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book of world’s infamous murders10.26.05

This is the book I’m currently reading now. The stories here make my hair skin stands upto the tip! Well, it feels like I also want to murder somebody and feel like as if I could get away with it…LOL!!! Just kidding…but it has an effect…promise! Not advisable to be read by people who are not mentally stable…watch out Aimz and Len…lol!!! Just joking! Thanks to Shawie for lending me the book.

NOTE: Len and Aimz–swap tayo ng Physics and Freaks (the other two books).

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confused? or just feeling bitchy?10.25.05

Feeling Bitchy. As of this moment, I’m really feeling very bitchy. I don’t know why. Maybe you can relate.

Early this year, I applied for a position in our company that I know I really deserve. I qualify in all aspect. By the way, I’m working in this company now for three years. And I don’t say that I was not promoted or anything. I just want to transfer into a different department.

So back in the story, when I applied last May, I was informed that I passed after doing all the interviews, exams and everything, but I cannot be transferred because our own department lacks man power. And they needed us. Well, I felt good about it. But sad in other ways, when you know that you deserve to get that work ‘improvement’ but were denied. So I did not expect anything with that.

Then earlier this month, I was emailed by the head of the ‘other’ department and asking me if I’m interested. Well, I said yes. And he wants me to create a letter of intent signed by either our supervisor or manager. According to the head of the ‘other’ department, it’s all for formalities sake since I was part of the short list already.

After I finished the letter and everything, I passed it. And now, our HR department wants me to go through tons of exams again. Whoa! I don’t know why it pissed me off, but it did. Thinking that I have to do everything again.

Why am I pissed off? Is that because I’m not that confident for the oral technical exam? Or is it because now, I’m hesitant to transfer to the other department and leave my friends behind? I don’t know…

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Bonnie Wright10.24.05

This is the new promotional photo of Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) courtesy of WB for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She really looks kinda little with this pic, but I believe that she looks a lot older from the commercial for “Spellbinding Secrets Saturday” on Kids WB.

I love her eyes!

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43 Things10.23.05

A really cool site. Makes me feel motivated and finish up all the things that I listed. One of that’s making sure that I will be a better blogger. Well….

Please try! Thanks Aimz for the tip!

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The Harry Potter Obsession Quiz10.17.05

73% obsessed with Harry Potter
“Very obsessed. You may be suffering from withdrawl symptoms while waiting for the next book to come out.”
Please answer and the leave that on my comment box, I’d like to know if I’m still normal. Or what?!?!?! Hehehe!

Kudos to for the quiz link.

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Which Harry Potter kid are you?10.16.05

You are most like Ginny Weasley!
” Yes! I know I am! Please don’t tell JKR that I’m the real Ginny…hehehe!”

Which HP Kid Are You?
Try it!

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It’s all because of Aimz. She wanted me to see this video of JerryC, with his own Canon Rock version. I never expected that!!! He’s so cool!!! I don’t know if I could reach his expertise in playing guitar. Really wow!!! And he’s really cute while playing, I really like the dimples. Whoa!!!

Thanks to JerryC’s official website for the picture.

JerryC – Canon Rock

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It’s my mom’s 57th Birthday! And we celebrated it with videoke provided by my luv (THANKS ALEX!!!). Malen and Alex came to celebrate with my us. Thank you again for coming. Abbie and Prince’s friend came as well. We ate a LOT! I really like the Pininyahang Manok and the Lumpiang Shanghai. After mom blew the candles, Althea also wanted to do it. And it was so funny!!! So kulit!!! I’m happy coz my mom’s happy and everyone is happy :). Malen slept over…kissed Alex…sweet! Thank you Lord for giving me a very loving family. Please keep us all well, always.

Blow the candle! Hehehe!

The cake!

The food! Yum!

Cut the cake!

Now it’s Thea’s turn! Hehehe :)

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MOM, are you ready?

Ok…this is better!

Dad, Leah with Tekang, and Mom

Jojo, Abbie with Thea, and Prince

Mom and Prince (kulitan…again!) hehehe :)

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My mom and my “baby” brother…hehehe

Close up ito…hehehe

Me, Althea Nicole (my favorite niece) and Malen

Me and Tekang

Mom and Cho-cho while preparing

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