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Prings Birthday05.11.05

(Pring, Malen, me and Aimz)

We celebrated Joey or let me say Prings birthday at Macau-Libis. It’s eat all you can and we really made sure that we ate all we can…lol…gosh! I had a stomach ache. I promised myself that I won’t eat again at any Eat All You Can Restos…hahaha…Hope that I could keep that promise..:) We ate a lot! As in a LOT! We really enjoyed the food and the company. It has been a long time since we got a get together. Me, Aimz, Pring and Malen. And I really miss their company. Hope that this will happen again…and I hope that it’s sooner.

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Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in the world, specially the best mom in the world which is our mom. Without you, we’re nothing. Thank you for everything. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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the love you should give05.08.05

If you don’t feel like you’re getting the love you should get, then maybe you should ask yourself if you’re giving the love you should give.

This is what I received with from Weekly Wisdom. Nice thought. It’s like the same with, you cannot give what you don’t have. Makes me think…

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May 7 "Family day, Fun day" 2ND YEAR!!!05.08.05

Malen and I went together to our “Family Day, Fun Day”. Ate Chris and Mitchelle came with her. We’re not late so we were qualified for the raffle, yahoo!!! The food is lesser than what we had last year but still there’s so many for us. It’s just that they were late in distributing the food. I really had a good time with my friends. Playing games and watching the battle of the bands. Our friend Lizet’s one of the bassist while Bryan, (Aimz’s big brother) was playing the rhythm guitar of the other band.

Though tired, we enjoyed it a lot! The champion’s team BLUE again! Lucky for me to belong in team Blue, coz last year we were also the champion and all of the techs who participated got two prizes. Last year, I got a bag from Nike and P1000 gift certificate from Gerry’s Grill, this year I got gift certificate worth P1000 from Itallianis and P500 from Guess.

After the fun day, we went back to office to work…huhuhu..tiring but ok. Check the pix!
This is me and Robbie, our Master Mountainner. Pa-cute! Hehehe! I hope he invited ES (his GF) coz she also rocks!!! ;P

This is a selft portrait! What a pose!

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Family Outing05.07.05

It’s been a long time since our family went out and it’s a good thing that we did it!!! This outing’s been planned for couple of weeks. I’m just so happy that everything went very smoothly. We got up early, and prepared the food. We waited for Malen and then we went there around 7am. Everyone is so happy!!!! Luv came around 11am. He brought additional junkies, LOL! And he ate lunch. He can’t stay coz he have to go to work. Just dropped by…eat and run…Just kidding! We really enjoyed the day…and this will not be the last!!!

It’s Thea and Nini, while Thea is trying her salbabida!

Thea and Nini!

Mom, Thea, Nini and Leah while preparing early the morning.

The salbabida…part 2.

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The Melchor Family

Nini and Thea on their swimsuit.

The Viva kids, Gemma and Kuya Rey

Eating Time!!!

Ate Bheng ang Gemma.

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My very good looking father ;)

Kain ng kain…hehehe

Hi SM!

Ang cute ng love ko talaga!!!

We’re both cute pala!

The Santiago Resort

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The Santiago Resort House

The Pool

Bestfriend and Boyfriend

Ate Cho, Edison and Prince enjoying the water.

Malen hiding…lol!

Leah, it’s only three feet! LOL! :)

The couple.

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with Malensky

Santiago Resort

Edison and Ate Cho


Prince and Leah…sus naka salbabida!


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Prince and Leah
Ate Cho and Edison
Wake up little Thea!

SM and Nini

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