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Valentine Fever02.15.09

See how we (colleagues) tried to find dates for the Valentines Day? They’ve come up with a dating cum texting game. The girl with the highest number of text messages will win the date and the girls were all from M.D. (Matandang Dalaga, Oldmaid) club.

I just love the QA’s humor!  Priceless!  I’m not sure if I can leave my QA family…  It’s making me sad…

By the way, nobody won the date coz nobody texted! hahaha!

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I’m now a busy as a bee, currently on training with Sherliez with our new account for the compnany. Astig itich! We actually need two monitors for this account to work smoothly! Hahaha! Ako I need it,as in I badly need it, one for work-related and the other one is for blog/harry potter/porn-related sites.  Hehehe….

Check my picture while pretending to work…so as Sherliez…

What I don’t like is the schedule…I’m now in the graveyard shift. Huwwaahhh!!!!! I’m a walking zombie again! Big eyebugs and all.

See our pics and the lobby of our other building, but at the same location at E-Commerce Plaza, Eastwood City.

Wala kaming pinatawad, pati sa loob ng elevator…

More updates…SOON!

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Blessing I-Disguise12.24.07

Yup! You’ve read it correctly! Blessing i-disguise and not in disguise, that’s the title of my post for today. It’s now 24th of December (5 hours before Christmas) and I’m here at home blogging and thinking of my recent mishap.

Last week, our supervisor, emailed and asked us what was our preferred holiday-off. Since I work in a call center company, we really don’t have holidays, even if I’m part of the off-support department, imagine that! We’re far more better (I think…) than the Operations Dept. The message says that, we have to choose either, January 1 or December 25.  I chose the first option, January 1, so that I don’t need to wake up early.  And it was also my papable’s birthday. Days after the emails were sent; we received the copy of our 2 week holiday schedule. I was so happy! Imagine, this was the schedule that I had.

I can say that I had the best schedule. I’m out of the office for the Christmas and New Year’s day, plus my 2 rest days were not separated. This was so good. I felt overwhelmed by this, I immediately emailed my Supervisor, thanking him for the schedule that he gave me, praising him for his kindness and everything.  With matching mwha! mwha! at the end.  I was in heaven for the whole day, bragging about my rest days to my other colleagues here. ha-ha! But my time of bragging came to an end when the next day our Supervisor informed me that he was mistaken. And his attention was caught by the email that I sent to him.  Eng-eng me noh? He apologized and emailed us the correct schedule.  huhuhu.  If I don’t love him at all (hi Sir!) for sure I would really get mad and not agree with the changes made.   So here’s the new sched…

Now, I’ll be working on Christmas…away from my family…away from him.

Moral of the story: 
“Some good things never last” and “Some good things are ment to be…secret.” LOL!

I’ll just enjoy my Christmas, wherever I am.  :)

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CDO and Camiguin08.18.07

It’s better to be late than never. :) I now finished uploading pictures from our CDO and Camiguin adventure last Jun 24 – June 28.

Click the picture for the link on my web album! Maglaway este enjoy!

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