) starred Speed 1, right? It showed. It was really nice. Romantic. Love-love-love!

Favorite Part: it was when they were kissing, in the last part. I love the yellow grass on the foreground! It made me want to take a picture of me with Alex, on the same foreground. Hahaha! Really romantic! And of course, I love the house, built on the lake, which was made of glass.

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It’s been a long time since I wrote here. So many things had happened. I’ve done several things for the past days.

For two weeks, I was on morning shift because I attended two-week training (June 10 – June 21), which was more on soft skills and technical refresher and not about the new products that our company have. I’m the only one who represents the QA Department. It was good, more on self evaluation and self recognition. Knowing who you are, knowing your limitation, knowing your capabilities is the best way to do your job efficiently as you are expected by others. I like what Jon Forrest said,

“Indifference is the opposite of love and not hate.”

As explained, when you either love or hate, there’s still passion, but with indifference, you don’t have neither of the two. So if someone told you that they hate you, it’s better than not caring at all, because there are chances that you can turn the hate into love. Right?

I really like to be on the morning shift. I got to go home with Malen, I’m not that “alone”. I got to see more of Alex since we could go home together as well. More time for shopping. I feel like as if I could do more with my spare time…really!

Aside from attending training, I also went with our QA Team Building last June 17 to June 18), which was an overnight outing. We went to Pastol, Laguna. Rented a very beautiful, clean and very nice rest house with one big pool of hot spring water. It’s really nice to spend some time with my new “family”. I got to know them better, and it was really good. I like it. I like them all.

On the other hand, I was really sad. I forgot that I have to attend Aimz’s brother first Battle of the Bands. Actually, it was on my mind the day before. I even called her to confirm the event, but since I was not able to talk to her, it slipped my mind. Then the next day, I was received a message from our supervisor that we have our first team building for the year and it was an overnight event and have to bring swimming outfits and everything. It was my fault, coz I replied and informed them that I’d be there and that they should count me in. So that’s how the story went. Hehehe. Sorry Aimz, promise I’ll be there the next time.

I also got blocked from commenting at because as their webmitress (Joya) “THINKS” that I posted the link to Bonnie’s private pics on her website. FINE! As if could not post comments on her website anymore. Didn’t she know that I work in a networking company, as in networking of computers and I kinda know computers and that I could comment again even though she blocked my IP address? Kinda dumb, if you ask me. And she don’t have any say on this website if I post all Bonnie’s private pic. It’s mine and mine alone. Though it was Blogspot’s…hehehe. And if you’re asking me if I really did…kinda.

June 19. Malen and I also went to Aimz place. Videoke-mania! Hehehe! It was really nice. I love it! I got to see Aimz again. I love her new green hair! Green-minded! Hahaha! Kinda reminds me of Harry Potter’s eye. Hehehe! Harry Potter na naman…. I also got the chance to see her sisters again, especially Justine. I just hope that we could spend some time more…I wish…

June 26. Wish granted! We had our “Liwanag” session again. We (Malen and I) were scolded by the court martial. Too much gossiping while the court was in session. Hehehe! Yes your honor! As expected she was not there. Kainis lang…I just hope that everything will end na. It’s nearly two years na rin…two years na this coming November.

Abby (my brother’s girlfriend) rented from VideoCity the movie The Prince and Me, starring Julia Stiles and Luke Malby. It was a kilig-movie. Kinilig ako..hehehe. Ok to watch, you don’t have to use your mind to think of the next thing. Nice look. Nice production. Got to see Rita Seeker (Miranda Richardson) again playing the queen of Denmark.

Favorite Part: when Prince Eddie (Luke Malby) asked Paige (Julia Stiles) to marry her, he had the ring clasped on his hand with a butterfly. And the butterfly flew when he opened his hand and offered the ring to her. Sweet!

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Goblet of Fire DVD and more!06.04.06

At long last, the wait was over.

I’ve got na a copy of Goblet of Fire DVD. Yeheeyyyy!!! It was not mine though, it was my sisters’, she just asked me to purchase it for her and got to keep til she comes home. Anyways, I already saw the special disk, the disk 2. Super! The best part was the Reflections of the Fourth Film. That’s way too cool. And I also love the Preparations for the Yule Ball part. It’s really nice. I love the DVD and of course, I love Harry Potter.

Aside from the Goblet of Fire, I also got the cds: A Very Long Engagement, Interview with the Vampire and Shall We Dance. I love it all!

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Happy Birthday Luisa!

I pray to God that He gives you happiness and good health…always. Nobody deserves it more than you do. You have a pure heart…and a good soul. Always stay sweet. Love you friend!

P.S. Nagegets ko na rin ang pagtawa mo ng walang dahilan…hakhakhak!

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