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35 years and counting…02.10.11

The love that will last a lifetime…

Congratulations to my parents on their 35th anniversary.  Not many people will find their one true love and I’m so happy that both of you found yours and that you had us all four (your children) to be the sign on your eternal love for each other.  I will not forget the love you’ve shown to one another.  That will be my guide when I enter my own happy ever after.  Thank you Ma and Pa.

I love you Ma and love you Pa!

Here’s our small celebration last January 31:

Here’s the food

My parents with Alex and Thea

Althea goofing with her cousins

Althea and her cousins with her Auntie Cho and boyfriend,  Derick

candid shot

althea and abby

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personalized calendar for 201101.11.11

I’m not going to make new year resolutions this year, but for sure I will make plans!

To help me with that, I created this customized 2011 calendar with the picture of my family and the week dates that I need for work.  It’s a nice piece to have in my workstation.  I suddenly missed my brother (who’s currently in Japan) while doing this.  So all you need to do is print this and viola!  Personalized calendar for the new year!  You don’t even have to pay much for this!  Just a little bit of creativeness and a little bit of knowledge in Power Point and Paint!

I also included the template, in case you want to download and create your own calendar.  Enjoy making one and show your creative ness! Leave a comment if you need the bigger size and I’ll email it to you!   ^_^

CR: for the wallpaper and for the calendar template

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Happy NEW Year!!!01.02.11


Who wouldn’t love New Year celebratuion???? We LOVE it! Isn’t it obvious?

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check my checklist10.05.10

I’m so excited!!! YIPEEE!!!

It’s going to be a MAJOR, MAJOR trip since we’re going to Singapore and Malaysia on a 5-day full pack adventure with my friends at work.

So here’s my checklist for this trip:

Cross out items you will not need or add items, and then keep the list by your suitcase to check necessities off as you pack.
Packing essentials
Airline Tickets
Picture ID
Cash (a small amount converted to Singaporean Dollars)
Copies of hotel, rental car, etc. confirmations
Emergency phone numbers
Maps (including point-to-point directions to lodging)
Plug adaptor
Telephone adaptor

Self-Care items to pack
Books and magazines
Addresses and pens
Glasses, sunglasses and contacts
Anti-bacterial hand gel or wipes
Hand lotion
Small first-aid kit (anti-allergies, mefenamic, biogesic, diatabs)
Travel pillow
Earplugs or “Earplanes”
Non-perishable snacks

Security items to pack
Luggage locks
Hidden money pack
Luggage name tags
Clothing care to pack
Sewing kit
Oversized ziplock bags with cardboard to pack clothes flat to avoid wrinkles

Clothes (women) packing list
Jeans or casual pants
Jacket or cardigan
Pajamas (save space by using casual tee-shirts for sleeping and daytime dressing)
Shirts (long-sleeved, short-sleeved, casual and dressy)
Hat (look for a crushable travel hat)
Scarves (a couple take up little space, but are great for making the same outfit look different)

Additional, (for my male readers, ‘._.’): Clothes (men) packing list
Briefs or boxer shorts
Shirts (long-sleeved, short-sleeved, casual and dressy)
Jeans or casual pants
Jacket, blazer or cardigan
Suit (if needed)
Pajamas (save space by using casual tee-shirts for sleeping and daytime dressing)
Hat (look for a crushable travel hat)
Gloves, knit hat and coat (in winter)

Toiletries to pack
Small bottles (for toiletries)
Toiletries bag
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Shampoo and conditioner
Small brush or comb
Razor and shaving cream

For souvenirs and memories
Empty collapsible bag for souvenirs
Camera, tripod, lens
Backup batteries
memory card
Journal and pen

anything missing?

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My Princess Birthday Party at 3009.29.10

40 days have past since I celebrated my 30th birthday party….

Nah! It’s not really a birthday party. I just asked my cousins to drop by at our house for an afternoon merienda since I turned 30 and I wanted to celebrate it. Walang inuman. Walang videoke. Merienda lang talaga. Hehehe. :)

But my niece wanted to have balloons for her. So we decided to buy a banner, it just happened that we saw a Cinderella figurine when we bought the cake (thanks Ate Yen for the delicious party size Sansrival cake from Goldilocks!) and the only available banner from the toy store was the Princess Themed banner and the colors of the balloons are mostly pink and white…so there I had my own princess themed birthday party at 30…LOL! If I have known, I would have worn my yellow-gold gown! It would have been awesome!

Thanks to my family, all of my cousins and their significant others, my nieces and nephews and to Howe!

Special thanks to my Mama for the shanghai and caldereta. Thanks Alex for the rest. Love you both! :)

P.S. Thanks to my Kim Hyun Joong for the balloons! LOL!

Enjoy the flood of pics!!!

Me and my banner…title: the five princesses (including me! O_0)

Althea and the balloons

Mom and Althea with the food! yummy!

Thanks Ate Yen for the cake!

It’s making me hungry by looking at this….

cousins and niece and nephew…waaaiiittt, is that you Ate Yen?

same cousins…LOL..Althea, eat baby, don’t just watch

Adrian, Camille, Ate Faye, Kuya Gary and moi!

Ruthie Ganda, Bebeng with ASKier, Nini, Kuya Mike and Manoy

Kim Hyun Joong’s balloon gift…all the way from Korea! :)

My beautiful Mom, Ruthie Ganda and Althea with Husband, este Howe (LOL)

You can see the rest of the pics HERE!

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Up North Trip Day 2 – La Union, Vigan, Ilocos Sur06.25.10

It was January 15 and we woke up early since we wanted to catch the sunrise from the most coveted resort in all of La Union, Thunderbird. Their facilities are amazing. The view from their location is outstanding, no wonder the rate of the hotel’s sky high. See the early morning view? Love it! Love it!

After the trip from the resort, we had back to the house to eat our breakfast. Thanks to Toni’s mom it was so amazing! I love the longanisa together with the sukang Ilocos (vinegar from Ilocos). I also love the danggit and fried fish. After breakfast, we rested for a while then went to Sebay to try surfing the waves! Only Malen and I tried the surfing lesson for an hour. The money was all worth it. Believe me. So if you have the chance to go to La Union, make sure that you will have the chance to try surfing, and even if you don’t know how you have to take a one time lesson from the local, fun and experience surfers.

After surfing, we went back to Toni’s hacienda and took a bath. We are on our way to Ilocos Sur but before we drove there, we have to try the famous Fiesta Casino. Yup, I lost P200 from playing the slot machine. I think it’s only Malen who did not loose money and made at least couple of hundreds. After that we went back to Toni’s place and drove to Ilocos.

We made a short stop to experience how beautiful and romantic nights at Vigan are. It will make you want to hug and kiss your special someone, believe me, coz it made me. Make sure to bring your camera who can shot beautiful night pictures and you will get a lot to remember.

Thanks to Mario’s relatives for the warm acceptance and letting us stay there.

Click here for the rest of the pics!

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Up North Trip Day 1 – La Union06.20.10

Started last January 14 and for four days, me and my friends have traveled up north to conquer the hidden beauty of Northern Philippines. Thanks to Mario for letting us hitch hike all the way to La Union to Ilocos Sur and back.

Toni, our very own haciendera
We have to go now…
Time for big snacks!

Stop over at the Shell along the highway for late, late lunch.

So after work we traveled for six hours all the way to La Union where we stayed to Toni Parel’s hacienda. Her family is very welcoming and we really enjoyed our stay there. It really feels like we’re staying in a hotel since we were really taken care of, we even have all of our rooms air conditioned. So here it us, testing the beds…

Stay tuned for the next days happening and a lot of picture taking.

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Apathy and Love05.05.10

The opposite of love is not hate but indifference.


My sister got into a motor accident weeks ago. Thank God she’s still alive and she did not have any broken bones in her body. She got bruises and scrapped face, arms and legs. True, maybe an angel is indeed watching over her. We’re all thankful for some of the people who saw the accident and helped her. One of the onlookers is a pastor who even prayed for her while the others gave her new soap and cleaned her wounds. So what’s wrong in this picture? Of course, it’s not the onlookers who helped her but the people who caused the accident.

She got into an accident because of a ball. There were group of people, teenagers to be exact, who were playing basketball near the road and while they’re playing, the ball bounced into the road hitting the motorcycle, making the ball slide between the tires. This made her lost her balance causing the accident. After that the teenagers just run and left my sister and my future sister-in-law, who were with her (her tandem) literally smashed between the pavement and the scooter. If they just help her, we would not have been mad. My parents even went to the Barangay Hall and reported the incident. Our anger should have been abated if they helped her. How could some people just live her lying on the road? Thankfully there were no cars or trucks that passed by…

I’m enraged on how some people just left her and amazed (and thankful) on how some people helped her. How can apathy and love exist in one location, one situation, and one circumstance? I just wished that it would have been just love, but we live in a real world where real things happen. We’re just lucky that she was not seriously hurt and thankful for the people who helped her.

Look at her scrapped toes and the blueish smallest toe.

Scrapped knee

Scrapped heel

Bloody arms

bruises on her face, the day after the left side of her face turned all blue

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Pancake but no Pancake05.01.10

After watching Iron Man 2 with Howe, we ate at Pancake House in Eastwood City but no we did not eat pancakes. I ordered their Roast Beef Special. For P231 you’ll get a niclye done and perfectly sliced roas beef and a cup of rice. With that you also have vegetables on the side and Caesar salad. On top of it, this meal set already have iced tea to wash out the tasty food. It’s a complete meal, carbo, protein with veggies and a nice ice tea.

I really wanted to try and order dessert, the frozen yogurt and the best of it all, it says that it’s 98% fat free. But I can’t because I was already full from the roast beef meal. But that’s no biggie since I work about 50 steps away from it so I can drop by anytime I want.

Love the Pancake House! And most of all, I love spending time with Howe. It made the whole dinner a lot more special.

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birthday celebrants04.25.10

Happy birthday to two of my favorite girls!  Malen and Althea!  May both of you have more birthdays to come and have your heart’s desires.  Be happy, always!

We had a birthday swimming celebration for Thea, as she requested. :) Althea with her mom, Leah.

And to Malen, Happy Birthday bestfriend! Love you! I hope that you loved my birthday gift for you.

So happy both of my girls!!! :)

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