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digi cam10.30.04

I saw my old classmates blog and it’s full of pictures with short stories and I like it even better. The pictures said it all…wish I have a digi cam. I would really love it. Promise talaga!!!

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Saving Graces…finished10.16.04

I just finished reading the book The Saving Graces, most of the time, I would laugh and think about the problems and encounters the Graces will experience as they go through life. But what really touched me was when Isabel (the cancer patient) died. Though I dont have any friends who needs psychiatric treatments, most of the time we I relate to the problems that they had…let see…since we are only three in the group and the Graces are four. I think, Malen is Rudy–in a way she’s the sexiest among the four and she’s the sexies among us (for now…wait till I’m finished with my diet prog…hehehe)

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