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nokia 6610i08.31.05

I thank God for all the blessings that He gave me. Yesterday, we bought my new cellphone from Globe Telecom. This is my luv’s birthday gift for me. I’m not that very specific with cellphone’s model number, I just want to have one that I can use for texting and calling. We purchased Nokia 6610i

. It’s cool, with camera and FM stereo. I already have digital camera and that proves how much I like photography…lol…hehehe. I’ll take care of this…promise! I’m happy again…:)

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7 – 7 – 7 – 7 – 7 – 7 – 708.29.05

7 things that scare you:
1. frogs
2. snakes and likes
3. drowning
4. losing my loved ones
5. falling off a cliff without any safety gears
6. being eaten alive
7. end of the word

7 things you like the most:
1. ice cream and cakes
2. relaxing…sleeping
3. spending time with family and friends
4. spending time with LUV
5. getting whole body massage
6. swimming…snorkling
7. riding my bro’s motor

7 important things in your bedroom:
1. PC
2. books
3. electric fan
4. lamp shade
5. closet
6. bed and pillows
7. my childhood doll – “Alexandra”

7 random facts about you:
1. chubby BUT take note–I’m cute ;P
2. I wanna be a coyote dancer
3. I just colored my hair once (actually it’s just highlights)…and I don’t think that I will do it again, I had split ends because of that…;(
4. I’m right handed
5. I think I’m color blinded with dark colors (like dark blue and black, etc.)
6. I’m second to the oldest, among my siblings
7. I’m still a virgin…”technically”, eventhough I have a boyfriend for 9 years…go figure it out! hehehe

7 things you plan to do before you die:
1. travel around the world
2. raise a family
3. put up a foundation, you know the one that helps other
4. put up a photography business or something of that sort
5. read all the books I want to read
6. learn how to swim
7. be slim

7 things you can do:
1. I believe I can “sketch/draw”
2. play a bit of guitar
3. can watch DVD’s all day and all night
4. dance
5. eat 1 gallon of ice cream in one sitting
6. can do American “twang”…hehehe :)
7. love only one “man” for the rest of my life, but can have tons of “crushes” ;P

7 things you can’t do:
1. really hate my family
2. get a skin-head hairstyle
3. fly
4. eat live chickens, or pig, or cow, or birds, or something… ;P
5. breathe underwater
6. really hate my true friends
7. skip meal for the whole day, not even meriendas

7 things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. humor
2. attitude
3. intelligence/wisdom
4. smell, goes with cleanliness :)
5. teeth
6. eyes
7. hands–must be calloused

7 things you say the most:
1. “Nyek!”
2. “Gutom na ‘ko!”
3. “Put-yat!”
4. “Kainis naman…”
5. “Sapakin kita d’yan eh!”
6. “Mam-u!” (love you!)
7. “Pa kiss naman d’yan!”

7 celeb crushes (whether local or foreign):
1. Daniel Radcliffe
2. John Lennon
3. Jon Bon Jovi
4. Harrison Ford
5. Nicholas Cage
6. all actors who played Superman
7. Christopher de Leon

7 people you want to see take this quiz:
1. alex
2. blogfriends
3. Rose and Lea Liwanag
4. all my family and friends
5. all the people
6. …aliens (?)
7. Jesus

(questions courtesy of Myshredder and Rebelcupid)

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four lukas08.29.05

Presenting the four lukas….as in luka-luka…hehehe…just taking pictures at the Gateway Mall in Cubao with Aimz, Luisa and Malen.

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start of a bad day08.29.05

I did not start my day right, though I’m pretty sure that I had nice sleep coz I was asleep before nine last night. I’ll give you the list of the bad things that happened to me, which had a butterfly effect:

1. I stepped on a poopie. Don’t ask me which foot…!!! Grrr!!!
2. Since I have to clean my sandals first (with the help of grass along the way), I was late when I reached the Bus station and all the nice, newer and air conditioned buses already left. Which led to, having to ride a very, very, very old and slow, kinda dirty old ordinary bus.
3. Since I rode an “old” bus, I didn’t catch our shuttle ride from Cubao to office. And I have to ride a taxi (additional expense).
4. While on the taxi, I checked my cellphone…and guess what? It’s not working anymore…whoaaa!!!

And I hope that bad things will end after this. Oh please… Please don’t give me nasty clients… So far none… I’ll post again for updates…

By the way, I did not browse anything that concerns harry potter yesterday (good for me!) I just edited my blogs template… yahoo!!! My blogsister (Rebecupid) was so happy that I did it. Hehehe! Thanks for all the help!

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if only08.28.05

Last night, I’ve seen “If Only” by Jennifer Love Hewitt (Samantha Andrews) and Paul Nichols (Ian Wyndham). The movie really touched my heart. It’s been a while since I’ve cried over a movie. I can say that the dialogues are very heart breaking, especially what I’ve heard from Ian when he’s pouring his heart out and thanking Samantha for teaching him how to love, that’s before they went inside the taxi that will eventually get him killed. I was crying from the moment that Ian lost Samantha from a very tragic accident and he felt so guilty for not doing all the things that he should have done.

We should not take for granted all the things that are happening to us, either good or bad. Coz everything is happening for a reason. I don’t know why I was relating to that film, my boyfriend is not taking me for granted…that’s for sure…and its vise versa. Maybe I’m relating more on the part where Jennifer told Ian about what she wants to do if she had only one day to live. She told him that she wants to spend it with him, simply being with him, sharing the closeness, bonding…

That’s what I miss with my luv, we’re so busy with our work, our families, our own lives that we don’t have the time to spend it together. Mostly we just see each other to talk and he just visits me, I really want to spend one whole day with him, doing nothing, just simply relaxing and enjoying our time together. And I hope that we will do it soon. I just don’t want to take it for granted, just like I don’t want to take for granted my family too.

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wasted blogger08.27.05

Just a revelation…

I want to remove Harry Potter from my system….

I have always been a Harry Potter follower but after reading the sixth book, I always keep on browsing for Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley on the net. I don’t have time to upload pix for my photoblogger. I don’t even have the time to post anymore on my blogs…even my birthday last 19th….what a fu%$3ng waste!

From now on, I promise myself that I will blog everyday everything that’s happening to me…sorry blog for taking you for granted.

I love you…

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Post Birthday Celebration with Kuya Nick and family08.20.05

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, this is because I was kind a busy with the preparation for my forth coming birthday. I celebrated my birthday last Friday, and though I don’t have lots of visitors from the office and not all expected people came, I was very happy because all of the people who are dearest to me came. And THANK YOU very much to all of you guys. For those who weren’t able to come…sorry na lang, bumubuhos pa naman ang food and liquors. Hehehe…

So this is what happened, it’s my 25th birthday already and I want it to be something different. I don’t want to bring food to the office like what I did for the past two years. I want to spend my birthday at home. And I want to see all of my friends from high school, college and from office together, so as with my family and relatives.

The videoke cinco was delivered around 1 pm. And while cooking we were having a goodtime singing and dancing. Hehehehe… It’s really fun! My dad sang so many songs…hehehe. With dedications…heheheh…He sang a lot of Visaya songs like Matudnila and others. He’s the first one who got a 100% score when he sang Dahil Sa’yo. I’m happy, very happy coz I know that my family is enjoying it very much.

Malen was the first one who arrived with cake. (Thanks LEN!) She came around 1pm. I’m so happy that Len was early. We had a good time enjoying the videoke wan-to-sawa ini! Then around 5pm, Tiana and her cousin arrived. They also gave me a gift, a bag and a bracelet. It’s very nice. Then some of my mom and dad’s friend came. Tita Vida and Tito Roger. Around 7pm, Aimz and Luisa came. They brought me a coloring book and a color. I liked it. I like art. Then my high school friends also came, Catherine and Cynthia. We are expecting Ruel (also a high school friend, a neighbor and Cynthia’s BF) later. Then my cousin and Auntie from Caruhatan, Tita Viring and Fritzie came. My relatives in the neighborhood…hehehe…Tita Zeny and Tito Roland, Ate Faye, Joan, Camille, Jerwyn and Sweet (the other significant), and Adrian. Ate Cho-cho, Edison, Beng, Mark, and Nini. Some neighbors came as well, Ate Beng and Kuya Rey…and some gate crashers—Edwin. Hehehe.

I’ve really enjoyed my birthday. It’s a well spent activity. I love having those people who loves me around me. It makes me want to cry. Thank you Lord for everything. .

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all for H/G SHIP!08.10.05

Just browsing…I was reading some sites about Harry – Ginny ship and this one really made me grin.

I’d really like to share what I saw and I’m sure that will make JKR smile.

commented by Mtn Troll – Jul 20 2005, 18:22
QUOTE(Wynne @ Jul 20 2005, 11:38)”Several sunlit days…” even now, I get tears. Literally; I have to blink to see the monitor. In a piece of “children’s” literature, no less, I’ve found the most beautiful, if succinct, description of a kiss I’ve ever read.

Is it sounding like nonsense to say this ship, Harry/Ginny, actually gives me an ounce more hope for my life?

Doesn’t sound like nonsense. I’m coming from the other side, but I remember feeling much like you describe. Now I’ve been married for 8 years, to a wonderful woman who I truely love, but I was profoundly affected by JKR’s decriptions of Harry’s emotions. The way Harry’s heart leaps when he sees Ginny, the way he reacts when she plucks a maggot from his hair, and the way his heart roars when they kiss. I was thinking, “I miss that, and I want to feel that way again!”
Now, I suppose this is what drives people to have an affair. But I’ve been trying this week to see my wife through “Harry eyes.” And, you know what? It’s working.

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