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Palawan…Here We Come!!!10.08.09

I’m so excited! Me and eight of my friends (from work) will be going to Palawan this coming Sunday ’til Thursday. Check out our amazing (proposed) itinerary. What d’ya think?

I’m really anticipating this — the UNDERGROUND RIVER TOUR

Day 1
10am Arrival at Puerto Princesa City

Early lunch in one of the restaurants in Puerto Princesa (personal account)

1-5pm Proceed with the CITY TOUR

5pm Off to El Nido

7pm Dinner in Roxas, Palawan (personal account)

12mn Arrival in El Nido / Overnight in El Nido

Day 2
7am Breakfast (FREE)

-4pm Whole day EL NIDO ISLAND HOPPING (Lunch is FREE, picnic)

Dinner (personal account)

Overnight in El Nido

Day 3
4am Off to Sabang

8:30am Late breakfast in Roxas, Palawan (personal account)

Sidetrip at Ulugan View Deck

Lunch in one of the restaurants in Sabang

UNDERGROUND RIVER TOUR (Lunch is FREE, picnic)/(Lunch is FREE, buffet)

Back to Puerto Princesa City

Dinner (personal account)

Overnight in Puerto Princesa City

Day 4
6:30am Breakfast (FREE)

7:30am HONDA BAY ISLAND HOPPING (Lunch is FREE, picnic)

4pm Drop off point: Pasalubong Center or Pension House

Dinner (personal account)

Overnight in Puerto Princesa City

Day 5
7:30am Breakfast (FREE)

8-8:30am Transfer to airport for departure of 4 guests

12nn Check out of remaining 5 guests

Lunch (personal account)

FREE TIME of remaining guests

2-3pm Transfer to airport for departure of remaining 5 guests


2 NIGHTS ACCOMMODATION in El Nido based on Triple-Sharing Room
- The accommodation will depend on which resort is available.

We usually choose: Marina Garden Resort, Rovic’s Pension House or Og’s Pension.

Most are beachfront.

2 NIGHTS AIRCONDITIONED ACCOMMODATION at YSABELLE MANSION or similar class pension house based on Family Rooms
- Entrance and Shed rental fees

- Places to visit: Iwahig Penal Farm, Crocodile Farm, Mitra’s Ranch, Baker’s Hill, Butterfly Garden or Binuatan Weaving Center, Running Tour to Rizal Avenue, Baywalk, Immaculate Conception Cathedral and Plaza Cuartel

- Licensed tour guide

- Boat & entrance fees

- Picnic lunch in one of the Islands in El Nido

- Note: snorkel rental: personal account

- Boat & entrance fees

- Buffet lunch in one of the restaurants in Sabang

- Boat and entrance fees

- Picnic lunch in one of the islands at Honda Bay

- 3 islands to visit: Pandan Island, Snake Island and a choice between Starfish Island, Luli Island and Pambato Reef

- Note: snorkel rental: personal account (P100-)


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Hong Kong Trip (Day 8) : Bye Bye Hong Kong and Ni Hao Philippines!03.26.09

Why don’t we try it differently?  I’ll post our Hong Kong trip backwards starting from Day 8, March 11, 2009. Okidoks?

I love how Hongkongers are so disciplined. When it says that you have to fall in line at bus stops, they do.  See?  It’s rush hour but people have respect for others that they wait for their turn. I really like it! But in Pinas, na-da!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

This is Sherlie and I, inside the bus.

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Sherlie‘s solo picture. I love this pic because of the fuzzy background.

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Now, I can’t get by without the “Kim Sam Soon” post!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Entering the Hong Kong International Airport

From mar11-HK day8 airport

I love Hong Kong’s airport! It’s so big and so clean! It even has it’s own train (that’s when you arrive…will be posted soon!)! While the other girls were having dinner, I remembered that I still have several dollars in my Octopus card so I used it to purchase chocolates from 7-11. I did not want to return the card but still want to use the deposit worth 50 HK dollars, so I just purchased up to -21. Good deal right?

Hey! I know that gurl! Is that you Malen?

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Check-in time! Please fall in line…. Superfriends adopting the disciplined attitude of Hongkongers. Len, Sherlie, Aimz and Lizzie.

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Angelofthewaters leaving Hong Kong with only four bags!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

It’s no wonder Sherliez got 6 kilos of excess baggage! LOL! Go Lite ka ha?!?!?!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Pa cute in Hong Kong, you’ll never know…somebody might fall in love with my smile…CHARUSH!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Now this is the real smile…

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Hey! Where are you going guys?! Don’t leave me here!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

The clock at the airport showing different time zones. Sorry it’s blurred. I wondered how this will look like if I shot this using a better camera, like DSLR? Calling my Ninongs and Ninangs! LOL!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Please turn off your cellphones, mp3 players, laptops and other electronic devices as we are about to take off…” – STEWARDESS inside the plane (Cebu Pacific, flight 5J143).

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Ma’am sabi po, please turn off your cellphone and other electronic devices as we are about to take off…” – STEWARDESS na makulit inside the plane.  Huli ka balbon!  Picture ng picture inside the plane!

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Teka, where’s that stewardess (na makulit) that keeps on reminding me to turn off my digicam, ha? Hhmmm… So there you are… I see you… I did not have the guts to turn on the flash.  Baka itapon ako sa labas ng plane for not following.  Hahaha…

From mar11-HK day8 airport

Ok, that’s all I have as we left the beautiful country of Hong Kong. We did not encounter any major problems when we checked in our baggages, only minor blips. First, we did not expect that our baggages when combined (Lizzie, Aimz, Len and I) will exceed 9 kilos. For every kilo, people have to pay 70 HK dollars. We were only allowed to have 15 kilos for check-in and 7 kilos for hand carry. Now, we have to do something about it! So after transferring stuff from check-in to our hand carry bags, we were able to lower that to na-da! As in! Well actually, I exceeded 0.2 kilos but the very nice girl did not ask me to pay for the extra. How cool is that? And for another blip, Malen lost her Arrival Card issued when we entered Hong Kong and you can’t leave without returning one. Good thing though I have extra arrival cards as I keep for souvenirs. So that solved it.

We arrived in Manila around 11:40 PM. After getting our bags we head straight to Customs. They asked us what were the things that we purchased from HK. Lizzie mouthed “souvenirs”. So we answered souvenirs. The lady asked us if we purchased any electronic devices and nothing convinced her more when I answered, “It’s cheaper here in Manila and the warranty is better, it’s local.” It’s ok though coz we really did not purchase any electronic gadgets or any of that sort, but what if we did? Meaning, we have to pay for tax or something like that? Gee!

Thanks to Alex coz he fetched us (Len, Sherlie and I), while Aimz went with Lizzie. It’s thoughtful and very nice of him that we dropped off Sherlie in Laguna and Malen in Eastwood. He was thinking that it will not be safe for my girls to commute in the middle of the night. How sweet! Love him! Love him!

I arrived home around 2:30 am. Everyone was so excited to see me home (or my pasalubongs? LOL) that everybody was awake. Since I only have four bags, I decided to give all the pasalubongs right there and then. So after unpacking and handing out my pasalubongs, I slummed in my bed. Feeling at home after eight memorable days in Hong Kong.

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8 DAYS of HIATUS!!!03.04.09

I’ll be gone for eight days!




I’ll be going to . . . . .



Mainggit ang mga inggiters!!! hehehe.. joke!

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38 more days to go01.26.09

What? We only have thirty five days to go and we are on our way to lala land?

I can’t believe it! Time really passes by so fast!  I still have not renewed my passport and here I am counting the days to our trip.  I still have not yet lost the weight that I set and here I am needing the best diet pill ever created to target this goal.  I’m so excited!  I really am.   I just wish that we will not encounter any mishaps, for I’m preparing for this since we’ve booked the flight.

A big thanks to my sister, Ate Yen for all the help!  We love you!

Hong Kong here we come!!!!

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Puerto Galera Saga (Part 1)11.28.08


Since I was in college, it’s always my policy, that… it’s better to be late than never. Then on top of it, I admit that I have obsessive-implusive-compulsive-adhesive chuva! I feel like so many things to do, so little time hmmm….o baka naman kulang lang sa time management? Hayy.. I feel like I should take a week or two vacation leave to update my blogs, to put and edit everything! For sure my friendly friends are going to hate me for posting this too late. Anyways…

Puerto Galera. I’ve been wanting to go here for nearly two years. As what we usually say, I think we’re the only group (of friends and outdoor lovers from work) who have not been to Puerto Galera or as we fondly call it “Puerto”. So after attending Lizzie’s hubby (JP’s) birthday, the plan was formed and the L2SMOC will go to Puerto Galera for our anniversary this year! So here’s the planned itinerary.

6:30AM Assembly at Araneta Center Bus Terminal (Bus going to Batangas Pier) 7:00AM ETD Batangas Pier or
7:30AM ETD Batangas Pier
10:30AM ETA Batangas Pier
11:00AM ETD Boat going to Puerto Galera or
11:30AM ETD Boat going to Puerto Galera 12:30PM ETA Puerto Galera (Cottage Reservation)
1:00PM Swimming / Roaming / Wandering /
6:00PM Prepare Dinner, Cook Dinner, Eat Dinner
8:00PM Socials / Optional to go to the beach (seaside bar)
11:30PM Lights out

06:00AM Wake up call / Prepare Breakfast
07:00AM Breakfast
08:00AM Optional to go on Swimming again
10:00AM Back to Cottage or
11:00AM Back to Cottage (we need to reserve for 1pm trip back to Batangas Pier)
11:00AM Shower / Last minute preparation /
12:00NN Halo-Halo sa Beach side
1:00PM ETD Boat going to Batangas Pier
2:30PM ETA Batangas Pier
3:00PM ETD to Cubao
6:30PM ETA Cubao

So, as what I’ve’s just the planned itinerary, suppossedly in ideal world it should be followed but in reality this is what really happened….

Before DAY 1 – October 24 (earlier)

I’m feeling so guilty. I really wanted to see Reynz before he goes back to the United States of GI Joes but because of work (gee!) and work (gee! gee!) I was not able to.  Please forgive me Reynz!!!!!

I’m going to Puerto Galera tomorrow and I have not yet prepared my things and necessities.

I need a lot of sleep coz I’m lacking of it…been working six straight days for couple weeks and a little bit of double shift on the side for my new account. So in short, I need a lot of sleep.

Nearly…Before Day 1 – same, October 24 (later)

Before going to bed I know that I have to prepare my things. But I’m not sure why I did not, I saw my pillow inviting me to just dip my head for a minute…

DAY 1 – October 25

Luckily I set my alarm right this time with 15 minutes to spare! Ooops not to spare! Not to spare! I just remembered that I still have to pack my things and the worst of it all I’m still sleepy. As in sleepy. I have to had a 5-minute power nap. I did and it all made the difference!

In just a little as 10 minutes — I got to prepare the things that I needed for the Puerto Trip! Minus the soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, tissue, hair clips, extra short, fem wash, digital camera charger, cellphone charger and life vest. Yuuupp!! All minus since I forgot all of it! So that’s why my bag was half lighter than what I used to carry when to mountain climbing. Hehehe…Ay naku!

No need to brag but I was at Jollibee Farmers Cubao at 6:00 am, with 30 minutes to spare, now this time, it’s really spare so I decided to eat there coz I love their Hotdog Breakfast Meal with extra garlic rice! I decided to wait for Aimz then after that we met Lizzie and JP with Lanna and also Malen, then after an hour, Boyet and his kids Alexa (X-Files) and Nicole (Piso) at McDo – Ali Mall, front of the Bus Terminal.

We rode Partas to Batangas Pier at past 8:00am. We arrived at the Batangas Pier after a 3-hour drive full of laughter, picture taking and silly jokes. From the port, we rode a ferry boat to the White Beach of Puerto Galera for nearly 2 hour, because the ferry left a little late than what was scheduled. But I was so excited to see the beach and the sand, that I don’t care if there’s too many people there sand walking already.

We stayed at a hotel near the Coco Aroma resto. The place was ok, good for 4-6 people for 24 hours for only P1,500. The room is clean and there were no mosquitoes..pramis! There’s a television, a closet, changing room, one well-spaced comfort room with shower, two double beds, electric fan and it’s air conditioned. We have to ask for an extra mattress to accommodate us all. I can say that compared to the other hotels near the front shore, the one that we got is kinda the most peaceful and quite with a touch of nature compared to the other hotels.

After changing into our swimsuits (yes! I did wore one!) we swam for couple of hours and took gazillion of pictures. Above and under water since we’re trying to use the underwater camera that Lizzie brought.  Imagine us beautiful girls in our swimsuits, Malen in her off-shoulder pink blouse with matching shorts, Lizzie in a pink tankini halter type swimsuit with black macarena skirt, aimz in her also haltered floral tankini with black shorts and with black sarong and I had 2-piece black swimsuit covered in a green batik sarong.  And thanks to Lizzie coz I did not look like a witch and my hair was not that tangled because of the braid!  And imagine doing it for us the next day too! Mwha! Mwha Lizzie! While swimming in a salt water that’s not too salty, we had our merienda.  We ate Bananaque ni Manang.   Only 10 pesos, it’s kind of cheap really!  And there’s a certain sweetness in it.  According to Manang, they did something to the sugar mixture to make it sticky.  I dunno what it was called… Hmmm….  We also got our customized bracelets but I can’t have “angelofthewaters” coz it was too long so I settled with simply “Ruthie”.  And if you enjoy massage in the sand, braid, and  henna; there are people offering their services for your enjoyment.

We went to the wet market, if you can call it that to buy food for our dinner around 5PM.  And then about 6PM, we preparedour special dinner: salted egg with tomatoes, sizzling sisig, and spicy tuna carbonara, courtesy of Boyet.  After dinner, we started our FHM pictorial in the hammock outside the place where we stayed, where we also had our dinner.  My stomach ached because I laughed too much.  I could not stop myself from laughing because we really did try our best to take a “slimmer” shot of ourselves.  Gee!  I think I’m the one who failed the most.  But that’s not how we ended the night, because we also had a night out.  We strolled the front shore of White Beach.  We checked out the restos and stalls for souvenirs.  I really felt relaxed while strolling.  It was nice.  The air was cool against my face.  Really nice.

Wait for our adventure in our second day at Puerto Galera!

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L2S_MOC Anniversary Trip – Anawangin, Zambales08.04.07

Click here to see my album of our recent nature tripping…the L2S_MOC Anniversary Climb at Anawangin Beach and Capones Island, San Antonio, Zambales.

This is where they shot the most awaited teledrama from GMA 7 – Marimar! AWWW! Premiers August 20.

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Itinerary for the L2S_MOC Anniversary Celebration07.26.07


Day 1 (July 29)
5:00am – Assembly Victory Liner Cubao
6:00am – ETD fro San Antonio, Zambales
9:30am – ETA Pundaquit, Zambales
Arrange boat for Anawangin
10:00am – ETA Anawangin Beach

Day 2 (Jul 30)
7:00am – wake up call
9:00am – Dive/snorkel, Explore Capones Island, light house and nearby island
12:00nn – ETA Punduquit, Lunch and bath.
2:00pm – ETD Pundaquit
5:00pm – ETA Manila – Home sweet home

To bring:
Swimming gears – swim suit, goggles, mask, breathing tube, fins, underwater cam, etc.
Insect repellant – off lotion
First aid kit – containing white flower, paracetamol, bonamine, betadine, gauze/bandage, papertape and your personal needs
Water proof bags
And maraming maraming extra food

Budget: P1000.00 inclusive of 2 way bus fare, boat rent and other fees. Excess money will go to food budget.

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Quickie Updates07.03.07

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated, but there are several good reasons why…

First Reason…

Thanks to Ms. Ae (my supervisor) and Toni for treating me and the sabits (Connie and My-my) for a good movie and a heartful food last June 15. We watched Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer at the Gateway Mall and ate at Burgoo afterwards.

The movie was good and the only thing that I can say is “Flame On!” Chris Evans kinda growing on me…I love his six-pack abs…Naughty! Naughty! Naughty! :)

For the movie, it was very well put together. The continuity of the movie from Fantastic Four is very good. It was well done. All the actors were given almost equal time of exposure. Lines were very good in timing. The graphics very good as well. A very must see movie.

Second Reason…The day after the Fantastic Four, June 16, we attended the Women’s Conference conducted by Doulos. We saw the other women of God powered people from different churches, gathered together to share, to learn and to be blessed.I was nearly awake for 30 hours. My brain was not functioning that well. I know… I had a slight fever the next day and was not feeling really well, but I must say I learned a lot and enjoyed it. It’s so nice to see the G12 again and meet new friends as well.

Third Reason……Camiguin and Cagayan De Oro, from June 24 – June 28.I wanted to give you guys the day-to-day adventure, so I’ll just post it one day at a time (for the pictures, ok?). Let say, my 2GB and 512MB memory card holds it all (indi pa kasali yung sa iba ha!) AS IN! It was one of my best vacation…EVER! So watch for it!Fourth Reason…

Transformers. Transformers. Transformers. Transformers. Transformers.

Super WOW! What can I say? The best cartoon adaptation ever!!! (I hope that they’ll do Voltes V and Voltron soon,coz they’re my favorites) I never even notice that the robots were not real and just computer graphics images. They all felt real! The director, Michael Bay’s fantastic! The actors, Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox was amazing. They say that Megan Fox is the next Angelina Jolie…but is it to early for Jolie to retire. right? :)

I am really impressed by the robot-fight scenes and the plot line of the story. The comic relief scenes were so funny, that’s when they were looking for Sam’s grandfather’s eye glasses and the autobots were outside of Sam’s house. It was really funny…

But for some Transformer geeks…they maybe disappointed with how the creators of the movie did not stay with the true core for some of the robots, like Bumblebee. It’s supposed to be a Volkswagen, but in this film, it’s a Camaro. But it was way cooler…believe me! At least walang nagpependong sa sinehan….bwahahahha…

I suggest you watch it NOW! Kahit wala kang kasama (like me!)….You’ll definitely enjoy it! Promise!

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Space Shuttle Experience05.06.07

Too afraid to ride the Space Shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom? Or afraid to open your eyes when you had the courage to do so? Watch this!

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road trip11.11.03

last Saturday, November 8 was one of the happiest time that we’ve had…i can’t believe it that we’re really together…i’m so happy…really happy…we’ve worked out the problem that we’ve had on our schedule…we decided that eventhough we cannot go on to an overnight…we might as well spend our day relaxing in Tagaytay, 60 kilometers away from Manila…he fetched me around 9am…then we went to Maysan so he could chek out one of his costumers…then after 20 minutes, we went on our way to Tagaytay…we’re kinda hungry so we stopped first at Timog, Quezon City and looked for a place where we could do our brunch coz it’s around 10:30am already…well, we saw Ponciano’s and the food looked good because it’s a home made Filipino style, fortunately, Adrian’s not with us coz if he was, we have to eat again at McDo…hehehe…then around 11am, we left Ponciano’s and head out South…the traffic was okey, not to be troubled at all…we exited at Santa Rosa and then on the way to Tagaytay, our eyes feasted to the wonderful view of the mountain slopes of Pinya’s and coconut tree with the breath of fresh air…on the sideroad, you can see the vendors of different fruits like Pinya, Coconut, Papaya, Banana (still in its Buwig) and some corns as well…around 1:00 in the afternoon, we were already at Tagaytay just one left turn and you can already see the magnifiscent view of the Taal Volcano…though that was not the first time that i’ve been there, i can still appreciate the wonderful view esp the fresh air…as usual Picnic Grove is kinda packed up with people esp in weekends…you can see buses in lines in the parking slot for their educational trip…knowing that we won’t have some peace and serenity in that number of people, luv decided to drove along and look for a place where we can park and enjoy the place and the view…we went to Peoples Park in the Sky (the old house of the Marcos’) and it’s also packed with students too…we drove back again…luckily, along the way we found a gate, a white gate, and there were only three cars parked on that place…we decided to check it…whoala!!!…that place was just like Picnic Grove but its more kind of private, the name’s Nature Discovery Camp…considering that it’s a lot smaller than Picnic Grove but they have a pool, nipa huts, playground, mini forest and clean nice restrooms…if you’re with your family or just couple of friends who wants to go to and spend some time relaxing with some quietness and still have the same view, well this is the place that i would recommend…the entrance is P35 for adult compared to P15 of Picnic Grove…we used the cottage number 6…since we just brought little foods, mainly chichiria, macapuno, pastillas, sampalok, and cassava cake (we bought in Ponciano’s), we didn’t rented any tables…for almost two and a half hours we’re just talking about the latest news on our life…the people around us…Adrian…my family…his work…my work…my passion for mountaineering since we can see the first mountain that we climbed, the Mt. Maculot…and i told him the funny stories…the hardships…the food that we ate…the exhilating feeling when we reached the campsite and the relief as well…the number of times i slipped…the ‘alaskahan’…the smell…the feeling…everything…it’s so nice to talk to him again…i’ve missed him…it’s been a long time since we’ve talked that way…it’s really comforting…coz since i’ve started working, we didn’t have the luxury of talking for more than an hour…and i’m telling you that i’ve really missed it…A LOT!!!…and that’s why i’m so happy coz we’re able to spend some quality time together…which we both need…well, i guess that all relationship needs quality time…and im so happy that we spent twelve hours together…i’m really, really happy…we’ve experienced the fog as well…he’s really excited about the fog coz you can see it coming to us…and i’m so glad that he’s enjoying this as much as i do…it also rained, i think it’s a blessing for us and for all of the people around us…then around 4:00pm, we decided to stroll along the camp…we went to see the Mini Forest…the smell was like, a real mountain smell…it’s really good…then, after 30 minutes of tiring trek because of the 45 degree slope…we rested for couple of minutes and we decided to go so that we can avoid the traffic at Carmona on the express way…along the way back home, we bought some pasalubongs…buko pies, pinyas, papaya and bananas in buwig…then as expected, we encountered a real heavy traffic from Carmona to Sucat…maybe because of the fresh air and the trip, i fell of the sleep…a very deep sleep…i just woke at Munoz…and luv, he didn’t mind it at all…oh, i’m so happy!!!…hope that this won’t be the last time.

by the way, we’ve decided that on our anniversary next year…we’ll go to BAGUIO…overnight…

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