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Tyana’s Slumber Birthday Celebration11.26.05

Yesterday was Tyana’s Slumber Birthday Celebration. Sosyal ang gaga! She rented a room from Linden Suites in Ortigas, around the Ortigas Center area. It’s really nice to see our old friends, even though we did not sleep over, the time spent was very good. I saw again Janice, Mimi, Jojo (Mimi’s husband) and of course the birthday girl Tyana. Malen and I tried the bath tub, ala me sa haus nun eh. We also met Tyana’s childhood friends and of course her boyfriend and future brother in-law. Everyone’s so nice! We enjoyed talking, as if we were still in college. Something’s never changed. And it was nice. I’ve missed it…very much. Then we ate courtesy of take outs from Goldilocks. Hehehe. But sad to say everything has an ending so we have to go around 9pm coz we still have work tomorrow morning, my luv, Alex fetched us (Len and I). He’s so sweet. He even waited for us. Hah! Love me? Very much…ang haba ng hair ko!!! Hehehe! Love him talaga. Thank you Lord I feel so loved…

NOTE:please check the pictures…click to enlarge

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I’ve seen the Goblet of Fire!11.17.05

I’ve seen the Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. YEHEY!!! I was very pleased of the outcome of the fourth movie. It’s not exactly the same with the fourth book but I can say that it was very good, consider the fact that you have to put all together a 700-page book to 156 minute movie. The movie was first shown yesterday but I can not go coz I was at work. Usually during my rest days from work, I slept mostly till nearly noon to sleep more. If I have to go work, I have to wake up 3:30 am everyday. But I declare today a Harry Potter day! So I woke up around 8am and just played billiards for about an hour then we (Prince, my brother and his girlfriend Abbie) went to SM Marilao. I’d want to catch the opening of the cinema. We arrived there around 10:15am. Then we hurriedly went to the cinema. Good thing is, the first movie was about to start after 20 min. So we still have time to catch our breath and go to the restroom. After we’ve seen the movie, we ate at KFC. While watching the movie we ate a lot! Chicken fillet meal, popcorn, and ice cream. Yeah, fattening….lol!

For the review/summary or whatever you call it:

The start of the movie is the same with the start of the book four. In the Riddle house, showing Frank (the gardener) and the company of Nagini (the snake), Wormtail or Peter Pettigrew, Barty Crouch Jr. (which is not present in the book) and Voldemort. Voldemort killing Frank which is exactly what is Harry’s dreaming at that time, which was awoken by Hermione. They’re on their way to the Quidditch World Cup…Mr. Weasley, the twins, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Harry. They’ve met Amos and Cedric Diggory on their way to the portkey.

The quidditch world cup was short; the whole part was possibly taken only 5 minute which was understandable since it does not affect Harry’s life directly. I believe the director (Mike Newell) decided to concentrate more on what’s going on Harry’s life. After the game, the next scene was Barty Crouch Jr, casting the Dark Mark (without Winky..sorry Dobby :P). After the trio was saved by Mr. Weasley, the next scene was on the Hogwarts train, where we saw first Cho Chang (played by Katie Leung, which I believe would have been played more beautifully by Heart Evangelista…Hey! I’m a Filipina, ok? I’m biased… ;P).

After the scene at the Hogwarts Train, you can see Albus Dumbledore welcoming the students to Hogwarts, and then Argus Filch is running or we can say it hoping very ridiculously and very funny too to Albus and then whispered something. Then Dumbledore welcomed the arrival of the Beauxbatons and Dumstrang representatives, headed by Madame Maxime and Igor Karkaroff When the Beauxbatons passed by, I noticed Hermione and Ginny not smiling with Ron and Harry, coz the latter two was mesmerized by the bouncing butts of the girls from Beauxbatons. Naughty..Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Then Barty Crouch Sr, presented the Triwizard Tournament and explaining that only 17 year old students are allowed to enter. It was answered by the students with uproar (headed by the Weasley twins…as usual…;P). Then Dumbledore showed them the Goblet of Fire. Next scene was with Mad-Eye Moody teaching the class the three unforgivable curses. I can say that the Neville’s (Matt Lewis) acting was more realistic than Hermione (Emma Watson). Then you can see students putting their name on the goblet, including the hilarious thing which led to a disaster that the Weasley twins tried to beat the age line around the goblet of fire that was placed by Dumbledore by drinking an aging potion. Hehehe.
The next scene was the Goblet of Fire announcing the triwizard champions of each school. Fleur delacour for Beauxbaton, Victor Krum for Dumstrang, Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter for Hogwarts. Same with the books, the students of Hogwarts especially from Hufflepuff were angry with Harry for stealing the fame from Hufflepuff which was does not happen that frequent. Even Ron’s jealousy from the books was present in the movies. Their obvious disagreement is present, which affects Hermione and Ginny, when Ron tried to use Hermione as an owl. The badge “CEDRIC DIGGORY- THE REAL HOGWARTS CHAMPION” and when pressed, “POTTER STINKS” was there. Harry saw the dragons for the first task when Hagrid showed that to him. His face was funny under the invisible cloak when he saw the sweetness of Hagrid and Madame Maxime. With the knowledge of the first task, he mentioned this to Cedric (very noble and honest :P). Then he saw Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) and tried to bully him. Ending the scene where Moody transfigures Draco to a dancing ferret which was stopped by Professor McGonagall. Moody talked to Harry about using his strength for the first task.

Next scene was the first task where Harry did some good stunts with the dragons. After finishing the first task, we can see the Gryffindor Common Room where everybody was cheering for him. They did try to open the Golden Egg that was retrieved from the dragon but failed to know the clue because of the screeching sound emanating from the golden egg. It was also the time that Ron and Harry understood each other. After that, Ron received his dress robe from his mother but he first thought that it was for Ginny. That scene was funny too. After that, the next scene was with McGonagall teaching them how to dance formally, like waltz for the Yule Ball. Next scene was Harry and Ron trying to find dates. Its funny how George (or is it Fred?) asked a girl to the ball and how Ron tried to imitate him when he asked Hermione for the Yule Ball as the last resort. Next was the Yule Ball. First to enter the dance ball was Fleur, then Victor, then Cedric and then Harry. While the champions and their partners are dancing, the next partner who approached the ball was Dumbledore and McGonagall followed by Ginny and Neville.

Harry went to bed early and was waken by Neville who was ecstatic from the Yule Ball because Harry was having a very bad dream. I don’t know what happened but he was happy, is it because of Ginny? But we all know that Ginny only likes Neville as a friend and will be Harry’s girlfriend on book 6, right? Don’t know, maybe the directors and writers did not read yet the book 6 when that was done. After that, next scene was Harry and Hermione talking, while the latter was talking about her relationship with Krum which was her date on the Yule Ball. Then Cedric came and gave Harry an idea on how to get the clue for the second task.
The scene where Harry was taking a bath was very funny because of Moaning Myrtle, which was trying to get advantage of him. Harry tried to cover himself with bubbles from the water. And Moaning Myrtle keeps on harassing him. But I guess there’s no law that forbids her from doing so. LOL….it was really funny.

The second task was about saving the most precious to you. Giving the champions an hour to save the one they treasure the most. Ron for Harry. Hermione for Krum. Cho Chang for Cedric and Gabrielle for Fleur, her younger sister. By the way, Gillyweed was given by Neville and not Dobby. Dobby was not used in this film. After that, Barty Crouch Sr. got an idea that Mad-Eye Moody is his son because of the habit of his, licking lips. You know like how LJ Cool does his? Yeah that way! LOL! Then next scene was Harry discovering Barty Crouch Sr’s dead body in the forest. Definitely killed by Mad-Eye Moody (but it was his son really, Barty Crouch Jr. who did it).

Next scene was Harry going to Dumbledore’s office, accidentally seeing the Pensive and diving into Dumbledore’s memory, where Karkaroff was in trial. After that, the next scene was the third task. The Maze. It was almost exactly the same with the books. The difference was, they did not encounter all those creatures. They just encountered an Imperiused-Victor Krum by Mad-Eye Moody, roots that’s trying to get you, and falling walls of the Maze.

Harry and Cedric touched the portkey at he same time, which led them to the graveyard of Tom Riddle’s family. The scene with Voldemort was very frightening. Ralph Finesse is a very good actor. The ends of my hairs started to rise especially when Wormtail was doing the ritual to return back Voldemort to human flesh. Bone from his father, flesh given from his servant, and blood from his enemy. In the book, it does not necessarily mean that it has to be his enemy’s (Harry’s) blood to bring back Voldemort. But by using Harry’s blood, it will allow Voldermort to touch Harry, which he can not do previously because of the protection given by Lily’s love. Harry was saved because of Priori Incantatem. Harry’s and Voldemort’s wand share the same core. Meaning their wands are brother wands. The phoenix feather that was in their wands came from one phoenix.

After escaping from the Voldemort with Cedric’s body, using the portkey back to Hogwarts, he faced the truth about the fake Mad-Eye Moody. And then Dumbledore explain to the whole school what happened to Cedric. The whole school was crying and then it showed that everyone is ready for leaving, including Harry where he talked with Dumbledore at the boy’s dormitory where Dumbledore said his line, “Difficult times lay ahead, Harry”. In the book, it was said by Professor Trelawney in one of their classes. The movie ended when the Dumstrang and Beauxbatons left and the students of Hogwarts can be seen waving goodbye.

What’s NOT there?

1. Molly Weasley, she’s not in the movie. Not all. Na-da! Even a single screen.

2. Dobby’s not present as well. Neville gave Harry the Gillyweeds though Dobby did it in the book.

3. They never created a Winky. Pity, I’ve been looking forward in seeing a female version of Dobby.

4. Charlie Weasley was mentioned in the book but was not there.

What’s THERE but supposedly not there?

1. Nigel, who is that kid? If there’s a new kid in “Harry’s Fun Club”, it’s supposed to be Dennis Creevey? The younger brother of Colin.

2. Second, the Patil sisters. They should have been identical, but they don’t look alike in the movies. And in the movies, they’re both in Gryffindor house coz you can see them in the Gryffindor Common Room together.

3. Waltz lesson with Prof McGonagall. I like it coz it’s very funny eventhough it’s not part of the book.

What I like with this film other than the first three?

1. Well, it does give more screening time to the other Wesley family…the twins and Ginny. I love the twins; they’re both funny and the comical relief. The relationship between the brothers and sisters is very obvious.

2. I was laughing so hard at the bath scene with Moaning Myrtle. It was funny and Daniel was so cute! I love the bubble bath!!!

3. I like the acting of Daniel when Cedric died. I got teary eyed…promise. He is getting better and better.

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updated PICS again!!!!11.16.05

Second part of my updated pics…for your viewing pleasure…(as if! ;P)

Ang Guro
It’s my mom’s birthday!!!
Cute Friends…Forever!
Family Outing

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Bonnie on CBBC Celebrity Poll11.15.05

To all of Ginny Weasley-Bonnie Wright fan out there, vote Bonnie Wright to be the favorite celebrity of the week. Click the link to vote for her CBBC Celebrity Poll.

Remember, you can only vote once a day. Multiple voting will mean disqualification, your vote will be wasted. Just once a day and make it a habit. :)

So all Ginny-Bonnie fan…BE COUNTED!!!!

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Hi Guys! As promised, I’ve updated my archives for the pictures. Please check the list and enjoy!!!!

A Visit
Four Lukas
The Real Couple
My Birthday Pictures
ESCA Team Building at 3B Resort

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Bowling Time11.13.05

I’m at work now. Really. My left foot is aching and so as my right shoulder and my right hand but not that much…just a little. I think it’s because of lack of exercise. ;P lol! Last night we (my mom, brother, brother’s gf and my mom’s friends at home) played duckpin bowling at Rizal Lanes in Potrero, Malabon. I never considered myself a bowler. Maybe it’s because when I tried to play bowling for the first time couple of years ago, I played the10-pin bowling with that very big and heavy ball…and I’m not sure if I liked it that much. I think I’d prefer the duckpin bowling. The bowling ball used in duckpin is a lot lighter, about 4 lbs I think. Hahaha! I’ve also learned on how to do the scoring. It’s easy if you don’t strike or spare. You can check all about duckpin bowling through robinsweb. All in all…it was nice and I’m sure gonna play again. It’s also nice time to spend with your family. Bowling means bonding.

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Visited by the Ada Sisters11.11.05

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