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It Started With A Kiss 2 (They Kiss Again) – Episode 12 (English Subbed)03.09.08

I know it has been a slow update. I don’t want to sound as if I’m ranting to the good people who are subbing ISWAK 2, it’s just that I love to see the ending of last week’s episode and can’t wait for the next one, episode 13.

Episode 12 is still on-going. Please check out for updates!

Thanks to and GLORIAWEN from ISWAKFANSUBS.BLOGSPOT.COM! Good work guys!

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nakakanosebleed na love story03.02.08

Tagalog naman…

Ha! Puro na lang para ke Don Pepe. Be rebellious! Tag-lish (Tagalog-English) naman! :)

Just want to share…wait…english yun eh…o eto na, here it goes…

A friendship emailed me about her love story, I don’t know what to tell her o kung anong advise ang pwede kong i-share…Pano kung mapahamak sya? Edi kasalanan ko pa. It’s very intestines (magulo)! Hmmmp! Basta!

Maybe you can relate to her story. You know! Kaya kaw na ang maghusga… Medyo mahaba ang love story nya… Go lang… Read na…


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the BODALICIOUSNESS in me12.30.07

What more can I ask for? When Reynz, her highness above all royalness awarded me the Bodacious Blog and believed that I possess the bodaliciousness that nobody can ever dispute. EVER! :)

And may I quote,

Unbelievably one of the coolest angels in the water that I have ever ran across! I warn you, if ever you meet her, you better bring some painkillers and anything to calm you down because you’d be laughing off your behind uncontrollably at all of her antics!

(Teary eyed…) Thanks Reynz for the award! Mwha! Mwha! And if it’s from REYNA, it must be GOOD! Mwha!

Now to be called a Bodacious is an honor.  Let me forward this honor to the following people…


“If only Roadrunner could talk, for sure, Carolina could beat her to it. This girl is a really fast talker. The exact opposite of late-Kuya Cesar. hahaha.  I pass her the Bodacious Blog for her beautiful smile that could really brighten up your day and for her insights about things that you would not think of thinking. Encouraging people is also one of her strenghts”



“She could beat Kristeta for being so frank. Tagos sa heart. Promise! She could tell you what’s on her mind, especially if she knows that you need a good spank, either to your heart or to your butt.”



“A lady with a big heart, a big smile and a loud mouth. (admit it!? hahaha) You will know where she is even from the distance. hahaha. She’s my senior at work and always taking care of me like a baby. She’s also one of the main reasons why our offiice will never go dull…will never be boring. Always generous and very giving. (Thank you sa gift mong bag! Love it!) She can always find the reason to laugh, but if needed, could be serious – a deadly one.”



“You will never have your piece of mind if you are with her. She’s so macoolet! She’s called the “INBOX-KILLER”. Globe could get bankrupt because of the unlimited texting. Maybe she’s the reason that they got the promo stopped (?). She’s a fighter and will always fight for the persons she loves. Most of the time sweet and naughty.”



“Many words would describe Malen. She can be your angel and your demon. She always wanted her friends to be on their best…in all things. Not afraid to say what’s on her mind and will fight for you. A comedian wanna-be. Loves to quote when talking. And like me, she loves Reynz.”I want to see the bodaciousness in you too… :)

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Tag to Beat All Tags12.24.07

This tag is for the love of laugh and for my love, only for Malen. Effort ito Ati! E-F-F-O-R-T! hahaha!

1. Write your name using the little finger:

2. Write your name using your elbow:

3. Write your name using your forehead:

4. Write your name with the heel of your foot:

5. Write your name using your nose:
ruthie  (this is hard for flat nose peeps like me! LOL)

6. Write your name with your ear:
gt7 ykh6o4

7. Write your name with your mouth:

8. Write your name with your: boobies, jog-jog, future, whateveryoucallit! :)
ftrhjuftgie – (this is not suitable for breastfeeding moms…milk may leak… ;)

And for the gentlemen and boylets, for #8, you may use your: trunk, manok, snake, for the sole purpose of writing your name. Hahaha. You have to linkback Malen once your done.

And now, I’m tagging:
Ambo | Daiji | Hannah | Janis | Joanjoyce | Lizzie | Lui | Mimimola | Part of You | Pusang Maganda | Reyna Elena | Rodney | Sherliez

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Michae Fahatin Reporting08.13.07

Saying what?!

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