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New Book for the Twilight Series, NOT Midnight Sun03.31.10

When I’ve heard that Stephenie Meyer will be launching another installation for the Twilight Series, I thought that she will continue writing the draft, Midnight Sun which is the version of Twilight in Edward’s POV (point of view). Have your read it? I can say that it is really good! Click HERE to check Stephenie’s take on the illegal distribution and the link where you can download a copy.

So you can say that I was saddened to hear that the new book will come from another vampire’s point of view. This time it will be from Bree, a “newborn” vampire recruited by antagonist Victoria from the book three, Eclipse. The book’s title is, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”.

Here, read the news from YAHOO:

Well before “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” hits theaters on June 30, “Twilight” fans will be treated to a new glimpse into author Stephenie Meyer’s vampire universe.

On June 5, the 36-year-old multimillionaire author will release “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner,” a novella that takes place concurrently with the events in the third “Twilight” book, “Eclipse.” Only this time, the bloody tale of revenge and romance will be told from the perspective of Bree, a “newborn” vampire recruited by antagonist Victoria (to be played by Bryce Dallas Howard in the upcoming film) to kill human heroine Bella Swan (played, of course, by Kristen Stewart).

If fans are confounded by the news that a minor character from the series is the star of the first “Twilight” book in two years, they’re not the only ones. “It’s a surprise…I never intended to publish this story as a stand-alone book,” Meyer says on her website. “I began this story a long time ago-before Twilight was even released. Back then I was just editing Eclipse, and in the thick of my vampire world…. I started writing from Bree’s perspective about those final days, and what it was like to be a newborn.”

The short story was originally slated for the upcoming tome The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide, but when Meyer’s publisher informed her it was far too lengthy for inclusion, they decided to release it as a separate book instead.

Anyone skeptical that the wildly successful vampire-genre author is just trying to bleed her fans for more money can rest easy-starting June 7 at noon and until July 5, the entire story will be available at for free. “You all have bought a ton of my books,” Meyer noted on her site. “I wanted to give you this story as a gift.”

The book will also be released in hardcover by Little, Brown on June 5. One dollar from the first 1.5 million copies sold in the U.S. will go to will go to the American Red Cross International Response Fund to help ease crises like those in Chile and Haiti.


Before Meyer decided to release “Bree Tanner” to the public, however, this short story was lent to “Eclipse” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg to help her understand how Victoria-the vampire set on making Bella and Edward pay for her lover’s death-created her army of newborn vampires, and to provide details of the vampires’ feeding frenzy in Seattle.

Readers of the novel may recall Bree’s unique role in Eclipse-she was the only newborn vampire left alive after the Cullens (the good bloodsuckers) triumphed. But as the title indicates, Bree’s second life didn’t last very long. After being tortured by a member of the Volturi, Jane (played by Dakota Fanning in the film), Bree was destroyed for breaking the cardinal vampire rule: Don’t reveal yourself recklessly to humans.

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Stills03.31.10

It’s time for us to drool again!!!!

We’ve got the new still and picture/poster from the recent Twilight Saga movie, Eclipse.

I love the love triangle here! But I still go for Team Edward!

The poster for the movie.

Edward and Bella at the meadow.

I’m so excited to see this! I hope that I could see this with Ate Yen coz she’s Team Jacob. hehehe. Anyway, we know that Bella ends with whom, right?

June 30, please come soon!!!!

SOURCE: Eclipse The Movie . com and Yahoo Movies . com.

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Movie Reaction: New Moon11.25.09

This may sound so sad but it’s the truth…I’ve seen the movie last Saturday (November 21) on my own. I tried to find someone who would want to watch it with me, according to my own ridiculous time/schedule. The reasons why I’ve seen it alone: most of my girlfriends have seen it, since it was shown last November 19 here in Manila, or they were planning to watch it with their sisters/families, or my Howe, the love of my life, did not want to (since he have not seen Twilight and according to him it seems that there are no action scenes in New Moon), or my Ate Kayen, who’s also a die hard Twilighters cannot watch it with me since we’re miles apart…so in short, I decided to see it alone.


For my movie reaction: Honestly,  I was not expecting much from New Moon.  From all of the series by Ms Meyers, the book New Moon is my least favorite.  Possibly because I’m Team Edward and as you know, he’s like as if only in the 1/4 of the book.  I love the book New Moon, but for me, Bella and Jacob’s “time” felt like as if it’s dragging and when I read the book again for the third and fourth time, I skipped it from the part after Bella and Edward separated to the part before she jumped from the cliff.  So to enjoy the part where Bella spends her time with Jacob in the movie is really unexpected for me.  I can even say that some of the exciting parts in the movie New Moon were in times when Bella and Edward were apart.  You can add the fact that we can see good chocolate abs from Taylor Laurent, who played Jacob and from the rest of the wolf packs. hehehe.  Something also stuck in my head were the smoothness of camera movements and angles inside the garage when Bella and Jacob where trying to fix the motorcycles.  It so smooth and really well done.  Very good camera skills!

Now, back to Bella and Edward.  I cried after I’ve read the book when they broke up in the forest and I also cried when they broke up in the movie.  Both were heart breaking, as if I can feel Bella’s pain.  The director was able to capture what I had imagine when I’ve read the book.  Though I have not yet experienced breaking up with my first ever boyfriend (and I intend not to), I was frightened that I was able to relate with her, especially when she was crying and was curled in pain crying out Edwards name.  I can’t forget that scene…I love it!

I also love the part where the Cullens specially Jasper and Alice have a bigger role in it since they are my second favorite vampire couples.  What I missed is the house of the Cullens from the first movie, their not the same right?  Or this one was shot inside the studio…I dunno.

I also love the make up of the vampires here, it’s not too chalky white.  Just about the right whiteness.   I don’t like the whiteness of Dr Cullens when we first saw him in Twilight (when he checked up Bella, after the van accident).  His face was so white there, as if he’s trying hard to be a vampire.  For a change, they’ve got red lips too.  Kissable lips only it could kill you.  LOL!  I also love Bella’s look here.  She looked so natural.  Kudos to the make up people!

I also love the Wolf pack.  They were all simply yummy.  LOL.  You can say that Jacob really stands out from the rest.  While in the movie theater, I heard a serious question from a teenage girl seating few seats away from me, “how come that the werewolves were wearing shorts after  they change back into their human form?”  I just thought…what?!? Is she expecting to see more from the guys?  Haller?! Of course there’s no need to see them yanking back their shorts after turning back into human, right?  That one made me LOLed.

I love love love the Volturi clan.  Pity that all the screen time for them was less than 10 minutes. :(.  How I wish to see more of them on the third and fourth film, but I doubt with the third one.   Dakota Fanning is a really good actress.  She uses her eyes here to frighten me! LOL!

For the ending, it’s somehow anti climatic and how it ended like a so so.  But I understand this since in the book, there’s no question on how much Bella loves Edward and vise versa but what I can’t understand is…if you love someone, isn’t the natural course to get married and prove your love to them?  I dunno, maybe it’s just what I see and believe in.  But even in the book, I was just kind of left hanging in the lala land when Bella denied Edward a marriage when she’s willing to be with him forever and ever and ever.  Right?  Hmmm….

All in all, I will give Edward five stars…hahaha…just kidding…I’m giving New Moon, 3.8 stars out of 5.  I can say that this is better than Twilight since I felt as if it’s not dragging.  Congrats to the cast and crew!  Can’t wait for the Eclipse! :)  I hope to see it with someone this time…

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New Moon – Jacob Black Poster08.09.09

Who says that Edward and Bella are the only ones with solo poster for New Moon? Of course, we can’t left behind Jacob. The man who’s in the 3/4 of the book, New Moon. Taylor Laurent actually look so good here.  I wish I can find a bigger copy of this.  If you have, please give me the link by commenting so that we can repost it!  What an abs!

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New Moon – Edward and Bella Posters08.03.09

They (Summit Entertainment, probably, right? LOL) released the latest Edward and Bella posters. I just love Edward’s poster. See that golden brown eyes! I’m swooning! And Kristen Stewart is perfect here! I just love this too! :)

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No Cameo Roles for Stephenie Meyer in New Moon08.03.09

An interview by Lev Grossman for with Director Chris Weitz of the New Moon movie appeared online. Enjoy the interview and the official trailer for New Moon. Coming out this November!


I grabbed a quick interview with Chris Weitz on Thursday afternoon at Comic-Con. It almost didn’t happen, because I had a signing right before it, which ran over (and which mostly consisted of me watching Jacqueline Carey and Patrick Rothfuss signing books for fangirls anyway. But you know, dedication to the craft and all). Then Weitz was staying at the Hard Rock, where the elevators require that you have a guest pass, which I didn’t have … so yeah, I was late.

But he was very mellow about it. We talked about Twilight fandom and the lessons of Golden Compass and Weitz’s natural estrogen levels. But we will begin in medias res with a chat about the Twilight panel from that morning…

Chris Weitz: It was this crazy thing, which everybody was kind of warning us about. 7,000 Twilight fans in a room screaming for Rob.

Me: It’s an uncanny sound. I think only teenage girls can make that sound.

That high, keening noise.

It’s like Beatlemania.

That’s the only thing I can think of, the Beatles. You see old footage of that type of thing. It happened in Montepulciano, when we were shooting there. It was like The Birds, but with young girls. You’d turn a corner and there would be one or two or three. And the next time you looked there would be 10, 20, 50, 100.

Then before you know it gas stations are exploding.

Exactly. I think basically the panel today would have worked perfectly for the fans if it had just been us sitting there, and they could just look at Rob and Taylor. Maybe Rob and Taylor would move a little.

Taylor seems the most comfortable with this level of scrutiny. He doesn’t squirm as much.

It’s funny. In a way he’s the least prepared for the intense scrutiny, but he’s very balanced about it. Whereas I think Rob and Kristen are very sheepish about it. Not that they don’t appreciate it. But they’re thrown a bit by it.

They just seem very human about it. I mean, who would not be freaked out by that?

If you enjoyed it too much it would be weird. It would mean you were addicted to that kind of adulation. The thing is, there’s so much love coming towards you, but you can’t really tell whether it’s towards the characters or the actors themselves, or towards an image in the media. and that’s strange.

I guess I should ask you about the actual movie. How done is it?

It’s pretty done. It has to be done. It has to come out on November 20. Which means we sort of have to hand it over October 30. Which means the picture has to lock August 30. And so in a few weeks it’ll be locked, the visual effects are in good shape, all the R&D on the more complicated, more ephemeral effects is being completed.How weird was it, stepping into somebody else’s franchise?

It was a bit odd at first. But then again it’s pretty amazing to have a huge fan base just dropped into your lap. And it was a pleasure to be able to deliver faithfully on a book. With Golden Compass I felt that by being faithful to the book I was working at odds with the studio. But Summit understands that it’s Stephenie Meyer’s world, and really it’s about recreating the experience the reader has, in some kind of faithful manner. Creating a picture that doesn’t violate too badly the picture they have in their minds.

Was there technical stuff that you learned on Golden Compass that was useful here?

There was, yeah. It was really CGI boot camp. That was over 2000 special effects, and each one went through 200 or more iterations of, you know, what the talking ferret was doing at that point. Now to do werewolves and so forth is frankly no biggie. I mean, you still have to get things right, and take care of the process, but the bizarre things that you do — like, now we’re going to go check the DPX files, and oh, we’re going to have a CineSync with Tippett, cause they just uploaded the files to the FTP server — that kind of stuff is now, yeah, OK, we’re going to do that. Whereas the first time around I was like, what? We’re doing what? What are you talking about?

The effects really did look good in Golden Compass.

That is the most successful element of it, I think. The effects were beautiful and elegant. I’m really keen on settling down the special effects into the world around them, rather than trying to blow anyone away. That’s something I’m a stickler about.

How closely did you follow the look-and-feel of the first movie in New Moon? Did you want to make it your own? Or do a seemless transition?

I think there’s a balance possible. I do want to make it my own, and I’m not really interesting in tweaking the world in the digital intermediate so that it gets this kind of blue gloss which the first movie had. I’m much more interested in having a fuller palate, and a richer palate. And we’re able to shoot some scenes in sunlight, eventually, which is really kind of nice. And to shoot interior scenes that have a kind of rounded glow to them, like the Volturi … bad-guy headquarters, for want of a better term.

The footage today looked great, and there wasn’t even any FX in it.

Not that you would notice. There’s little stuff like, everytime you see Edward as an apparition he’s been shot against a green screen and then taken out of the picture, and then treated and put back in. So you do a lot of work just to make it seem like he’s sort of there. And then there’s a lot of wire removal and stuff that you don’t notice.

I hope there’s sparkling in this one.

There will be lots of sparkling.

Is it weird to be a guy directing Twilight? Since it’s a franchise that’s considered more for … the ladies?

I think at first it was odd for the fans when I came on board. There was a question of whether I was going to kind of try to bring some amped up macho mentality … I wouldn’t even know how to do that. I think I’m pretty fem. I have a lot of estrogen.

At first Stephenie was a bit surprised that I had been brought out as a first choice. But we met and chatted and it all worked really well.

Is she going to have a cameo in this movie?

She’s not. But now I feel bad about it — as though I intended not to. But I had kind of forgotten that she had a cameo in the first one, and she never asked, she’s very quiet and gracious about it. I don’t know if she wanted to or not. I probably should have.

I liked the vibe between Bella and Jacob. It felt real, but also different from the way she interacts with Edward.

Taylor’s very much like the character, tremendously sunny and upbeat. And Kristen is very protective of Taylor, actually. He’s 17 now, and Kristen’s been working since Panic Room if not before that. She wanted to make sure Taylor was protected from the world, and that works perfectly with the dynamic of the book.

I have to say, his torso in the clip you showed today was unlike any human torso I have ever seen.

It’s pretty astonishing. He did work very very hard.

Was that CGI?

I swear to God, it was all his hard work.

Source HERE!

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Here comes the Volturi!!!07.27.09

Before I post the part 2 of my Harry Potter and the Half Blod Prince movie reaction, click HERE for part 1, let me share this very cool pic from the upcoming New Moon movie.  Presenting…

The Volturi Clan (and the Volturi crest)

According to the source, HERE, this is not a fan art nor a manipulation but an unofficial New Moon images since it’s believed that it’s leaked from Summit Entertainment.  So far looking at the pictures, I’m loving it!

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