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Anniversary Climb07.24.04

DAY 1 (July 25, 2004)

08:00 – Assembly at BLTB Cubao in front of alimall
08:30 – ETD Manila to Batangas City
11:00 – ETA Batangas City
11:10 – Take jeep going to Mabini Public Market
11:40 – ETA Mabini Public Market. Take Lunch. Last minute buying.
13:00 – take jeep going to jump-off point
13:30 – ETA jump-off
13:30 – Start Trek
14:00 – ETA Pinagbanderahan
15:00 – Assult Gulugod Baboy’s peak
16:00 – Set Camp
18:00 – Cook/eat dinner
20:00 – Evening socials
22:00 – Lights Off

DAY 2 (July 26, 2004)

05:30 – Wake-up call, Breakfast
08:00 – start trek, descend
09:00 – ETA barangay Ligaya, take jeep going to Aguila beach.
12:00 – Lunch Break
13:00 – Start Trek Home
16:00 – ETD for Manila at Batangas city
19:00 – ETA Manila

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HAWKS…get together07.23.04

Last Monday, we went out (Rodel, Mimi, Malen, Elrin and I). This is to celebrate Rodel’s homecoming from Taiwan. We met at SM Megamall’s Powerbooks and then proceed to St. Francis Square to eat at Congo Grill. The food’s good and enjoyed it. It’s not so often that we meet and spend some time together, specially Rodel and Mimi.

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This is my cousin ann. I just like to thank her for being so sweet and so nice to my family. Thanks for the beautiful dress for Althea Nicole’s christening. She’s really an angel…so as you. Thanks a lot!!!!

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I knew it….grrrrrr!07.11.04

I’m so really disappointed with what’s going on right now. He decided that he can’t spend an overnight with me at Baguio coz he’s shy with my parents. Is he for real? I mean, I want to spend some time with him. Be with him. Enjoy my time with him. Am I asking too much? We’re both adults now, and I don’t think that it’s really necessary to have a chaperon. I want him, only him and this is our Anniversary Trip. I want to spend my time only with him. Nobody else…but him.

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nasty you, nasty me07.06.04

I shouted to this guy who made us “eat-smoke”. Imagine, I shouted “fuck!!!” in the top of my lungs, to that truck driver. Whew!!! And I don’t know why I loved the feeling afterwards, hehehe!!! Just after couple of seconds, a guy was walking and just blurt out a very nasty word, “Ang laki-laki…nakaharang!”. I can’t believe it myself but I replied back,”Laki-laki ng kalsada ba’t di ka dumaan sa iba?’”, bwahahahahaha!!! I’m so nasty!!! Hehehehehe!!! But I just loved it…one way or the other…

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I’m currently reading a book now about a girl named beauty who is half-human and half-fairy…well, well, well…I’m into fantasy this days…we’re planning to watch Spiderman tomorrow…I’m not so sure if it’s with Alex, if I can’t convince him, well it’s a pity!…lol

Dear God, hope his mom is ok…please take care of our parents, his and mine. Amen.

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She Come Undone07.02.04

I’m reading this book, She Come Undone by Wally Lamb.

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spent with Malensky07.01.04

Malen went to our place, we watched 50 First Dates and Pretty Woman. The movie was good and it felt good watching those films eventhough I’ve memorized evry…luv fetched me today at work, he’s really super sweet. I’m very lucky to have him…love him so much!!!

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