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Natatawa ako….11.19.04

Natatawa ako kasi contradicting yung two previous posts ko…hehehe….

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Deep in my heart, I know that I really don’t wanna go in Korea. I don’t wanna leave Alex and be away with my family. But I gotta do what I gotta do…

I asked him if it’s alright with him. Alex told me that it’s ok with him, it will also give me the chance to see Korea and experience to live another country with diffirent culture. He told me to explore the place and enjoy my stay there. But how can I enjoy my stay there when I am not with him. I’m only half alive when he’s not with me.

I’ll think about it…very hard…

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We are planning to go to Korea and apply for a factory worker. Sana kung di gaanong malaki ang placement fee okey na sana, maliit yung sweldo tapos malaki yung placement fee…haaayyyy!!!!!

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i’m over him11.02.04

I can’t believe that it was really over. I really can’t. I’m very infatuated with this guy in high school that really broke my heart over and over again. He does not feel the same way. I know it. I used to hope…maybe he’s only trying to be nice and friendly. He used to say “Papayat ka lang, liligawan kita…” And that gave me hope but not the motivation to loose weight. I used to think that I won’t get over him. But last night when we went to our friends, grandma’s funeral wake, I saw him and understood for the first time in my life that we are indeed friends only and we’re not going to have any romantic issue between us. I am better off as friend than his lover. And I also realized that I’m deeply in love with Alex. And I am thankful to the Lord that he allowed me to realize that than to loose a friend and to loose a love, which is what I have with Alex.

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