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Just Like Heaven03.31.06

Elizabeth Masterson is a doctor with a life of work, devoid of joy. But when an accident renders her into a spirit, Elizabeth may be forced to live something she has avoided: downtime. However, with her no longer occupying her apartment, it’s been given to David Abbott, a good guy but a lonely landscape artist who has caught the ire of Elizabeth. She haunts him as a bitter spirit. She’s not willing to give up her place to David, and he’s not going to back down from his new home. But as these two continually fight, they might just be attracted to each other.
If you like watching a good-feel movie, one that could make you smile, laugh and fall in love, just a like of transition between Legally Blond and the love story of Ghost, Just Like Heaven’s for you.

Sweet and very funny, that’s how I will describe Reese in this movie, I don’t think that anybody else could have done justice. She’s simply adorable. Even wearing mostly black on the movie did not do any harm on her beauty. Well we’re talking about what I prefer…lol.

The plot of the movie’s smooth. I enjoyed the transition of every scene. The actors were chosen for every part was very good…even the casting roles. I hope to see more of Reese. And I’m beginning to really love her!

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the leading man (1996)03.30.06

I never expected that my favorite rock star, Jon Bon Jovi could pull it up and made it a very realistic acting and a very engaging drama. I totally enjoyed the twist of the story and how the story ended. I don’t think that the ending was far from the truth…of what’s happening in real life.

JBJ’s so hot! I lost some good night sleep there! LOL! He’s soooooo SEXY!!!!

A movie to watch for all Bon Jovi fan out there!

Successful playwright Felix Webb has a new play, ‘The Hit Man’, in rehearsal. Directed by his old friend Humphrey, it is already being hailed as a masterpiece; but Felix can’t enjoy his success. He has fallen passionately in love with Hilary, a beautiful, fiesty young actress, and is preparing to desert his perfect family, his wife Elena and three lively children. His intolerable situation is further complicated when Humphrey casts Hilary as one of the leads in ‘The Hit Man’. Enter Robin Grange, a charismatic young Hollywood actor making his London theatre debut. Robin is attractive, charming and dangerous, and soon inveigles his way into everyone’s life. He ingratiates himself with the cast and, quickly grasping Felix’s dilemma, sets about weaving his web of mischief. He suggests that if he were to seduce Elena, she would be distracted from Felix’s affair, regain her self respect, and perhaps even willingly part from the unfaithful husband to whom she clings. Initially Felix is outraged but as the tension mounts with Hilary, reluctant to continue as the second woman in his life, he succumbs. Watching in horror as Elena responds to Robin’s perfectly plotted seduction, and tormented with suspicions that Hilary has also fallen under Robin’s spell, Felix spirals towards a kind of madness. Desperate to regain control of his life, he indulges in a grand theatrical gesture, but fate intervenes, and both Felix and Robin learn that real life doesn’t always follow the script.

Summary written by Eva Tauzer {}


I went to this film with very low expectations, based on the presence of Jon Bon Jovi in the cast, but enjoyed it immensely–such is the folly of preconceptions. Bon Jovi turns out to be a perfectly capable and engaging actor, the plot is delightfully mischievous, the script is both droll and naturalistic, the other actors are uniformly convincing, and there’s a strong emotional resonance at the core of the drama.
–The Drum Media, 4/29/97

Jon Bon Jovi, quondam purveyor of simian rock music, manages to beguile us…. In fact, the one truly familiar face that Duigan has cast belongs to a fellow so famous in such a distinctly noncinematic context that his appearance is an ironic joke that actually lends credence to his presence… Such is the delicate poise achieved by Bon Jovi in his suprisingly subtle work here that we never can tell if Robin is earnest or sinister.
–The Oregonian 4/10/98

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi continues the careful building of his film career with The Leading Man, a witty English romantic comedy not likely to attract a large swath of his fans. It is nonetheless a shrewd artistic choice, one that shows just how easily he can command the screen in unexpected material for him.
–LA Times, 3/6/98

I enjoyed the film’s intelligent and slightly edgy script, and found Jon Bon Jovi remarkably effective. He manages to convey that dangerous charm which belies a sinister intellect and cold heart at work.
–Andrew L. Urban, Cinefile Reviews

Long-haired rocker Bon Jovi is a revelation in his first leading role, and he plays Grange with confidence, charm, and raw sexuality that suggests that if he ever gives away his singing career he could quite easily establish himself as a credible comic actor in light weight romantic farces.
–Greg King, Melbourne

… the real surprise of The Leading Man is Bon Jovi, who brings an artful charm to the title role. “I’ve never seen a Stoppard play before,” Robin notes breezily at one point, and it’s a measure of how well this rocker-turned-actor has meshed with his cinematic company that this line doesn’t draw an unintentional audience laugh.
–Ed Kelleher, Film Journal Reviews

The leads are effective too, with Bon Jovi proving his acting ability in a role in which he’s required to be ruthlessly charming and duplicitious.
–David Stratton

On the evidence of this and Moonlight & Valentino, Bon Jovi could have a screen future if he continues to make the right choices. Melding easily with an experienced cast, and not dominating an essentially ensemble movie, he makes the smarmy Robin a charmer as well as a no-values Lothario.
–Derek Elley

Rock stars dip into movies with the same attitude they apply to groupie sex–good for a quick thrill, not the long haul. Jon Bon Jovi is an exception. He had an engaging bit in Moonlight & Valentino in 1995 and damn near steals the upcoming Ed Burns film No Looking Back, in a supporting role. Bon Jovi takes center stage in TLM, playing Robin Grange, a cocky American movie star out to prove himself as a serious actor on the London stage…. Bon Jovi flashes out the role with rare poise and magnetism. Most stars from other media want to be loved onscreen and therefore choose sympathetic parts. Robin is a charming prick at times, but he is a prick nonetheless and that’s how Bon Jovi plays him. He lets us see Robin’s subtle skill at manipulation… Watching Bon Jovi ease into an acting career is even more of a kick. He’s no Oscar contender yet, but he’s no joke either. The kid from New Jersey is now 36 and on his way.
–Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

With character that combines Teorama with Strangers on a Train, it’s Jon Bon Jovi’s show from beginning to end. The title is no exaggeration. And he takes his shirt off.
–Max Buda, Detour, 3/98

Rock stars, as a rule, don’t make very good movie stars. They’re so accustomed to viewing themselves as the hottest thing in the room that they instinctively turn the tinest moments into extravagant gestures of self-regard. But, Jon Bon Jovi in The Leading Man, proves he’s the rare celebrity musician who knows how to underplay… Bon Jovi, as Robin, ends up seducing everyone in sight, including the audience.
–OG, Entertainment Weekly

Jon Bon Jovi gives an assured, shrewd performance…sexy and sly as a fox.
–Dennis Dermody, Paper Magazine

The Leading Man brings together a diverse cast that works through its very differences. The camera loves Jon Bon Jovi, and we are graced with enough tight close ups to satisfy the fans. The surprise is how good he is in the role of Robin Grange. He brings such complexity and credibility to this manipulative character, as we go along for the ride.
–Louise Keller, Cinefile Reviews

Jon Bon Jovi bids for movie star status in The Leading Man.
–Bruce Williamson, Playboy

Singer Jon Bon Jovi plays this role and he seems to instinctively understand it, a fact that makes it possible for him to hold his own against some great Brits with long-time stage training… Bon Jovi doesn’t dominate the film–there’s no grandstanding–but he feels like its star… Bon Jovi emerges as an actor with matinee-idol looks and a sense of humor.
–Joe Baltake, The Online Movie Club

Jon Bon Jovi is the movies’ newest, hottest leading man.
–Robert Hofler, Buzz Magazine

Rock star Bon Jovi aces the title role of this theatrical release, playing a slyly sexy actor…
–Michael Suater, Entertainment Weekly

Jersey’s Jon Bon Jovi struts his considerable stuff in The Leading Man… In Moonlight & Valentino, New Jersey rock idol Jon Bon Jovi proved he was a natural screen presence. Now in The Leading Man, Bon Jovi shows he can act. Even more impressive, he holds his own among a cast of polished British actors… It’s great fun watching Bon Jovi ooze his charm and get away with his triple-timing. He has a braod smile and economical moves; his manner is never artificial and one can easily see why all the women are impressed… It is called The Leading Man and the leading man in question has the kind of abs and smile that render such misgivings inconsequential. And, he can act.
–Eleanore O’Sullivan

He comes across as conniving, charming, funny, and just enough of a prick to make you drool.
–Martha Frankel, Movieline, 2-98


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from ate with love03.29.06

I got my pictures from Ate Yen’s camera, sorry for the blurs, pictures were not edited before posting…hehehe…

I was making myself silly here, trying to take my own pix….hahaha…who shot this? Grrr…

All geared up for the…for the…sorry I forgot! Well…paint war?! LOL!

Mom! Dad! Ready to ride?!

On Flying Fiesta…good thing I still fit! LOL!

After getting wet at Jungle Log!

Swimming pix at the cottage.

enjoying the water!

smile and swim later!

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childhood sweethearts @ EK03.28.06

Kristen Dorothy and Emmanuel

They’re very cute, right? So sweet…I wish Alex was with me that day…haaayyyy…

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Stop the updates! New lay out needed.

I was inspired by Aimz to get a new lay out. I really like the tabs, the design but I wanted to be more like a neutral color, and since one my favorite website updated their own lay out, I decided to do mine too. I really like the brownness of so I decided to adopt some of it and got this lay out from Blogger-Template.

What I really like about my new lay-out is the color. I like brown and all of its shade. I also like the banner…the wings…I hope that it won’t be mistaken as chicken wings…lol…

Back in updating now…

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presenting…our guests03.21.06

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AMPERS conquers EK03.17.06

As planned, we went to Enchanted Kingdom as well last Feb 23. We were with Ate Amor and Kuya Wilson, with Emman (their son and only child) with Nanay (Kuya Wilson’s mom), together with Malen and Inday. We rented a jeepney for the day. We really enjoyed the rides though they did not have the Anchor’s Away (my favorite ride) working at that time, but we did try almost all the rides for adults. We also tried the paint gun, with dad, Leah and Dan, prince and Abby. Bad thing though was, mom was not able to ride the Rio Grande, which I wanted her to try coz she already got dizzy from riding the train or something and already not feeling well. Good thing though was, she enjoyed it according to her, coz she’s with us. Everyone enjoyed the trip.
More pictures will be added soon…just click to enlarge!

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Swimming at Santiago’s03.17.06

Since Ate (Filipino word for an elder sister) came back from HK for her 22-day vacation, I wanted to spend some time with her as often as I can. I’m busy from work but I hope that my rest days will be enough and since I go home early most of the day, we got to talk more about life, about our financial obligations, about love and about Harry Potter.

So I got some of our pictures when we went swimming at Santiago’s Resort last Feb 17. Mark and Nini (my nephew and niece came with us). I really enjoyed taking a cool break but I don’t love getting my self burnt under the sun. I’m thinking of taking swimming lessons this summer, exercise and a life-saving activity would be nice, right?

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