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It’s my blog and I can dare right what I have in my mind…

I want to rant and rant and rant. I’m not a person who’s really good in hiding what’s inside my heart. I’m not a plastic person who can simply say hi when I’m so pissed off with people. I honestly wish I could drag them by the hair and slap their faces… so that they could wake up from their dream that they’re not perfect and oh so righteous.

Some realizations…

There are people who only knows how to blame others with so-so without even thinking if they’re doing the same mistake. It’s good to say what’s on your mind but when you raise a problem, don’t blame people, look at the issue, especially if you’re also doing the same mistake. Don’t take yourself out from the picture. It is so very easy to point fingers to others but don’t forget that while you are doing that, four of your own fingers are pointing at you.

Jealousy is root of all evil. People will always be jealous of others. I will make them all more jealous… ***evil laugh***

You can not please everybody. So if you can’t…just shoot them. Har har har. Kidding…or not? :)

I really have to be careful when choosing people I make friends with. I don’t have to make friends with people I’m handling. This is a big mistake on my part. Thinking that making friends with my subordinates are good because it will be easier for them to open up and approach me if there is something that I should be aware of. I will not say that I will ditch my friends/subordinates, I will just be careful in choosing new ones. Who knows who back fights me right?

When I post something in Facebook, people will always assume it’s about them. Peeps, NEVER ASSUME. It’s not always about you. You are not the center of the universe.

I will not change myself because of your feedback. I will always be true to myself, especially when I know that what I’m doing is right.


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Diet Frustration04.01.12

I’ve been a member of the most prestigious fitness center here in the Philippines but so far what I’ve experienced is the Yo-yo of me loosing weight and then gaining it again after couple of months. It’s so frustrating! I’ve been told that exercise and diet must always go hand-in-hand. And I so agree to that! I even think that I should get a nutritionist to understand what are the food needs to be eaten and what are not. I really wanted to do this because I also want to take care of my family. frustrating!

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Apathy and Love05.05.10

The opposite of love is not hate but indifference.


My sister got into a motor accident weeks ago. Thank God she’s still alive and she did not have any broken bones in her body. She got bruises and scrapped face, arms and legs. True, maybe an angel is indeed watching over her. We’re all thankful for some of the people who saw the accident and helped her. One of the onlookers is a pastor who even prayed for her while the others gave her new soap and cleaned her wounds. So what’s wrong in this picture? Of course, it’s not the onlookers who helped her but the people who caused the accident.

She got into an accident because of a ball. There were group of people, teenagers to be exact, who were playing basketball near the road and while they’re playing, the ball bounced into the road hitting the motorcycle, making the ball slide between the tires. This made her lost her balance causing the accident. After that the teenagers just run and left my sister and my future sister-in-law, who were with her (her tandem) literally smashed between the pavement and the scooter. If they just help her, we would not have been mad. My parents even went to the Barangay Hall and reported the incident. Our anger should have been abated if they helped her. How could some people just live her lying on the road? Thankfully there were no cars or trucks that passed by…

I’m enraged on how some people just left her and amazed (and thankful) on how some people helped her. How can apathy and love exist in one location, one situation, and one circumstance? I just wished that it would have been just love, but we live in a real world where real things happen. We’re just lucky that she was not seriously hurt and thankful for the people who helped her.

Look at her scrapped toes and the blueish smallest toe.

Scrapped knee

Scrapped heel

Bloody arms

bruises on her face, the day after the left side of her face turned all blue

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election time again…woot! woot!12.20.09

Honestly, I’m excited every time it’s election time or season. Why? Because everyone was so hyped up doing something good for others and the good thing about it is they let everyone know that they did it! Ha! ha! Hmp! I don’t know if people with jobs in administration is having a harder time than the people in opposition when it’s election time. Is it harder to save face or build one?  I don’t know if they’re in dilemma right now, but what if we get the chance to vote yearly?  That way we will know if they’ve done something beneficial for all because for sure they will tell us.  It’s election time again, who will I vote?

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ECE no more01.28.09

My licensed expired 3 years ago and up to this moment, I still have not yet renewed my license and the PRC (Philippine Regulatory Commission) already removed my course from the curriculum and changed it to Electronics Engineering. What?!?! What happened to the Communications part? What’s the reason for this move? Is the subject matter so vague that they have to stand with Electronics alone? I’m no expert, and I don’t claim to be one but I hope that they will bring back ECE to the curriculum. It feels like what I’ve studied for five years did not have any bearing at all, career wise. And the worst of it all, I have not made yet a rubber stamp with my name plus ECE number in it!

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dead tried09.05.08

I don’t know why I was so stressed the second to the last night of my grave yard shift that was last Thursday. I even cried to Alex. He fetched me from home to work almost three days in a row now; maybe he can feel that I’m forcing myself to go to work every night that’s why he’s doing it.

I don’t know why… I really don’t know why I just cried in front of him, telling him that I’m so tried of working and that I want to resign. Maybe I just a need a vacation, just some time to unwind. I feel so stressed lately because of the night shift. For the first few nights it was ok but not after a week. I can feel that I’m not so myself. Maybe I’m sick because I have slight fever or maybe I’m simply dead tired.

I don’t know why, I just felt envious of Malen’s future plans of renting a condo unit just beside our office at Eastwood. Then that made me cry again, because how nice it is to get enough sleep on an air conditioned room after work or something. Go Len! Let me sleep over ok?

If I may suggest, I would like you to try to use moving pods since you need portable storage for some of your stuff from home right? I envy your independence girl! Take care alright?

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domain problems answered – setting up Blogspot custom domain from GoDaddy08.21.08

Four months ago, I purchased two domain names from GoDaddy but unfortunately I wasn’t able to configure the settings for the domains to work with blogspot as my host. So if you’re asking why do I have to purchase it from GoDaddy when I can buy that from Google Apps right? Well I can’t, because I did not yet have my credit card at that time and even if I do, I did not want to use it for security purposes and all. Continue with the story, so I have to email them (GoDaddy) for support and to tell you honestly I was lucky that they answered my inquiry coz a friend of mine was not that lucky at all.

Now I have this headache because of my domain problems coz last month, I got this sudden whim to purchase additional two more domains from GoDaddy even without knowing how to configure it properly. It is possible that subconciously because of pressure,  I know that I will look for the answer to my burgeoning desire to correctly configure all the domains I purchased.

As what the techsupport from GoDaddy told me, that I have to search online for the answer to my concern…at last I found the answer!  Thanks to Raymond from for the post about the correct configuration. Now, not only domain is working but also my is forwarding to

So this is how I configured the settings as I’ve followed the instruction given:

STEP 1. Must have a blog hosted at Mine was

STEP 2. Must buy a domain of your choice from I purchased

STEP 3. Login to your GoDaddy account and click Total DNS Control and MX Records.

Then, set up a CNAME record for the alias www and for the host enter

Create another CNAME record for the alias, in my case it’s pointing again to the host

I also removed the A host that was configured to park my domain to GoDaddy.

Once done, you will see the added host under Total DNS (first image).

STEP 4. Must configure the custom domain on Blogspot by going to Settings>>Publishing and entering your (or address. Make sure that the redirect was checked.

If done correctly, then you can access your site either with ( or ( and you will be directed to (

You can check my other sites and please add them as well on your blogroll….please…please! — my Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley site — still under construction – somehow still under construction – needs update! :) – still under construction

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Joyceiski Ramiloiski is a total bi-atchi!09.18.07

I seldom post “hate” entry, but with this one, I won’t let it past…

In the company that I’m working for, we need people sa dami ng nagreresign, left and right. So I refered my younger sister, just younger by 2 years. This thing just happened this morning. Bad trip yung nag interview sa kanya from the Recruitment Dept. She’s so unprofessional and very discourteous! Imagine while on the course of their interview, she stated….

“Can you understand English?”

“Think first before you say it. Do you comprehend what it means? O gusto mo tatagalugin ko na lang sayo para maintindihan mo….Isipin mo muna bago ka magsalita.”

And the words were delivered with a very condescending tone…HALLER!?!?!?!

And lastly, before they part…mega comment na naman ang bruha sa sister ko na applicant…

“O baka paglabas mo, kung ano-ano ang sabihin mo sa nagrefer sayo!”

Conclusion? GUILTY!

Ay naku, isa lang ang masasabi ko sa iyo Joyceiski Ramiloiski, in everything that you do, me KARMA. Kaya matakot ka and be professional. I was so disappointed with the outcome of the process. Ok lang sana na hindi matanggap, but the fact na she was very discourteous, well iba na yun. My action?! Aba edi mega create ako ng letter to her Manager, CC ang Supervisor at ang Manager ko. Ewan ko lang! HMP!

As my parting words to my sister….sa buhay, hindi lang yan ang makikilala mo that will try to put you down. It’s just on how you will react to those people. You can let them continue to push you or….umiwas ka pagtulak sa’yo para sila ang madapa. Hindi ba?

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cinema trip02.28.07

I want to see “Music and Lyrics” and “Ghost Rider”! AS IN! I’ve heard so much of Music and Lyrics from Len and red it from Malen, Aimz and Tiana’s blog that I can’t wait to see that…..hmmm…tomorrow I will promise!

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Aruy! aruy! aruy talaga!

I can’t really tolerate pain. Ang sakit talaga promise! It hurts a lot! Sobra! Nasusuka ako sa sobrang sakit! ARAAAYYYY!!!

I had this foot warts or in more common term as “matang isda” for couple of weeks na. It’s more painful every morning after taking bath and when I’m walking long distances. So last Saturday, I decided to have it removed. So far, I don’t know if the pain was worth it. On my right foot, I got 8 warts and 3 on my left. I wasn’t able to take a picture before I had it removed so I don’t have a reference.

So I went to the hospital, which was accredited by our company’s health insurance, in Eastwood. The doctor informed me that the anesthesia was the most painful part of the procedure, and I should have never doubted her. Sobrang sakit talaga. After she applied the anesthesia, she cauterized the wondered part and then scratched or ‘kinayod’ til it bled. After that, she cauterized again to stop bleeding. It was really painful after that, possible that the anesthesia stopped working. But it really made me cry. I drank mefanamic acid, but it did not take affect after 45-minutes or so. So it was really painful…GRABE! According to Dra. Herredia, it will only take couple of days and I could walk normally again. Sana, I’ll be fine sa Christmas Party on the 13th.

I’m so lucky that Malen and Janice was with me that time. They helped me to ride the cab and bus. Thanks to Alex as well for fetching me home. Thank you din Lord for the strength…GRABE!

WARNING: If you have strong stomach, you can see the pics below of my foot warts after they had been cauterized.

whole foot
lower part of the foot
upper part of the foot
close up of the toe

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