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Wedding Pre Nuptial Ideas06.26.13

“The Family that works together, stays together.”

Our QA Family in Concentrix had our photoshoot for the office’s June event called Wedding Jitters. We are so fortunate that we have in the team a professional photographer and make up artist. You can check out our different themes or ideas that you can use for your own pre nup.

Location: UP Diliman. Make sure that you will get your permit to shoot from the Office of the Community Affairs (if I’m not mistaken). If you have in your team an alumni, make sure that you ask him/her to get the permit or else, you have to pay for it.

Photographer: Jetti Pili. You can check out his newly created facebook page here: Jet Pili Photography

Edited by: Me :)

Make-up Artist: Jack Jorel Castano

THEME 1: “Forced Love”
Actor: Erickson Cabonita
Actress: Shiela Elio

THEME 2: “I love ME”
Actor: Jack Jorel Castano

THEME 3: “Marriage to Oneself”
Actor: Jack Jorel Castano

THEME 4: “Same Sex.Same Love”
Actor (in white): Jack Jorel Castano
Actor (in printed): Roberto Umali


THEME 5: “Timeless Love”
Actor: Erickson Cabonita
Actress: Riza Angeli Mercado


THEME 6: “Romantic Love”
Actor: Erickson Cabonita
Actress: Riza Angeli Mercado


THEME 7: “True Love IT IS”
Actor: Roberto Umali
Actress: Riza Angeli Mercado

If you like the themes/ideas please help us win the contest by liking the following before JUNE 28, 12 noon:
1. First like:

2. Then support us by liking our entry here:
Quality Assurance – E-Comm

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Live With Enjoyment09.07.12

Enjoyment is not something you take. It is something you give.

Enjoyment is not a function of your circumstances. Enjoyment is a choice you can make, regardless of the circumstances.

When you choose to enjoy where you are, it opens your eyes to the positive possibilities. When you decide to enjoy what you’re doing, your effectiveness skyrockets.

Enjoy your day, and you add joy not only to your own life but also to all of life around you. Enjoy who you are, and from who you are will flow great and meaningful value.

Give the gift of your own genuine enjoyment. Demonstrate your gratitude and immense respect for life by truly enjoying each precious moment.

Instead of reacting to life with frustration or disappointment or anger, make the choice to enjoy what life brings your way. Live with enjoyment, and give the best of who you are.

— Ralph Marston

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Movie Review: The Avengers04.27.12


Who will not love a movie with smart plot, action packed, full of witty lines and raining hot bodies? Should I add more? :)

The story line is not hard to follow. It is believable that The Avengers have to fight Loki and his monster gang to save the world, after all Loki is a God and a bitter God is not a good thing. I’m not an avid comic book or an anime fan so I just took the movie without any judgement on how honest it is with the canon story line. The great thing about this movie is how it never gets boring. If a line will go to a possible boredom, there will be something to break it, like a funny line or an action which is good. The special effect is awesome. You can really say that the amount they’ve spent on the special effects’ worth it. The Avengers is a great summer movie, must see with friends and family! :)

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My Own List of Awesomeness02.21.10

I was surfing on the internet the other day and I’ve stumbled this amazing website that sites 1000 awesome things. It was amazing how they were able to come up with hundreds of awesome things, some things are spectacular, some are simple, yet all of them are awesome.

So I’ll try to share some of my own list of AWESOMENESS. If you have your own, leave a comment and let see if we have the same. Wait for my AWESOMENESS #1!

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