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WORD again04.28.05

I’ve rendered WORD today. Whew! Tiring but there’s nothing that I can really do about it…lol…I need this to get my JP allowance worth P2T. Haayyy…I think I need some rest though. Wish me luck

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post concert04.25.05

me, aimz and len..yo girl! i like that!

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and I really missed it. So many things had had happened to me. Last April 21 to April 22, we attended our camp hosted by STAIRS Productions at Paenaan Camping Farm in Antipolo, Rizal. Since Thursday, I never had enough rest and sleep. Actually I never slept last Thursday and only 3 hours for Friday. And then last Saturday, I only slept for 8 hours, which for me isn’t enough…hehehe…We had our concert last yesterday, that’s why. We, Malen and I went to Philam Theater around 11:00 AM. Aimz was already there. We had our lunch first since Kuya Paul’s not there yet. We ate at Greenwich. And I tried to look for a pink bracelet and cap, unfortunately I can’t find any. After that non-stop rehearsal, before the concert starts, we had a very dramatic prayer because of what was happening with the work shoppers and the students of STAIRS. Fortunately before the concert starts, we lifted this to the Lord and give Him our sins. That’s the power of prayers.

I’m so happy that my friends and family came to our concert. Michelle, Mommy Sally, Dianne Yu and her boyfriend, and Sonia came. Mom, Dad, Jay-R, Abbie and my Luv came. I’m so happy! They’re all so supportive. I love them all. I remember what Luv told me about not attending his nephew’s concert at Philam Theater and I’m so happy that he attended mine. I remember telling him that the difference was, William (his nephew) will not get angry with him on the other hand, I’m sure that I will…hehehe…after concert we ate at KFC in Nagthan. I’m so happy!!! On our way home, I’m really tired. So tired. I instantly fell asleep. I did not even remove my make up! That’s how tired I was. I just woke up the next day; not feeling refreshed but had enough sleep coz I slept for over 12 hours. And then I realized that it’s not easy to do that for a living…in short, mahirap maging artista…hehehe…But I love it all in all, and hope that I could do it again in the near future.

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blog surfing04.18.05

I’m surfing the blog community and leaving comments to some blogspots thats really nice.

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This is my very cute niece. She’s turning one already on April 24. I really love her. She’s so sweet and beautiful. She’s also our god daughter, me and luv. She has her own blogspot and its, Try to visit that!

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Overwhelmed Tickets04.05.05

This is our concert ticket for our recital in April 23, titled Overwhelmed, which will be held at Philam Theater, Taft Avenue, Manila. The program will start around 6:30pm. See you there!

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