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Healthy You: Working on Night Shift04.29.13

If you are planning to work or currently working in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company or in a layman ‘s term – Call Center Industry, you should be prepared to render your working hours during night shift or grave yard shift since most of the BPO companies are rendering services for our customers in the other side of the Globe.  Having said that, even though I’ve been here (in this industry) for nearly eleven years now,  I always find it challenging to be on a night shift since I LOOVVEE to sleep.   :)  And no matter how many hours of sleep I get in the morning, I will always feel sleepy during work hours so here are some of tips on sleep and diet for all of us:

Source, for sleep:
1. Have a sleep ritual. Go to sleep as soon as you can after work. Don’t get caught up in chores, errands, and scheduling. Save this for later when you can devote your full attention to them. Come home from work, relax in the bath with a book, and then hit the hay.
2. If you are exposed to a lot of sunlight right after work, your body will perk up and make sleep difficult. Don’t stay outside longer than necessary before bed and make your room as dark as possible, even if you must resort to blinds, curtains, or a sleep mask.
3. To keep disturbing noise to a minimum, invest in a good set of ear plugs. Unplug the phone in your room. Talk to your family members about taking extra care to be quiet.
4. Avoid the overuse of sleep aids. Sure, they can be a temporary solution, but in the long run they could cover up a larger problem. They are not actually helping your body clock to adjust, so talk to your doctor before using these. (Same goes for alcohol. It might make you sleep faster, but you won’t sleep as soundly.)
5. Avoid caffeine. It might help you make it through your shift, but if you drink coffee too close to bedtime, you’ll have a terrible time trying to fall asleep.

Source, for diet:
1. Don’t eat a huge meal right at the end of your shift. It will just sit in your stomach as you try to sleep, leading to trouble digesting as well as disrupted slumber. Your body will have difficulty burning these extra calories and they can turn to fat.
2. Drink plenty of water throughout your shift. Dehydration can cause cramps and headaches, which can make your shift very unpleasant.
3. Fuel up on complex carbohydrates; these will release energy slowly over a long period of time, versus quick sugar bursts that won’t last too long. Also, protein will fuel your muscles throughout the night.
4. Time your meals and activities to match your “day.”

For Habits, source, me based from experience :) :
1. Try to relax, make sure that your heartbeat is on a rest pace or beat. It will help you if you’ll control your breathing. Don’t excite yourself by thinking of stuff. Try to meditate. Concentrate on something solid, imagine you are looking at a black dot in a middle of a white board. This will relax your mind and help you sleep.
2. It helps my eyes to get tired and eventually fall asleep when I read books. Just make sure it’s not something that will excite you or opt you to continue reading until you’ve finished the book. Like Twilight or Harry Potter. :) Happened to me already and it made me loose all the hours intended for sleep. :)
3. If you need to commute when going home, make sure that no matter how sleepy you are, you will not sleep in the Public Utility Vehicles. Aside from it’s not advisable due to security and all, you will loose your “sleepiness” because you will get the “power nap” couple of hours before your intended sleep.
4. Speaking of power nap, (power nap-napping or sleeping for at least 15-20 minutes) if you need to do this, make sure that it’s in the middle of your working hours. It will revive you for the rest your shift. But if done during commuting hours, it’s a no-no.

Share if you have other inputs on how to be a healthy you while working on a night shift.

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respiratory weakness05.29.08

I’m very thankful that when I had asthma, I was still a kid. They say this type of asthma is not permanent and you will be cured once you get older unless you were not careful when you had it young and it led to complications. So, I had asthma when I was still a kid and I’m thankful that I don’t have it now. But I know that my respiratory system is something that I should always take care of. I could never smoke and always have to exercise, could be running or other that will greatly exercise my respiratory. Haiisss… health is indeed wealth! :)

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am i on hiatus?03.31.08

No I’m not.

I was just busy these past few weeks mainly because of my mom. Last March 1, she had an operation. It was a modified mastectomy on her right breast. Just two weeks before that, she was complaining that her right breast was painful and when you feel it, there’s a lump just below her nipple. That really made me very worried. She has two cousins who died because of breast cancer so you can imagine the panic and worries that we felt. And the lump on her breast was big, it’s about 2cm x 5cm. I asked her to have a check up with the ob gyne so that we would know for sure. The next day, they went to Fatima, which was Wednesday and was advised by the doctor to do a frozen biopsy and mastectomy on the first day of the following week. I feel like everything was so fast, according to the doctor, if it was benign, they will just remove the lump, but if it was malignant, they will remove the whole breast. Imagine the shock that we all felt, that was less than a week when we’ve learned that her breast was aching and the next step will be removing her breast.


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OoTP Posters and FF06.05.07

UPDATE: Thanks to BonnieWrightonline for featuring the pics I’ve taken. Love the site! Always updated with the latest Bonnie/HP news! Very cool staff!

It’s my first day working out at Fitness First there at SM North Edsa. The place was really nice and the equipment was so great! All brand new! The boys were so cute! hahaha! It’s kinda hard to do boy watching…alone… :)

I attended the cycling class called RPM. Sorry I forgot what it means, hahaha. But the trainor told us. I was so relaxed afterwards, had steam bath after work out! Whew! For sure I shred some pounds there. :)

I would suggest to my new Fitness First Buddies to try out the SM North Edsa branch! Go! Go! Go!

And the highlight of my day: I saw the OoTP Poster (or something like pop-up) at the movie part. They got nice Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four movie and nice boat from Pirates but my head swam when I saw the Harry Potter’s. I know it’s been like there for maybe couple of weeks or days but since I’m not always at the mall, it was the first time that I saw it. When I was walking to get there, I first hoped that I brought my digicam and if I didn’t I would settle for the phone cam that I have. Thank God I did have my digicam. I did not know what I was thinking why I packed it with my extra shirt, skirt and undies for my work out. hahaha. I would never know why…

So enjoy the pics. I really love the Bonnie/Ginny pics. Enjoy! Click pics to enlarge!

The over all look of the poster….

Then some solo shots of Ginny, Luna, Neville (from the back…) I have to really get close to shoot this. Good thing the security guard was not there. hehehe…

And lots of Ginny/Bonnie’s solo since she’s my favorite girl character…isn’t it obvious? :)

And a shot from my favorite Weasleys (Ron and Ginny)

… and couple of shots from Ginny again with different angles

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pirates and decisions…decisions06.03.07


Who have not seen yet the Pirates of the Carribean at The world Ends? I’ve seen it last Sunday with Alex. One of our rare movie dates nowadays…hehehe. So. For the movie review, since I’ve seen all three pirates movie, let’s rate the pirates!

#1 – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Part 1)
#2 – Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (Part 3)
#3 – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (Part 2)

Why I liked Part 1 than the rest? Simply because of the staunding effects that made me wanna wait for the remaining 2 parts of the saga. And, the story line and plot was very good (understandable.. :). And I simply love Johnny Depp (but that’s bias since I loved him since from the Edward Scissorhand’s).

I like At World’s End better than the Dead Man’s Chest because I love the fighting scenes from the boat at the middle of the twister thing at the sea (sorry I forgot what’s it called and kinda lazy to google it). That got me dangling from my seat! And it was a complete wrap up of the whole story line. I don’t know why but I kinda liked how William and Elizabeth ended together…just one day after 10 years…how cruel! but it fits the story line, right? While on Dead Man’s Chest, good effects as well but with the story plot…while seeing the end credits, I said…that’s it? Good cliffhanger but I did not like the ending/story line


I decided to loose weight and have a new look. So I enrolled at Fitness First (with Malen, Carol, Sherlie and her BF, and Ella) and had my long hair cut. I got bangs now… :)

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stress alert03.25.07

Ha-ha! What a fitting title! I feel most stressed right now. Maybe because I was not getting enough rest and sleep. Maybe I need couple of days to relax and be away from work. Maybe I need a full-body massage. Maybe I need to write more or maybe I need to laugh more.

This is an old news already. A call center agent died because of stress. Kaya ayokong ma-stress. Hehehe. A friend suggested me to try the Nuga Best. They say it’s good and relaxing. You’ll get tons of healthy benefits from doing Nuga and most of all it’s for F R E E !!!! Yahoo! hehehe… There’s a branch there in Libis, walking-distance lang from the office. I hope I could visit the place soon!

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Aruy! aruy! aruy talaga!

I can’t really tolerate pain. Ang sakit talaga promise! It hurts a lot! Sobra! Nasusuka ako sa sobrang sakit! ARAAAYYYY!!!

I had this foot warts or in more common term as “matang isda” for couple of weeks na. It’s more painful every morning after taking bath and when I’m walking long distances. So last Saturday, I decided to have it removed. So far, I don’t know if the pain was worth it. On my right foot, I got 8 warts and 3 on my left. I wasn’t able to take a picture before I had it removed so I don’t have a reference.

So I went to the hospital, which was accredited by our company’s health insurance, in Eastwood. The doctor informed me that the anesthesia was the most painful part of the procedure, and I should have never doubted her. Sobrang sakit talaga. After she applied the anesthesia, she cauterized the wondered part and then scratched or ‘kinayod’ til it bled. After that, she cauterized again to stop bleeding. It was really painful after that, possible that the anesthesia stopped working. But it really made me cry. I drank mefanamic acid, but it did not take affect after 45-minutes or so. So it was really painful…GRABE! According to Dra. Herredia, it will only take couple of days and I could walk normally again. Sana, I’ll be fine sa Christmas Party on the 13th.

I’m so lucky that Malen and Janice was with me that time. They helped me to ride the cab and bus. Thanks to Alex as well for fetching me home. Thank you din Lord for the strength…GRABE!

WARNING: If you have strong stomach, you can see the pics below of my foot warts after they had been cauterized.

whole foot
lower part of the foot
upper part of the foot
close up of the toe

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