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PC at last!01.23.05

Oh gosh! is this for real? At last, I have na my PC…hehehe…aiMz and I canvassed since last week. Robbie and Marvin helped me to decide for the specs. I just told them what I need. And Robbie was with me when we purchased at Dyamic Ultra Tech (where aiMz got her digicam), and Annie helped us too..okei di ba? andami ko ngang discounts…so here’s my specs

AMD Sempron 2200+

ECS nsu400-A

256MB Geil DDR 400

64MB MX 400 Radeon

1.44 FDD Sony Black

706 Case with KB/M/S

Lite on CD-RW 52x32x52

40GB 7200 Seagate

chasis fans (2 pcs)

edimax 56K internal modem

(old)10GB 7200 Seagate

I really enjoyed it! Go! Go! Go! Digicam naman next week…hehehe…

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I’ll Be Seeing You by Frank Sinatra01.11.05

I don’t know why I want to hear the song I’ll be seeing you by Frank Sinatra. Here it goes:

I’ll be seeing you;

In all the old, familiar places;

That this heart of mine embraces;

All day through.

In that small cafe;

The park across the way;

The children’s carousel;

The chestnut tree;

The wishing well.

I’ll be seeing you;

In every lovely, summer’s day;

And everything that’s bright and gay;

I’ll always think of you that way;

I’ll find you in the morning sun;

And when the night is new;

I’ll be looking at the moon;

But I’ll be seeing you.

We bought coffee at Starbucks in Eastwood and took some pictures in Eastwood City Walk 2. I really like our picture coz as if we really have somebody else took it, but it was just the three of us. I really like the Mocha Frap. I took some shots of Aimz, sitting at the bench and it’s really artistic and I think Aimz a real model coz he looks good in camera and she really inspired me to buy Digital Camera and of course CPU for our ‘broken’ system. I lend Eva Mee my book about Single, Wild, Sexy and Safe by Graham M. and I watched Wimbledon-DVD and it was good, fresh and not heavy. Good for relaxing.

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WORD again, and again, and again….01.10.05

I was planning to canvass on computer today but it was postponed. Aimz, Len and I rendered WORD today, so that we would get our JP level allowance for the month of January. I’m sort of tired and it was ok at least I rendered WORD with the rest of RMA.

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He visited me again and brought the bracelet and see if I would like it. And of course I do, anythin’ that came from him…I would really love it. We had some food and we really had a good time. Hope the good times will last forever!!!

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team bonding…part 201.08.05

We went again in Sunlight Resort near in Antipolo. We had a real great time. This time we are prepared coz we have our own swimming gears (?!) with us. Marlon and Eliza thought us how to dive properly. We really enjoyed the time there. The room is P1T only. We ate Liempo, chicken, and fish from Andoks. I learned a lot about swimming today. I felt afraid when I got into the middle of the pool and I can’t float. My friends are occupied coz they’re taking pictures. At first I was ok, but my right foot stopped working and I can’t feel any blood. Well that what happened. Thanks to aiMz, she shouted that i’m drowning…hehehe. We slept around 3:30pm coz we have to work later that time. At work, I’m most asleep…hehehe.

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feelin’ low01.07.05

“Whenever I need him, he’s always there.”

I’m not feeling that well. When he knew that I’m not ok, he wants me to fetch and eat food, which is great. We met (agian!) in Nepa Q-Mart and be bought congee and siopao at Causeway in Libis. He’s worried that I’ll get sick but I don’t. Nice to feel loved.

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We came earlier today, me and Malen coz we attend the SRX training. New device again! Unfortunately aiMz absent again because she has stomach ache.

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PIZZA HUT…makin’ it great01.05.05

Alex’s birthday was last January 1. My friends (Malen and Aimz) asked me to tell him that if he wants, he can treat us some pizza for dinner. We met Alex at Nepa Qmart around 6:00 pm and we went to Pizza Hut Libis to eat my favorite double crust pizza. Oh how I love the cheddar cheeze in my mouth. Very sinful…

I really love this dinner treat because we got to spend some time with Alex and him with my friends. Bad thing—were so glutted! And its really hard to concentrate on our work or even work at all if we’re too full!!! We promised that we won’t eat pizza for quite some time. Do you think we can keep our promise? Let’s wait and see. By the way, Here’s our pics…

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Aimz and I rendered WORD (Work On Rest Day) today. Good thing is, we have some technical difficutlties with our phone line system so we are not receiving any calls. Y A H O O ! ! ! Y I P E E ! ! ! Hope that Malen rendered her WORD too coz it’s really PETIKS.

PETIKS (phe – tEeKs)adj–getting paid but doing nothing in return.

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Promises for the year ahead01.02.05

I want to be a better me. I’ll try to follow my resolutions for this year. Here it goes:

1. Diet — good diet. Want to see the changes within one month.

2. Bible Reading — be consistent with my quiet time.

3. Swimming and badminton — will pursue my interests.

4. Get my digital camera. Will save for that.

5. Be a better person by understanding first before judging.

6. Try to be more responsible, and help more with family matters.

7. Save money.

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