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My Christmas Wish for 201311.05.13

This year, all I want for myself and Howe is a healthy baby and if I could choose, I would want it to be a boy. :)

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Wedding Pre Nuptial Ideas06.26.13

“The Family that works together, stays together.”

Our QA Family in Concentrix had our photoshoot for the office’s June event called Wedding Jitters. We are so fortunate that we have in the team a professional photographer and make up artist. You can check out our different themes or ideas that you can use for your own pre nup.

Location: UP Diliman. Make sure that you will get your permit to shoot from the Office of the Community Affairs (if I’m not mistaken). If you have in your team an alumni, make sure that you ask him/her to get the permit or else, you have to pay for it.

Photographer: Jetti Pili. You can check out his newly created facebook page here: Jet Pili Photography

Edited by: Me :)

Make-up Artist: Jack Jorel Castano

THEME 1: “Forced Love”
Actor: Erickson Cabonita
Actress: Shiela Elio

THEME 2: “I love ME”
Actor: Jack Jorel Castano

THEME 3: “Marriage to Oneself”
Actor: Jack Jorel Castano

THEME 4: “Same Sex.Same Love”
Actor (in white): Jack Jorel Castano
Actor (in printed): Roberto Umali


THEME 5: “Timeless Love”
Actor: Erickson Cabonita
Actress: Riza Angeli Mercado


THEME 6: “Romantic Love”
Actor: Erickson Cabonita
Actress: Riza Angeli Mercado


THEME 7: “True Love IT IS”
Actor: Roberto Umali
Actress: Riza Angeli Mercado

If you like the themes/ideas please help us win the contest by liking the following before JUNE 28, 12 noon:
1. First like:

2. Then support us by liking our entry here:
Quality Assurance – E-Comm

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Bridal Shower’s Invitation06.12.11

Below are the sample bridal shower invitation that I’ve edited. Thanks to the original posters!

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Hosted a Bridal Shower06.12.11

This is the fourth bridal shower that I hosted, the first one was for my college then colleague and a friend, Jean Bernales-Notario.  The second bridal shower that I hosted was for an old colleague, Christine.  The third one was last November (2010) for my friend and colleague, Clarinda Santiago-Ang. Now for the fourth (and hopefully not the last), we threw a bridal shower for the future Mrs. Wenning, Ms Marie Fe Domingo.

You could say that I’m no amateur when it comes to throwing bridal showers but I guess I should give a disclaimer that all the things that I know was from the books I’ve read or from internet. It took a lot of research and knowing your friends (attendee and the future-bride) to know what type of bridal shower will suit them. By the way, as of this writing, I have not yet had the chance to host a bridal shower where we rented any stripper, so I can say that it’s always safe fun! :)

Now, for the recent one that I hosted, I would consider Ms Ae (our supervisor) as a very conservative type of person. Instead of giving her a real stripper/dancer, we opted to simply set her up. She was thinking that we rented a male dancer for the night, but we really did not. It was really funny and I had stomach ache after that. All in all, I guess the guests and most specially the bride-to-be really did enjoy the shower party. Here’s the outline of the party, we can do this as well, if you want.

I. Scavenger Hunt
II. Dinner, while checking the pictures/videos for the Scavenger Hunt
III. Naughty Pictionary
IV. Blow-Blow the Condom Game
V. Announcement of the Orange-y Winner
VI. Toasts and messages for the bride-to-be
VII. “Stripper Time” hehehe
VIII. Winding down the night with sharing from more experienced girls (Carol, to be exact…LOL)

I will be posting soon the Official Rules of Scavenger Hunt that I edited from an online expert, the tasks I’ve created for the team, and of course the pictures!!!

Watch out!!!

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Happy Mother’s Day MA!05.08.11

They say that when you get older you will eventually understand your parents more. But I’m a year older than last year but I still think that I’m lacking in that area. But I got one thing for sure, though I don’t understand them better, I know I love them more today than I did before.

Everyone should always tell your parents how much you love them,as often as you can. Don’t wait for the time to say it when they can’t hear you no more. That’s what I’m like. When I think about it, I don’t have problems saying I love you to my boyfriend but that does not mean that I love my boyfriend more than my family, my parent…I just kind of get shy easily saying I LOVE YOU with a serious tone to my family, more so to my parents. I usually do it in a very cutesy way. I just hope that they will take me seriously though.

So today’s the special day for all the mothers in the world…but let me have this space to let my mom know how much I love her and how thankful I am for all the things that she have done for us. I can proudly say that my mother is also my best friend. Our relationship improved as I grew older because it was not always the case (when I was younger…LOL). You can say that I’m the black sheep in the family when I was a little. I’m the kid who always lies and so hard-headed in so many ways. I often got disciplined by my mother, spanking is like my morning coffee.LOL. My father’s usually in abroad working at Saudi. So our discipline and all the attitudes were honed by our mother. When I was a little, I often think that my mom loved me the least. As in I’m the least favored child. This how my mind worked then, my ate (the oldest) was loved because she was the first child and like first love and first kiss…nothing’s like them. My younger sister (third in the hierarchy), was loved because she’s very industrious and loves to clean our house very, very much and I often hear my mom praise her with her cleanliness and how she could help around the house. My youngest and only brother was loved very, very much because he was the only boy and the youngest in the family. What about me? I don’t think I have anything that my mother could love. I’m a hard-headed kid who would do anything she wants. I often lie when I was a little. Honestly, I don’t want to defend myself but I guess my reasoning before was, I should better lie instead of admitting my faults because I know that if I will take the blame, and I’ll be disciplined. Better to pass the blame to my younger sister since she’s favored, she can get away with it. LOL. It’s the making of a witch sister! LOL.

I remembered another incident when my mom’s oldest sister told me how hurt my mom was and cried because of a letter I wrote for her. It goes something like this…”Mahal kita Mama kahit alam kong di mo ko mahal” (“I love you Mama though I know that you don’t love me.”) I think I was in my high school years when I wrote it. I was so rebellious at that time and frightened at the same time. I often thought that my mom did not love me as much as she did with my siblings.

Now I know differently…my parents, my mom loved me for who I am and for everything I am. How can I say that? I dunno…I just feel it. And in return, I will always love you mom and I will be like you when I get kids of my own. Thank you again!

Happy Mother’s Day MA!

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Althea’s Invitation04.21.11

They say that when a little girl turned seven, she should have a mini debut to celebrate her birthday. And that’s what we gave her, my beautiful niece Althea. We gave her a very special 7th birthday!

Let me share to you her birthday invitation.

To save money, we have her invitation printed on a photo paper from Kodak (because it’s the one near at the office). I edited the words on her invitation while her Aunt Abby designed the layout. Unfortunately, I did not have Photoshop to edit and mix the pictures together. Couple of days ago, I took several pictures of her wearing the princess gown we bought for her. So what we have now are: Althea, on her pink princess gown;  a downloaded pictures of the Disney princesses and also a picture of a castle as the background. After Abby combined the three pictures, I edited the words and have it all printed. The final invitation is this….

Expenses: Printing and Envelope – about P400 for 30 pieces

It’s really cheap compared to having this made-to-order in Recto. With the technology today, you can do almost everything on your own.  You can save money and you’ll enjoy making things for the celebrant who’s dear to you.

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Althea’s Pictorial04.06.11

After buying Althea’s dress for her upcoming 7th birthday, we have to have her picture taken because we will use those pictures for her invitation. So I took out my DSLR and shot several pictures of her. Isn’t she cute or what?!?!

She’s kind of shy at first because there where so many kids outside our gate looking at her.

I really like her natural smile here…she look so innocent! :)

This is the full view of her dress. It’s like a princess dress because of the ‘ball gown-layered’ style of it. We got this dress from Divisoria mall for a very reasonable price of P1500 from P1800. It’s a lot cheaper compared to buying it in the mall.

Must pose like a princess!

Another pose like a princess!

For close up, we need this kind of shots for her tarpaulin.

Complete close-up shot, with her tiara. A princess is not a princess without her diadem!

I love how she smiled. You will think that she practiced smiling? Nope, she did not. She got talent when it comes to modeling. She can project herself. She knows that she did not have a good set of teeth so she smiles naturally without it looking so forced (in trying to hide it).

More to come!!!

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Happy 61st Birthday Papa!03.26.11

Happy birthday to my Papu as he celebrates his 61st birthday! He asked us to celebrate his birthday this year with his two favorites, videoke and beer. Nah…I’m just kidding. My father rarely drink, he’s not even an occasional drinker. He only drinks if he likes the person he’s drinking with. So much for drinking buddy.  LOL.  And my dad is so frugal that he thinks drinking beer is a waste of good, hard earned money where in the end you’ll get headache and again waste money by drinking medicines to relieve yourself from the hangover.

So imagine our surprise when he told us that he wanted to celebrate his birthday this year with a videoke and beer.  So we all agreed in giving him his much needed birthday celebration…LOL.  Here are the pictures with some descriptions.

Mama and Papa, smooching…LOL


Althea posing with the big balloon

Sister Leah and college friends

Papa and his friend

Let’s sing happy birthday to you and blow the cake daddy!!!

Chibugan na!!!

Here’s the food…well this is about the 1% of it all..SISIG, adobo, caldereta, spaghetti and cake

Jean and Cheng with Richmond

Kids were also enjoying themselves kahit di pa pwede ang inuman.

The Second generation of cousins – Richmond, Althea and Jairus

MAMA and ASKier

Mama and me, while she shows her talent…hehehe

Papatalo ba si Papa?

Papa and Chona’s extended family.. :)

Mama’s always crying when she sings, Minsan-Minsan because of our baby brother who’s currently working in JAPAN…she misses him so MUCH! Miss you too Dodong!

My future sister-in-law, Abby

Mahaba na tong post ko ah…pero mas mahaba ung inuman nila nung gabing un! :)

My relatives..goofing…as always..:)

SERIOUS naman daw…

It’s the SARIO couple.. :P

the Sarios with Ate yen

Papa and Howe

Ate Faye and Kuya Gary with my nephew, Adrian

Wala pa bang susuko?  LOL

Click HERE for the rest of the pictures…kala nyo yan lang noh? LOL
Until next year!!!! :P

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valentine card02.21.11

It’s the second one I received from him…EVER! He said that he can’t write love letters, so it’s gonna be so hard for him to give me one. I said just write what’s coming from his heart and what ever it is, it’s the best because it comes from his heart.


It’s a simple card and this is all that I can share….but please do know that it’s so sweet and I love it.

He knows how much I love bath tubs so is that the reason why he got me this?

Now isn’t this sweet EPIC or what?

***kinikilig to the bones***

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valentine date – a road trip02.20.11

We had our valentine date yesterday – road trip up north!

It’s been a long time since we did this, with all the busy-ness in the world, it’s no wonder.  I’m just glad that we were able to celebrate Valentines this year.  I really like it when we have road trips because we will have the chance to really talk.  Yesterday, we were talking and  talking for almost 10 hours and I love every minute of it. :)

I hope that we can do this again. Can’t wait!

By the way, here are some of the road shots:

I love this bridge because it’s white…

I love the trees cause it’s making an arc for us.. :)

We had lunch at Matutina’s in Tarlac

Here’s our food, Sinigang na Hipon, Boneless Bangus Belly and Grilled Pusit

I love this grilled pusit, it’s soft and so fresh!

Then we went to Clark to buy some goods from Duty Free, then we discovered something…who would have thought that the Nayong Pilipino now is in Clark, in their Clark Education City. I really need to visit that again soon, maybe together with my niece. She will love it!

Till next time…

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