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Good Thing with Smorty12.29.07

This coming 2008, I wonder how am I going to finance all the stuff I had planned for the whole year. First of all, since early this year my best friend (Malen) and I are planning to go to Hong Kong and aside from that, I really wanted to buy my own laptop. It’s not much but with all the responsibilities that I have from home, no wonder I’m thinking of ways to earn more to fulfill this dream. I’ve checked all my resources and what came up really surprised me, I’ve been blogging for almost four years now and it never came to me to use my blog for money. Yes! You’ve read it correctly; I decided to get paid for blogging.

This is how it started, before Christmas; we had a reunion with our college buddy Mimi. Malen and I went to her place, there at Altura, San Juan. Funning thing was, it’s like a reunion plus Blogging 101. Aside from talking about recent news and happenings, we also got to talk about being bloggers as well. They’re the same people who gave me an idea to get paid to blog.

I applied online to one of the best blog advertising site on the internet now. I’m amazed on the offers made by the site. You got to believe that my application was approved within 24 hours with no hassle at all. I even got three pending tasks to do. I just applied online last night and when I got up this morning, I checked my email, whoa-la! I got approved and could start posting right away. Smorty is a service that bonds great advertisers to bloggers (like us!). In simpler terms, they help us make money from our blogs and we still get to post about the things we love. Who could ask for more? With their help, I believe that the chances of fulfilling my plans is more brighter than before and who knows…maybe, it could be more.

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blog revenue12.28.07

This is the one that we’ve been all waiting for, the santa who will grant our wishes, not just during Christmas season but for each and every day of the year. The one that will lead us to our financial freedom.

What I’m talking about is the best blog-advertising site, called the Basically, it is a service, connecting great advertisers to potential bloggers (like me!). It’s a very simple way for us to earn money while writing about the things we love at the same time.

To have this kind of opportunity, where you get paid to blog is such a wonderful thing. Try to imagine yourself, sitting in the comfort of your home at the front of your computer and at the same time, you are earning money on the blogs that you posted about certain products or offered services by an advertiser is simply brilliant. Whoever conceptualized the idea of blog+advertising is remarkably genius.

Blog advertising is a quick and definite way of increasing consumer’s/user’s awareness of a certain product or services an advertiser offers.That is the reason why it’s such a big hit in the internet industry. If you want to earn and still express your own view, be a blog advertiser!

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4 Questions in Spending10.06.07

As per receiving this from email, I know I have to follow this, with the big plans that I have that needs big $$$$$$, I must wisely spend what I’m getting every kinsenas and katapusan. A seminar by Unleash Internation regarding budgeting or personal finance, talked about managing money especially between what you need to what you want.

According to them, you have to ask 4 questions before buying something. If you say yes to all the questions, then go ahead and buy it!

1. Gusto ko ba to? Do I really, really want it? Do I really, really, really, really, want it? Na para bang, you cannot sleep if you don’t have it by the end of the day. - Usually we say yes to this one. And most of us buy for this reason. Pero dapat daw we have to ask another question.

2. Do I really need it? As in kailangan ko ba talaga to? As in I’ll be dead if I’ll don’t have it. - A hard one but this need to be clearly defined. Do I really need it or not? Is it a necessity for me and for what I’m doing or about to do? Kaso sometimes we tend to justify it. Kahit baluktot ang dahilan basta ma justify lang at mabili ang gusto natin. So we need to answer the next question…..

3. Kaya ko ba to? Am I really capable to buy this? Kaya ba ng kadatungan? – Simple question and marami na akong gustong bilhin at hindi ko na binili kasi hindi ko talaga kaya. Credit cards not included. Pero paano kapag malaki na sweldo mo o yung kinikita mo at kaya mo nang bilhin ang gusto mo? Itanong mo daw yung question # 4.

4. Gusto ba ni Lord? Will Nya ba yan? – Difficult question but you would ask yourself also. Does God want me to have this? Is this God’s plan or will for me to have this? Or is this thing a part of what God wants me to do? Most of tjhe time, hindi daw ito masagot kaagad. You have to think before buying the item. Talagang mahabang pag-iisip. Matagal na matagal hanggang nakalimutan mo na yung gusto mo or may iba ka nang gusto na hindi mo kayang bilhin. Hitting two birds with one stone, you are saving money and buying only the necessities.

I-PU-NAN NAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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