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After a very long week of working, Malen and I found some time to relax and have fun. We watched Troy at SM Marilao. We came around 12:00 noon. The movie was great. In the movie I love the most is Bradd Pitt (Achilles), second is Eric Bana (Hector) and the last is Orlando Bloom (Paris). I wonder why Orlando Bloom’s not good in swords but best in archers…looks like the same with Lord of the Rings…lol…hehehe…

A sypnosis of Troy:

In ancient Greece, the passion of two of history’s most legendary lovers, Paris, Prince of Troy (Bloom) and Helen (Kruger), Queen of Sparta, ignites a war that will devastate a civilization. When Paris steals Helen away from her husband, King Menelaus (Gleeson), it is an insult that cannot be suffered. Familial pride dictates that an affront to Menelaus is an affront to his brother Agamemnon (Cox), powerful King of the Myceneans, who soon unites all the massive tribes of Greece to steal Helen back from Troy in defense of his brother’s honor.

In truth, Agamemnon’s pursuit of honor is corrupted by his overwhelming greed – he needs control of Troy to ensure the supremacy of his already vast empire. The walled city, under the leadership of King Prium (O’Toole) and defended by mighty Prince Hector (Bana), is a citadel that no army has been able to breach. One man alone stands as the key to victory or defeat over Troy – Achilles (Pitt), believed to be the greatest warrior alive.

Arrogant, rebellious and seemingly invincible, Achilles has no allegiance to anyone or anything, save his own glory. It is his insatiable hunger for eternal renown that leads him to attack the gates of Troy under Agamemnon’s banner – but it will be love that ultimately decides his fate.

Two worlds will go to war for honor and power. Thousands will fall in pursuit of glory. And for love, a nation will burn to the ground.

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keanu reeves (neo of matrix) marriage with alan clumming (night crawler of xmen), really shattered my equilibrium!!!!!!….whaahahahahhahaha!!!!…is this the matrix revolution?!?!?!…well…

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i have this recurring dream…before i can reach a certain place, i have to go to some hardships and obtacles, as if im on a mountaineering obstacle game…i have to go and past a crocodile, big dogs, rock climbing, run very, very fast, etc…and everytime i have this dream, i am with someone that i don’t really know, and sometimes i have to leave him on our trail and sometimes we will finish the race successfully…but ALWAYS after that dream, I AM VERY, VERY TIRED…hey what does it mean??!!?!?!?!?

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