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PSP3000 at long last!01.12.11

They say that if you wanted something.  You should write about it and make it a goal.

Not a long time ago, I made a list and I called it my Material List.  I wrote that in one of ticklers.

Check out the list below:

1.  External USB Hardrive
2.  Portable MP3 player (dream of getting an IPOD)
3.  Cellphone (dream of owning a Samsung OMNIA)
4.  DSLR Camera (dreaming of receiving a CANON 40D)
5.  Refrigerator (for Mama)
6.  2nd Hand Car (for convenience)
7.  PSP

As of this writing, I was able to get/receive except one, the 6th on my list.

1.  External USB Hardrive – I received this from my sister, Ate Yen.  Thanks te!
2.  Portable MP3 player – though I’ve wanted the ipod touch, I’ve opted to the cheaper version where it’s ok to use in public and to carry when I’m travelling to and from work during ungodly hours.
3.  Cellphone – Samsung OMNIA is way over my budget, so I got another smartphone but the cheaper one, Nokia E63
4.  DSLR Camera – not the Canon but got an entry DSLR, Nikon D3000 — love it!
5.  Refrigerator – got the Electrolux, Titanum 2-Door for Mama, last last Christmas :)
6.  2nd Hand Car – still saving up for this
7.  PSP – just got it! :)

So, after considering so many things like what version to get, color, capacity.  I opted to get the PSP3000.  Turquoise Green.  I just bought the unit  because this was a lot cheaper.  The unit came with the 5.83 firmware version, so I had my friend upgrade it to 6.20 version so that I can play downloadable games.  Thanks Jepoy for the free upgrade!  So I just have to buy a separate memory card and casing….and I’m good to go!

The lowest price for one package with firmware 6.20 amounts to around P13,000 to P15,000 depends to the capacity of the memory card.  So I can say that I got my on a well-reasonable price, I got the unit for P9800, the memory card for P1400 – it was Sony Memory Card and it’s 8G and the casing worth P350.  Another plus, I got the unit payable for 6 months through my credit card!  Wicked, right?!

So, this is my new baby…I have not yet named it, so can you give me one?  Since my laptop was called Bedell, my DSLR’s called Nikki, I don’t know what to call it….. Hmmmm…..

OK, let’s play!

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my green inspiron, inspires me01.08.09

It was a really a love at first sight.  And this is the reason why I have no gifts at all

Months ago, when Malen gave me the brochure for the laptops she’s canvassing, I saw this green laptop that I immediately fell in love with it and I never really wanted to have a black laptop, add the fact that green is my favorite color so you know… I sooo love it!  At that time, I was just hoping that the price and specs were good so that I have to chance to buy it.

The last time that we went out with my Superfriends, we tried to canvass a laptop for me while were waiting for our pictures to develop.  We saw this laptop from a computer outlet called Silicon Valley.  Now, I remember that it’s where Alex got his laptop years ago but we purchased it from their warehouse at Del Monte.

So we saw the specs, it’s ok and the price was very much right within my budget.  It something that  I wanted but not that wanted…because the color was dark pink.  So I had it ordered in green.  After three days, Louie from Silicon Valley texted me and asked me to come since my order was there already. Gee!  It was Sunday afternoon when I’ve read the message.  It was too late to go out.  I don’t want to travel the laptop with me during night time.  I don’t think I have the guts to do it.  ha-ha!

The next day, I had some minor problems with my credit card that I was not able to get it.  But alas!  I had the time, money and there’s no more hassle for me to get it the next day (December 23) ! Yahoo!!! Texted Louie to prepare it.  I also ask my sister Leah to come with me, just in case Alex could not fetch me.  And around 3:30pm I’m then an owner of a  Green Dell Inspiron Laptop!!! Jump! jump! jump!  heheh…

We have to check everything for an hour to test everything if it was ok.  I also had the memory upgraded to 3G from 1.5G, for only P1700.  So if you need a DDR2  667, 512 MB.  Brand new.  Just inform me and you can have it in a very reasonable price.  Leave a comment or email me…something like that.

So here we are at the store…with Louie from Silicon Valley

From My Green Dell Inspiron

Here’s the box…very simple

From My Green Dell Inspiron

There’s also a free wireless router, a DLink (performance wise – it’s so good)

From My Green Dell Inspiron

Here’s what you can see inside, very nice and compact looking.

From My Green Dell Inspiron

Now see my Green Dell Inspiron Laptop

From My Green Dell Inspiron

Then say, OPEN SESAME! Ang dan-da! silver na silver!

From My Green Dell Inspiron

Here’s a sexy me with my laptop. Green kung green! Hehehe.. I love it!

From My Green Dell Inspiron

I feel more inspired to blog, chat and surf online…sighs…the difference of using a laptop…I’m loving the experience of it all!!!

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new cellphone load scam10.19.08

According to my reader, there’s a new cellphone load scam that we all have to be aware of. I have not verified this or contacted the phone number given by it’s all for you to know or to share…

By the way, wait for my Puerto Galera update on my next post!

Here’s the share…

There is a new share-a-load scam that you cannot do anything about. you would just be informed by 2916 that you have shared a load to an unknown number (even if you hadn’t shared anything to anyone).

i have encountered this kind of incident last sunday. i lost 200 pesos load to 09272635349. and this afternoon P30 was again deducted from my account and was shared to 09276519372. I hope this racket of some shameless people will be put to an end.

i already reported the incident to globe but it seems they have no plans yet of doing anything to stop this illegal activity. such a disappointment!

Thanks to snuffles

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I’m now a busy as a bee, currently on training with Sherliez with our new account for the compnany. Astig itich! We actually need two monitors for this account to work smoothly! Hahaha! Ako I need it,as in I badly need it, one for work-related and the other one is for blog/harry potter/porn-related sites.  Hehehe….

Check my picture while pretending to work…so as Sherliez…

What I don’t like is the schedule…I’m now in the graveyard shift. Huwwaahhh!!!!! I’m a walking zombie again! Big eyebugs and all.

See our pics and the lobby of our other building, but at the same location at E-Commerce Plaza, Eastwood City.

Wala kaming pinatawad, pati sa loob ng elevator…

More updates…SOON!

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domain problems answered – setting up Blogspot custom domain from GoDaddy08.21.08

Four months ago, I purchased two domain names from GoDaddy but unfortunately I wasn’t able to configure the settings for the domains to work with blogspot as my host. So if you’re asking why do I have to purchase it from GoDaddy when I can buy that from Google Apps right? Well I can’t, because I did not yet have my credit card at that time and even if I do, I did not want to use it for security purposes and all. Continue with the story, so I have to email them (GoDaddy) for support and to tell you honestly I was lucky that they answered my inquiry coz a friend of mine was not that lucky at all.

Now I have this headache because of my domain problems coz last month, I got this sudden whim to purchase additional two more domains from GoDaddy even without knowing how to configure it properly. It is possible that subconciously because of pressure,  I know that I will look for the answer to my burgeoning desire to correctly configure all the domains I purchased.

As what the techsupport from GoDaddy told me, that I have to search online for the answer to my concern…at last I found the answer!  Thanks to Raymond from for the post about the correct configuration. Now, not only domain is working but also my is forwarding to

So this is how I configured the settings as I’ve followed the instruction given:

STEP 1. Must have a blog hosted at Mine was

STEP 2. Must buy a domain of your choice from I purchased

STEP 3. Login to your GoDaddy account and click Total DNS Control and MX Records.

Then, set up a CNAME record for the alias www and for the host enter

Create another CNAME record for the alias, in my case it’s pointing again to the host

I also removed the A host that was configured to park my domain to GoDaddy.

Once done, you will see the added host under Total DNS (first image).

STEP 4. Must configure the custom domain on Blogspot by going to Settings>>Publishing and entering your (or address. Make sure that the redirect was checked.

If done correctly, then you can access your site either with ( or ( and you will be directed to (

You can check my other sites and please add them as well on your blogroll….please…please! — my Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley site — still under construction – somehow still under construction – needs update! :) – still under construction

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Wentworth Miller Fans For Charity05.02.08

My hubby, Wentworth Miller from the famous TV show, Prison Break is supporting a charity collaborated by his fans all over the world. Check out his message from the website:

 “It’s my privilege to be a part of the entertainment business, an industry that has reached out to and touched the lives of billions of people around the world. It gives me tremendous pleasure to think that many of those same people have been motivated to reach out to others in turn.

This charitable effort was conceived, organized and executed by a group of generous fans willing to donate their time and energies to a worthy cause. I’m honored to participate in this process, and I thank you for doing the same.”

Wentworth Miller


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busy with shower and celly08.23.07

Busy. Busy. Busy.

For most of the week, what’s keeping me busy is the preparation that we have for a friend at work. It’s her wedding on Tuesday, August 28 and we have a surprise bridal shower for her. It’s my first time to do/prepare a bridal shower party and honestly, I’m nervous. I wanted her to enjoy the day, as much as we enjoyed preparing for her. Though it’s a “rushed” celebration, we have to make sure that she’ll have a good time and I hope that somehow she’ll remember the day, that was her day where she celebrated her last days of singlehood with friends.

Being busy with Jean’s bridal party, it lessened the “inis” that I have with my celly. It’s broken! I was only using that for 7 months and it was broken. Broken agad! Hayyy…kainis… Nasira yung roskas. It’s a folder type unit kasi. Sana ma-cover ng warranty.

Please pray for that, ha? I have to go to Greenhills pa…haay…

So, I’ll update na lang you guys with the pic taken from the party and
my kainis na celly…

Take care to all!

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