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scanned pictures05.13.11

What I love about the digital world today is the capability to store information in small packages. I’m thinking of saving my old photographs when I was kid from elementary, to high school, to college. Isn’t great? I’m planning to buy a scanner to have it all scanned or a scanning software, if possible. I can’t wait to share it to my friends and relatives abroad. Maybe I could upload this on an online networking site or here in my blog! hehehe

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getting old – my two cents01.15.11

I’m not a vain person and that’s the truth. I even welcome aging because it’s a natural part of life. If you won’t accept it, it’s like not accepting something as unavoidable as living. But on how you accept and adapt to it is entirely a different matter.

Some people resorts to simple beauty products, like anti wrinkle eye cream for all those laugh lines while some opted to get operational help. If you think that it can help you and then you will feel good after doing it, then do it. Just make sure that there won’t be risk for you, physically and mentally.

All of us will grow old but how fast you grow old is up to you. If you continue living as carelessly as you were when you were younger, it will definitely show in the nearest future. Everyone should take care of his/her body. Don’t drown yourselves to vices. Start a healthy living. Change to a healthy life style.

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new business ideas01.10.11

I was thinking of putting up a business this year. After mulling about it, I have several ideas but I need to study thoroughly first if it’s feasible and if the income will be okay. One of the ideas that I had was franchising a well known siomai food stand. The food was affordable and delicious so it’s good for the majority of hungry peeps. Another one of the ideas that I had was putting up a gadget accessories stand, where you can buy different stuff for cellphone units, music players and also Iphone accessories. So what I need to find now are people who can help me finance and study the profitability of setting up either a food or accessories stand. If you know how, just leave me a comment and I’ll appreciate it much! Thanks!

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not getting any younger12.02.10

I should have done it when I was younger.

I should have listened to them.

I should have decided and got one.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the agents who are trying to sell me insurance plans. I should have gotten a plan when I was younger. I only realized this when I turned 30 and learned that I still did not have any insurance plan, of any type, from any company.

But I’m planning to remedy that, because I’m going to check an agent and get insurance quotes for me and even for my little niece.

I don’t know how long I will still have a job and care for my family. Suddenly things like this worries me now. Ohhh! I know what this is! It’s a sign of aging…in mind.

Any suggestions what should I get?  Please don’t tell me it’s for memorial…. :(

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Do-IT-On your own11.30.10

The major problem that I have for the past few days is my 3-door apartment.  Why?  I never knew that putting up that kind of business is really expensive to put up and to maintain.  Just this weekend, my main struggle is the electricity of the houses.  I don’t have the time to go to the electric/hardware store to shop for the things that I need.  Luckily, I can use the internet to stop, and even to install parts because of the provided easy to use part replacement videos and free online repairs for most of the parts purchased or needed to repair.   I got to order the tecumseh parts and others that I need online, I found a site that ships the products that I purchased even on the same day.  How cool is that?  The biggest catch?  I can even return any part for any reason, even electrical or special order parts!  Yes!  Hooray to the inventor of the internet! hahaha.  I wish you could do online shopping for men — can install and repair online…LOL

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kitchen faucet dilemma09.30.10

It was a dilemma!

How can a simple piece of metal can cause so much headache? It all started when my contractor asked me what type of kitchen faucet will I use for the apartment rooms. If you will ask me, I would have liked to install the auto sensor type, it would have been amazing, right? But I have to think of the budget, so, it’s not really gonna be okey since it’s kind of a little bit tight. Oh I remembered something, because when we traveled last year in Hong Kong, I envied the people of Hong Kong because all of their public toilet inside the malls or even in the fast food places have auto sensor type faucet. Awesome right?  That’s how rich people are there!  They would have preferred it, no other way!

So back with the kitchen faucet, is it gonna be the slider or the one that you have to rotate?  What are the pros and cons?  Is it gonna be gold or silver?  Ohhh…I want it in color green!  :P  Stainless steel or not?  Stainless steel, of course!  How far from the sink?

Answer to all of the questions?  I just gave my dad the money and the power of attorney to decide!  LOL!  NO more kitchen faucet dilemma! :)

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bathroom house09.28.10

I think I have mentioned this in before and I will never cease in mentioning it again…

If you’ll ask me, my favorite part of the house is the bathroom.  Why? Because you can do everything there for as long as you’re willing to change your ways a little.  Of course, you can take showers there and all of your daily routines, but aside from that, you can relax there if you want by installing a bathtub.  You can also sleep there just like in your bedroom.  Now, if your bathroom is really clean, you can also eat there.

I kind of thinking about building a bathroom house.  As in it’s a house but when you come inside, it’s like a big, big bathroom.  Maybe I can build that idea in the second floor of my apartment building with all the necessities like bathtub, pedestal sinks, shower, toilet bowls, and maybe a jacuzzi.  What do you think?

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dream gift08.30.10

My niece loves theme parks, adventure rides and of course Minnie Mouse. So my dream gift for her is to have Disney vacations abroad, it could be in Asia or in USA. I know that for some it’s no biggie to give their kids or their little love ones that kind of gift but for people like us who were not born with a silver spoon, it will take months to save for that kind of adventure. I often join contests where the award will be trip abroad plus a Disney vacation for two. I always pray hard and hope that I win…and I know I will!

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ties that bind07.30.10

I wish I knew how to properly tie mens ties. I’ve dreamed of doing that since I first saw the movie Pretty Woman by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. It feels so domestic and yet so domineering at the same time. Feels so sweet and yet so possessive. They also say that men ties maketh thee men suit. It does not matter how good your suits are, if your tie does not compliment, better go naked.

I wish that I knew how to tie my man’s ties….sadly he does not wear one.

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laptop life span07.20.10

Gosh! I can’t believe what happened to my boyfriend’s laptop. He got this last year, around January. After one year and five months, the device won’t just turn on. When we had the device checked from it’s service vendor, we have to pay half the price of the laptop because of the faulty motherboard. It is really not acceptable! The device came from one of the leading laptop manufacturers in the market. I just wished that it took at least more than three years to get the worth of money spent.

I promised myself that I will not buy that brand of device. Ever again.

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