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SS501 DVD – 2008 Japan Tour Grateful Days Thanks for…(Japan Version)12.17.09

Christmas do come early! Yes!

Thanks to my very loving sister for this! After giving me so much, me kasunod pa? Just keep it coming! Hehehe

Love yah! Love yah!



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SS501 CDs for Me12.15.09

Who is the best sister in the world? It’s not other than my sister, Ate Kayen. Yup! That’s true! Why? Because aside from being so understanding and uber nice, she will give me SS501 CDs with DVDs for me when she gets back home on the 25th! WoW! At long last I’ll have my very own original SS501 merchandise. And it’s not just one but three! Bwahahaha! I’m so happy! Really, really happy! Because it’s so hard to look for the boy’s CDs here in Manila. I’ve checked our (Triple S Philippines Forums) sites on how can I get hold of their CDs and you can read other fans’ account on how hard they have to go through and look for before they were able to get at least a copy one of the three of CDs that was released here in Manila. I dunno how long I will and if I can complete my SS501 collection but who knows, right?

Here are the CDs that Ate Kayen got for me! Love it! Love it! Unnie, kansamhanida! Saranghae!

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my SS501 designed tattoo10.22.09

I’ve got a new tattoo!

It’s my very own design because of my love for my one of my favorite Korean boy band, SS501.  If you want to use the same logo, credit back here! You can also see me holding my SS501 mug and the picture of me and Kim Hyun Joong on the background.

I’ve heard that the boys will be coming here in the Philippines by January 2010.  Who wants to go “SS hunting”?  I’m willing to take days of absence from work to do that! LOL!  Let’s join forces and be there!  For sure, the Triple S Philippines will be going.  I hope that all the JoongBoers will be in attendance too. :P  Seygero!

By the way, don’t forget to buy their latest album, coming out tomorrow, October 23, titled Rebirth. Preorder your copies now!  Honestly I’m confused by the release dates, so to make sure that you’ll get your copies ASAP, order now!

More info about the new album:

Group SS501’s new mini album photo was revealed.

Though SS501 collection album which consists of members’ solo songs was released in June, this has been 1 year 7 months since all 5 members come together for an album release.

This album jacket photo that was released this time shows SS501’s masculine sexiness and intensiveness with their dark smoky make-up. A wide variety of photos were also included displaying their gratefulness towards their fans who have been waiting for them for a long time.

With the release of this album jacket photo, SS501 will also release individual members’ photos on 14th and 16th.

There will be normal and special edition of this album release, the special edition album will consist of 100-page flip book styled diary cum photo book and poster which will be released ahead with the normal edition.

Credits : OSEN + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

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SS501 – Pregnant Idols09.20.09

Yup!  There were old videos of my favorite idols, SS501 experiencing pregnancy for 24 hours.  I’ve learned several things from them about pregnancy and of course the group was hilarious and very, very cute.  You have to watch it for yourself.  At least you’re warned about their cuteness and all. :P

Screen shots from the show:

SS501 – Picture Taken (September 2007) for the show and they all look different now. They’ve changed so much in the last two years.

SS501 – with the pregnancy experience jackets (is that how you call it?)

SS501 – with the babies – so cuteee!

Here are the links for the show:
Episode 1 (1-2)
Episode 1 (2-2)
Episode 2 (1-2)
Episode 2 (2-2)

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