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The Myth vs. AeonFlux12.31.05

I’ve seen the movie The Myth starring Jackie Chan and Aeon Flux starring Charlize Theron. In my opinion, both movies are good when it comes to story line coz you’d stick with what happens next and what will the ending be. When it comes to production, I like The Myth better because it was taken during some Chinese Dynasty and the costumes are so good…very good actually. The Aeon Flux was not that good when it comes to production designing and special effects, consider that it was 400 years more of our current technologies. I expect to see more of hi tech machines from Charlize. What I like about Aeon Flux is the storyline and the twist. The concept of human cloning for our specie to survive is really freaky, but none the less, the idea is very good. And Charlize is so sexy, kinda reminds me of Angelina Jolie. One more thing, don’t be disappointed if Jackie is kinda serious in The Myth. Hey, it’s a serious movie. *grins*.

For more of The Myth, just go to and for Aeon Flux’s official website.

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updated Guess Thy Macro: MACRO #412.31.05

Like what I’ve mentioned, the Macro#3 was easy. hehehe. Hannah got it immediately. So let’s try to guess this Macro#4. Enjoy!

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Enchanted Kingdom..The Magic Continues12.31.05


Well, this is not the first time I’ve been to Enchanted Kindom, actually it’s my third already. But none the less, I’ve enjoyed it. Possibly because of the company I’m with. So here’s the proof… :)

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updated Guess Thy Macro: MACRO #312.31.05

I’ve loaded the Macro#3 for Guess Thy Macro. Please check it out and have a guess. Thanks to everyone who guessed the Macro#2. This time I’ve given you an easier one. hehehe. Enjoy!

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Please wake me up if I’m dreaming…lol…:)

I just got a new keyboard for Christmas. It’s from Luv. How sweet! This is it! So this is how it looks like…my own CTK-700

I’ve got everything I want for Christmas. Family, friends, happiness and love. How about you?

Merry Christmas to all!

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Aimz Birthday Celebration12.27.05

Aimz, the birthday gurl!

Birthday’s does not come every day of the year coz if it does, before the year ends we’re about 365 and ½ days old…hehehehe…C-O-R-N-Y!

Yesterday (December 26) was Aimz’s birthday. I can describe Aimz birthday in two words—gluttony and jamming. Gluttony in its definition–excess in eating or drinking, as in to its maximum level. *ROFL*. My tummy ached that night. *grins*. I love the food, especially on how Ate Che made it. It’s like creating exceptional food from ordinary menu. Really delicious. Her family was so nice to us. It was very homey. We can notice her good relationship with her family especially when it comes to music. It’s very cool actually. I’m kinda like thinking of the “the Corrs”, but this time it’s “the Cruz”. Hehehe. *grins*. A lot of her friends came along too, including Luisa.

As for my gift, I gave her our (Malen, me and her) picture which was framed, edited with the use of Picasav2.0 and printed through Mitsubishi Fotocolor. This is almost identical to what I gave Len for Christmas and it’s nice to know that they both liked it.

Supposedly Luv will go to Aimz place as well but he was detained by an unexpected reason. So, we went home around 7:30 pm feeling so full of food ‘n music courtesy of the rented Videoke Cinco and the very cool jamming courtesy of Bryan in guitars (Aimz older brother), Justine in acoustic box (youngest sis, around 6 years old) and of course Aimz in keyboard.

My birthday wish for Aimz:

1. Love and happiness. May she found the love she’s been looking for. She may stumble along the way but I know God has a very good one just for her.
2. Good health. Not just for her but also for her family.
3. Contentment. In everything she does.
4. And lastly, I hope she will get all that she wished for.

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December 2512.25.05

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

I’ll upload the pictures sooner…promise!

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UPDATE: Harry Potter Posters12.24.05

I emailed my poster to Joya (the beautiful webmistress) of Bonnie-Fan, and it was posted on their website. Cool!!! Thanks Joya!!!

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updated Guess Thy Macro: MACRO #212.20.05

I’ve loaded the Macro#2 for Guess Thy Macro. Please check it out and have a guess.

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Enchanted Kingdom12.20.05

We, the Escalation Team (AM Shift), will go to enchanted kingdom today. I’ll update you soon!

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