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Construction Supply Business03.30.12

I really wanted to start a business soon. But I can’t think of something I’m good at or even something that I can make money from. A friend of mine went to the province and shared a story about her uncle putting up a construction business and making a lot of money out of it. I’m thinking of doing the same but I really don’t have any contacts on where I can buy good price for construction supply. But I guess I have to consult my investor first, right? So how about that for a business, hardware and construction supply store?

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dead tried09.05.08

I don’t know why I was so stressed the second to the last night of my grave yard shift that was last Thursday. I even cried to Alex. He fetched me from home to work almost three days in a row now; maybe he can feel that I’m forcing myself to go to work every night that’s why he’s doing it.

I don’t know why… I really don’t know why I just cried in front of him, telling him that I’m so tried of working and that I want to resign. Maybe I just a need a vacation, just some time to unwind. I feel so stressed lately because of the night shift. For the first few nights it was ok but not after a week. I can feel that I’m not so myself. Maybe I’m sick because I have slight fever or maybe I’m simply dead tired.

I don’t know why, I just felt envious of Malen’s future plans of renting a condo unit just beside our office at Eastwood. Then that made me cry again, because how nice it is to get enough sleep on an air conditioned room after work or something. Go Len! Let me sleep over ok?

If I may suggest, I would like you to try to use moving pods since you need portable storage for some of your stuff from home right? I envy your independence girl! Take care alright?

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another award02.08.08

I want to thank my QA family for giving me this award. This is the second award that I received for this year based on my performance from the previous year. Just like the other award, it was given to cite my top performance for the account that I’m handling. I’m really honored and touched. I promise that I will do my best and I will continuously improve myself not just for the company but for myself as well.
When they asked me to share my best practice at work, I told them that…


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It was defined by Merriam as an expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude. I think on my case, it is gratitude. Yes…yes…gratitude. And I think the feeling is mutual. I would like to thank them for giving me the chance to prove myself and for allowing me to grow in the best possible circumstance that they could provide. This is for the company that I’m currently working on, thank you for showing me your appreciation, 5T worth of GC. :)

What do you think? After 10 years, will I receive 10T? hahaha. On the positive side, at least they’ve got something for us, right? Even in the smallest form of appreciation. Haayyy… Do you think it’s time to move on greener pasture?

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Blessing I-Disguise12.24.07

Yup! You’ve read it correctly! Blessing i-disguise and not in disguise, that’s the title of my post for today. It’s now 24th of December (5 hours before Christmas) and I’m here at home blogging and thinking of my recent mishap.

Last week, our supervisor, emailed and asked us what was our preferred holiday-off. Since I work in a call center company, we really don’t have holidays, even if I’m part of the off-support department, imagine that! We’re far more better (I think…) than the Operations Dept. The message says that, we have to choose either, January 1 or December 25.  I chose the first option, January 1, so that I don’t need to wake up early.  And it was also my papable’s birthday. Days after the emails were sent; we received the copy of our 2 week holiday schedule. I was so happy! Imagine, this was the schedule that I had.

I can say that I had the best schedule. I’m out of the office for the Christmas and New Year’s day, plus my 2 rest days were not separated. This was so good. I felt overwhelmed by this, I immediately emailed my Supervisor, thanking him for the schedule that he gave me, praising him for his kindness and everything.  With matching mwha! mwha! at the end.  I was in heaven for the whole day, bragging about my rest days to my other colleagues here. ha-ha! But my time of bragging came to an end when the next day our Supervisor informed me that he was mistaken. And his attention was caught by the email that I sent to him.  Eng-eng me noh? He apologized and emailed us the correct schedule.  huhuhu.  If I don’t love him at all (hi Sir!) for sure I would really get mad and not agree with the changes made.   So here’s the new sched…

Now, I’ll be working on Christmas…away from my family…away from him.

Moral of the story: 
“Some good things never last” and “Some good things are ment to be…secret.” LOL!

I’ll just enjoy my Christmas, wherever I am.  :)

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GY again10.10.07

Tonight, October 9, is the start of my night shift. Starts at 9:30 til 6:30 the next day. Wahhh! I’m so sleepppyyy…zzz…zz…z… as in! Super antok ako, til makita ko tong pic na to…


Kaya mo bang makipagtitigan ng more than 10 seconds? Ako indi…
Parang ID pic nya noh!?!?! hehehe..

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Letter for the bi-atchi09.21.07

UPDATE! UPDATE! on the previous “THE BI-ATCHI” entry. hehehe.

Dear “NAME OF MY MANAGER”,This is how I would like to raise this concern to “NAME NG Manager ni BI-ATCHI”. Thank you for the assistance.

As a humble employee of “OUR COMPANY”. for 4 years now, I’ve been a witness to its growth from a promising nameless enterprise into a multi-account world class technical support center. I take pride in supporting its goals along with its drives and campaigns, one of which is the “Employee Referral Program”. I perceive ERP as an intelligent tool to invite only the best individuals to join our ever growing “OUR COMPANY” family. On this context however, it saddens me to bring attention an incident which happened yesterday between an applicant whom I referred and one of the recruitment personnel by the name of “‘THE BI-ATCHI” As narrated by the applicant, below is the transcript of their conversation.

In the course of interviewing the applicant…

“THE BI-ATCHI”: So, why do you want to work in a call center?
Applicant: I want to work in a call center because the salary here is above minimum.
“THE BI-ATCHI”: What do you mean it is above minimum? Give me the fixed amount.
Applicant: Ma’am, I don’t have any idea for fixed amount, the expected salary is above minimum.

In conversing about salary and company compensation…

“THE BI-ATCHI”: “Can you understand English? What part of…you cannot comprehend? O sige para madalian ka, tatagalugin ko na lang…isipin mo muna sasabihin mo bago ka magsalita” (in an insulting tone)
Applicant: I am sorry Ma’am….

And before the interview ended…

“THE BI-ATCHI”: “Tatawagin na lang kita, compose mo muna yung sarili mo sa labas. Baka mamya pag labas mo kung ano anong sabihin mo sa nagrefer sa’yo.”

Failing a job interview is no extraordinary, but being embarrassed and insulted during a job interview is totally a different story. I doubt if you’ll disagree with me if I say that this is perfectly unacceptable. Needless to say, “THE BI-ATCHI” has shown excessive arrogance and authority over the applicant. I could have just let this passed while I sit on the hammock enjoying my favorite chamomile tea, but I am choosing to make a stand. As I keep my loyal service and genuine labor to the company, I also maintain vigilance in protecting its interest. I wonder if we are willing to put the good name and reputation of the company at stake if we allow this to continue. I am afraid that same behavior may be inflicted to other applicants if no appropriate actions will be taken. More than a protest, I consider this as an avenue for everyone’s improvement.I submit to your objective mind and good judgment.

O-ha?!?! Ambigat noh? We’ll have to wait for the feedback pa. Actually my intention’s not to have her terminated, I just wanted her to learn something from this experience. Bawal ang DOREEN!!! hehehe!!!!

And lastly, thanks to my very good friend Julius for the composition and for always being my chamomile tea, este coffee lang dear…hehehe

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Joyceiski Ramiloiski is a total bi-atchi!09.18.07

I seldom post “hate” entry, but with this one, I won’t let it past…

In the company that I’m working for, we need people sa dami ng nagreresign, left and right. So I refered my younger sister, just younger by 2 years. This thing just happened this morning. Bad trip yung nag interview sa kanya from the Recruitment Dept. She’s so unprofessional and very discourteous! Imagine while on the course of their interview, she stated….

“Can you understand English?”

“Think first before you say it. Do you comprehend what it means? O gusto mo tatagalugin ko na lang sayo para maintindihan mo….Isipin mo muna bago ka magsalita.”

And the words were delivered with a very condescending tone…HALLER!?!?!?!

And lastly, before they part…mega comment na naman ang bruha sa sister ko na applicant…

“O baka paglabas mo, kung ano-ano ang sabihin mo sa nagrefer sayo!”

Conclusion? GUILTY!

Ay naku, isa lang ang masasabi ko sa iyo Joyceiski Ramiloiski, in everything that you do, me KARMA. Kaya matakot ka and be professional. I was so disappointed with the outcome of the process. Ok lang sana na hindi matanggap, but the fact na she was very discourteous, well iba na yun. My action?! Aba edi mega create ako ng letter to her Manager, CC ang Supervisor at ang Manager ko. Ewan ko lang! HMP!

As my parting words to my sister….sa buhay, hindi lang yan ang makikilala mo that will try to put you down. It’s just on how you will react to those people. You can let them continue to push you or….umiwas ka pagtulak sa’yo para sila ang madapa. Hindi ba?

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