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Survivor’s Blog about the Norway – Utoya Massacre07.25.11

Below is the blog of the one of the survivors as she recalled her chilling experience in the Norway shooting incident, massacre that killed more than 90 people and left several people wounded.

I condemn, condemn this act of inhumanity! May God bless all the families and friends who suffered because of this incident.  After reading her blog, I was really frightened. I can’t imagine that young people will experience this terrifying and traumatic incident because of a crazy man, who thinks he’s fighting for something.  And even if he is, let your voice be heard but not through this, no, not like this.

By Prableen Kaur, 23

I woke up. I cannot sleep any more. I’m sitting in the living room. Feeling grief, anger, happiness, God, I do not know what. There are too many emotions. There are too many thoughts. I’m afraid. I react to the slightest sound. I will write about what happened on Utøya.

What my eyes saw, what I felt, and what I did. The words come straight from the gut, but I will anonymize many names out of respect for my friends.

We had a crisis meeting in the main building after the explosions in Oslo. After that there was a meeting for members of Akershus [a county bordering the capital] and Oslo. After the meetings there were many, many people around and inside the main building. We consoled ourselves that we were safe on an island. No one knew that hell would break out with us too.

I was standing in the main street [of the island] when panic broke out. I heard shots. I saw him shoot. Everyone started to run.

The first thought was: “Why are the police shooting us? What the hell? “I ran into a little room. Everyone ran. Screamed. I was scared. I managed to get into one of the rooms at the back of the building. There were many of us in there. We all lay on the floor together. We heard several shots. We became more afraid. I cried. I knew nothing.

I saw my best friend through the window and wondered if I should go outside and bring him to me. I did not. I saw fear in his eyes. We were lying on the floor inside the room for a few minutes. We agreed not to move out in case the killer came.

We heard several shots and decided to jump out the window. Panic broke out among us. Everyone in the room rushed to the window and tried to jump out. I was the last and thought: “I am the last to jump out the window. Now I’m going to die. I’m sure, but it might be okay and then I will know that the others are safe.”

I threw my bag out the window. I tried to climb down, but lost my grip. I landed hard on the left side of my body. A boy helped me up. We ran into the woods. I looked around. “Is he here? Is he shooting me? Can he see me?”

A girl had a broken ankle. Another was severely injured. I tried to help a little bit before I went down to the water.

I sought cover behind a sort of brick wall. There were many of us. I prayed, prayed, prayed. I hope that God saw me. I called Mum and said that it was not certain we would meet again, but that I would do anything to stay safe.

I said several times that I loved her. I heard fear in her voice. She cried. It hurt. I sent a text message to my dad telling him I loved him. I sent a text message to another person I am very, very close to. We had a little contact. I sent a text message to my best friend. He did not answer. We heard several shots.

We were snuggled together. We did everything we could to keep warm. There were so many thoughts. I was so scared. My dad called me. I cried and said I loved him. He said he and my brother would go to welcome me when I reached the mainland, or they would come to the island. There were so many emotions. So many thoughts. I told him everything I could. It took some time. We switched to texting for fear that the killer would hear us.

I thought of my sister who is away. How I would tell her how it went? What happened to me. I updated Twitter and Facebook to say I was still alive and that I was “safe”.

I wrote that I was waiting for the police. People jumped into the water and started swimming. I was lying down. I decided that if he came, I would play dead. I would not run or swim. I cannot describe the fear that took over my mind, what I felt.

A man came. “I’m from the police.” I was lying there. Some shouted back that he had to prove it. I do not remember exactly what he said, but the killer started shooting. He charged. He shot those around me. I was still lying there. I thought: “Now it’s over. He’s here. He’s going to shoot me. I’m going to die.”

People screamed. I heard that others were shot. Others jumped into the water. I was there. Holding the mobile phone in my hand, I lay on top of a girl’s legs. Two others lay on my feet. I was still lying there. The mobile phone rang several times. I was still lying. I played dead. I lay there for at least an hour. It was completely quiet. I gently turned her head to see if I could see someone alive. I looked like around. I saw blood. Fear. I decided to get up. I had been lying on top of a dead body. Two dead bodies lay on me. I had a guardian angel.

I did not know if he would come back again. I did not have the courage to look at all those who had called and texted me. I hurried down to the water. I took off my sweater. It was large. I thought it would be difficult to swim with it. I considered whether I should bring my mobile phone or leave it again.

I put it in my back pocket and jumped into the water. I saw several others in the water. They had swum far. I saw that someone had gathered around a floating lifeboat or something like that.

There were many who followed those who swam out.

I swam, swam, and swam towards the inflatable boat. I screamed, wept. I was calm. I thought of when I would drown. It became harder and harder. I questioned myself. I kept swimming.

My arms were tired. I decided just to use my legs legs to swim.

I sank. I started to swim normally again.

After a little while I thought the group who were clinging on to the dinghy were moving away from me. I screamed. Begged them to wait for me. I must have seen visions. I swam at least a few hundred metres before I reached them.

We talked a little together. Who we were, where we came from. When the boats passed us we started shouting for help, but they picked up the others who were still swimming.

A man in a boat came to us. He threw out several life jackets. I got hold of one. Got it on me. I held on to the dinghy for a long time, until the same man came back to pick us up. We all got into it. He began to head towards the shore. After a little while his boat started to take in water. I did everything I could to get as much water out as possible.

I used a bucket. I was exhausted. Another girl in the boat took over. We reached the shore.

We were given blankets. The tears would not stop. I cried more. A woman hugged me. It was so good. I wept aloud. I sobbed. A man lent me his phone. I called my dad, “I’m alive. I made it. Now I am safe.”

I hung up. Cried more. We had to walk a bit. Completely unknown people took us into their cars and drove us to the Sundvollen hotel. I ran in to see if I could see my best friend.

I could not find him anywhere.

I saw a friend. I cried, loudly. We hugged each other for a long time. It was good. I walked around, looking for friends. My heart pounded. I cried more. I gave my details to the police, then looked through all the lists. I did not know if my best friend was alive. I looked through all the lists. I could not find his name anywhere. I was scared.

I got a duvet. I took off my wet socks. I was half naked. Got a jacket. I tried to phone some people. Contacted my parents again. My dad and brother were on their way to fetch me. I drank some cocoa. I sat down. Thought. Wept. So many friends. I hugged them. Wept.

I borrowed a computer. Updated Facebook and Twitter again to say that I was safe. I was at the hotel for several hours before my family came.

I looked for familiar sights. I talked to a priest. I told them everything I had seen. It was a good conversation. A man from the Red Cross saw all my wounds. Cleaned them.

Time passed. I was with some of my friends. We all talked about the same things: how we survived and what had happened. I asked several if they had seen my best friend. No one had seen him. I was scared. I thought that it was my fault because we had not managed to stay together.

A friend got the key to a hotel room. We sat there, looked at the news. There was anger, sorrow, so many emotions. My dad called, they had come. I took the elevator down. Ran out to them. Hugged my brother and my dad a long time. I wept aloud. My brother was crying too. It was a good moment.

I saw a boy who looked like my best friend. I shouted his name. He turned around. It was him. We hugged each other for a long time . Both crying, we asked each other how we had managed.

After a while, I spoke again to the police and we drove home. Someone else came with us. My best friend was with me. His brother had brought his best friend.

Several people had gathered at my home. They would not leave until they had seen that I was fine. We talked a little bit. I drank juice. Ate a yogurt. Talked some more with my mum and my family. I called my best friend. It was a good conversation.

She said: “I was not sure if I would ever get this phone call.” Tears started again. We talked a little bit. After that I lay down. It was 3am. Mum refused to let me sleep alone, so we slept together.

It has now been several hours since all this happened. I’m still in shock. Everything has not fallen into place.

I have seen the corpses of my friends. Several of my friends are missing. I am glad that I can swim. I am glad that I am alive. God watched over me. There are so many emotions, so many thoughts. I think of all my family. Of all I lost. Of the hell that is – and was – on the island.

This summer’s most beautiful fairy tale is transformed into Norway’s worst nightmare.

Source: HERE!

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Earth’s Tallest and Deepest06.30.11

I found this online…great read!

Our Amazing Planet explores Earth from its peaks to it mysterious depths.
Source, Exploring the wonder and beauty of planet Earth through exclusive news, features and images.

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Did you vote?05.11.10

Yup I did. I exercised my right as a Filipino and let my voice heard. If you didn’t, you don’t have the right to vent your anger in the government if something bad happen. I call it the VENTING RIGHTS. LOL. Don’t tell me that you’re paying your taxes and that should be enough to exercise your VENTING rights. Nope, not enough.

So who did you vote? I want to admit that even up to yesterday I still don’t have anybody in mind for President and Vice President. I’m torn between my conscience and strategy. Don’t worry my conscience still won and it took me only 10 minutes to finish the whole process from finding my name in the master list to having my nail polished with the I-ink. :)

So who did you vote? I kept on asking this because I want to know who. Most of my colleagues at work did not get the chance to vote. Mainly, it has to do something with the lack of time. They don’t have the time to vote since we’re working on a call center company, we don’t have holidays. So they don’t have time to go to their provinces just to vote. I wish that in the future, you can vote anywhere, as in anywhere in the world for as long as you’re a Filipino and of legal age. I think that way, if that happens, in that election we can say that all Filipinos were counted.

So who did you vote? Ok fine. I’ll answer my own question. For President, I voted for somebody who loves to fly and looks good with sunglasses. Who knows…maybe we get miles and free airplane tickets if he wins! For Vice President, I voted someone with political will and with a dead sense of humor coz he says that he does not joke. D’you get it? LOL

So who did you vote? For Senators, they are as follows:
1. A super brainy-crazy witch.
2. A sports woman.
3. Someone who loves to run.
4. A farmer.
5. A butete.
6. A chocolate.
7. Once a panday, always a panday
8. De-De-De
9. Who hates the Aquinos (admit it!!!!)
10. An angel
11. I voted her husband for President when he run against Ramos.
12. Who makes bread or for the madlang people.

So who did you vote? Can you guess mine? 

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No More Oprah on 201111.20.09

W-H-A-T?!?!  No more Oprah?!?!  This is so not right!  Who’s going to be the next?  Tyra?  Though I love Tyra…I’m not so sure though….

In a press release recieved Thursday evening Tim Bennett, the president of Harpo, Oprah’s production company, the show will go
off the air.

“Tomorrow, Oprah will announce live on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ that she has decided to end what is arguably one of the most popular, influential and enduring programs in television history. The sun will set on the “Oprah” show as its 25th season draws to a close on September 9, 2011.”

SOURCE through ONTD.

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Pacquiao beats Cotto by TKO11.15.09

Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao and to all the Filipinos!!!

Outsmarting a taller and heavier opponent, Manny Pacquiao needed 12 rounds to win by technical knockout (TKO) over a bloodied Miguel Cotto in their “Firepower” match Saturday (Sunday in Manila) at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Many Pacquiao whoops it up with assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez after hacking out a 12th round TKO win over Miguel Cotto Saturday in Las Vegas. AP

Earning his seventh weight division title and still peaking at age 30, the national icon cemented his status as one of the greatest boxers ever.

Referee Kenny Bayless stopped the fight 55 seconds of the 12th round after seeing Cotto being pummeled by Pacquiao at the ropes.

“Miguel Cotto is one tough opponent. He took a lot of punches but still wouldn’t go down that easily,” said Pacquiao, who suffered a right swollen ear, after the fight.

Pacquiao collected his seventh world title with the win as he snatched Cotto’s World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight crown and the diamond-studded World Boxing Council (WBC) Diamond Belt, an honorary championship given for elite boxers.

The General Santos City native Pacquiao – who started fighting as a 106-lb in the strawweight division – also holds the International Boxing Organization (IBO) light welterweight crown. He previously ruled the WBC light weight, WBC super featherweight, International Boxing Federation (IBF) super bantamweight, WBC flyweight and RING Magazine’s featherweight divisions. divisions.

He, however, declined to give a glimpse of his future. “I’m not yet thinking of my next fight. I just want to enjoy this win first,” added Pacquiao, who now holds a record of 50 wins, three losses and two draws.

For Pacquiao’s long-time trainer and coach Freddie Roach, the only one left out there to challenge is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Referee Kenny Bayless directs Manny Pacquiao to his corner after knocking down Miguel Cotto in the 4th round of their WBO welterweight title fight in Las Vegas.

Cotto, his face bloodied and swollen, dropped to 34-2 becoming Pacquiao’s 38th KO victim. “Manny is really one of the best,” he said.

It was also the first loss for the Puerto Rican since absorbing an 11th round TKO loss against Antonio Margarito last year.

Pacquiao’s recent triumph also extended his winning streak to 11 fights after suffering from a 12-round decision setback to Erik Morales on March 19, 2005.

Cotto was the aggressor in the match having a good first round by dictating the tempo of the match to somehow contain Pacquiao’s opening attacks.

But Pacquiao stuck with his game plan and seemed unfazed by Cotto’s power quickly adjusting in the second round that resulted in several fierce exchanges between the two fighters.

Cotto’s game plan seemed to work in the early rounds as he kept Pacquiao busy looking for better angles and openings.

Pacquiao, like a diesel engine that needs to warm up, went to work in the third with a left-right combination dropping Cotto on his knees and was later given a standing eight count by referee Bayless.

That did not rattle Cotto and the Puerto Rican retaliated with his own a 1-2-3 combo before the end of the third.

Pacquiao then pressed on with his attack in the fourth, targeting Cotto’s body and unleashing a several powerful combos that the deposed champion managed to endure.

Moments later, Cotto was once again down on his knees.

After the fourth, Cotto’s offense and game plan was no longer existent as Pacquiao continued with his relentless onslaught aiming for the deposed champion’s face that started to swell that opened up several cuts around his eyes.

Cotto trainer Joe Santiago seemed ready to throw in the towel at the end of the 11th but Bayless and ring side physician James Gane talked for a while and decided to let the deposed champion continue with the fight.

Pacquiao, sensing his imminent victory and the downfall of his opponent, poured it all in the 12th catching Cotto near the corner.

Seeing enough of the carnage, Bayless stepped in and signaled the stop of the fight as jubilation erupted in Pacquiao’s corner with assistant trainer and long-time buddy Buboy Fernandez giving the Filipino boxing icon a well-deserved victory ride. – GMANews.TV


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Nobody by Wondergirls08.13.09

Okey I give in! I’ve been listening to Korean songs even before I became interested with K-Pop (Korean Pop). Before, I only listen to romantic Korean songs, mostly OST from my favorite Korean Dramas. My favorite OST’s are from Coffee Prince and Lovers. But now, I also listen to K-Pop! Yup it’s trueee! And currently, my favorite is Nobody from Wondergirls! :)

This song is very popular that it got covered by several people, famous and unknowns. See the other versions of Nobody uploaded in YouTube:

Man in Black and White with Tie Version

Students from Thailand Version

The Solo Fighter Version

Cebu Inmates Version

ASAP’s Version (channel 2)

SOP’s Version (channel 7)

and the original version

The Original Wonder Girls’ Music Video – US (English Version)

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China blocks Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and others06.04.09

I’m not really into current affair type of blogging but I need to post this one.

Why, oh why? 

Now do you feel fortunate that you can still open your browser and twit, stream, browse and blog all you want? Hmmm… Honestly, I do.

China blocks Twitter, Flickr and Hotmail ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

Chinese censors blocked access to Twitter and other popular online services today , two days before the 20th anniversary of the crackdown on democracy protests in Tiananmen Square.

The move came amid increasing pressure on dissidents, in a reflection of the authorities’ anxiety ahead of the sensitive date. Hundreds died as the army forced its way through Beijing to clear away demonstrators from the capital’s political heart in June 1989, but the issue is taboo on the mainland.

The photo-sharing site Flickr, email service Hotmail and other services were also unavailable this evening.

“Twitter is a tool which can put all the sensitive things and sensitive guys together, very quickly. That’s the very thing that the Chinese government doesn’t want to see in China,” said one blogger, Michael Anti, who had predicted Twitter would not be allowed for long.

“They needed time to figure out what it is and whether it needed to be controlled.”

He added: “I don’t know whether they will reopen Twitter after 4 June. I hope they will, for Twitter is a crucial icon for the new internet era on which many innovations emerge. China can’t block their young generation from the future.”

While most Chinese internet users rely on domestic services, which are heavily monitored and controlled, Twitter had become hugely popular among an urban elite. They used the site to share information on sensitive issues in recent months, such as the fire at the Chinese state television complex.

But while people could not access the site this evening, some users were still able to tweet, sending their complaints about the ban.

“We netizens were beaten by a ‘combination blow’. So many famous websites are not accessible now … This time, it is huge,” wrote user williamlong.

Reuters reported that the email service Hotmail was also blocked across the mainland, while some internet users said they were unable to access Microsoft’s Windows Live. was blocked last month and YouTube has been inaccessible from the mainland since March.

Internet monitors have also shut down message boards on more than 6,000 websites affiliated with colleges and universities, according to the Hong Kong-based Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy.

In a statement distributed by the same organisation, the exiled former student leader Chai Ling appealed for the release of political prisoners, an independent investigation into the events and permission for former student leaders to return home.

“The current generation of leaders who bear no responsibility should have the courage to overturn the verdicts [on the protests],” said Chai, who now lives in the US and has not commented on the issue for several years.

“The party and the government long ago reached a conclusion about the political incident that took place at the end of the 1980s and related issues,” spokesman Qin Gang said when asked about the issue at the Foreign Ministry’s regular news conference. The Chinese authorities deemed the protests counterrevolutionary riots.

In Taizhou, Zhejiang, officials have detained a former prisoner who last week co-signed an open letter to the government complaining about economic discrimination against dissidents, according to US-based group Human Rights in China.

Wu Gaoxing and four other men who were jailed for supporting the 1989 pro-democracy protests said former prisoners were struggling to survive because they could not find steady jobs and are deprived of medical benefits and pensions.

Calls to Taizhou’s state security bureau rang unanswered.

Another signatory, Mao Guoliang, told the Associated Press: “I expect he’s being held under some form of house arrest, but I don’t know where.”


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Pacman Wins Over the Golden Boy12.07.08


In a stirring upset, Manny Pacquiao dominated Oscar De La Hoya before scoring an 8th-round TKO at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday. Pacquiao, who began his career as a flyweight, proved to be too fast, too elusive, and ultimately, too strong, for the bigger De La Hoya. Pacquiao, the reigning lightweight champion at 135 pounds, moved up to 147 pounds to meet De La Hoya.

The old boxing cliche says that a good big man will always beat a good little man, but that was not the case tonight. This was David slaying Goliath in trunks and gloves.

In the postfight interview, Oscar said of Pacquiao, “He was the better man.”

He would not come out and say he would retire, but Oscar certainly hinted this could be it for him inside the ring. After the fight, Pacquiao said to Oscar, “You’re still my idol.” To which Oscar responded by saying, “Now you’re my idol.”

Pacquiao dominated nearly every second of the fight. He outboxed Oscar at will, scoring with lead left hands from his southpaw stance. De La Hoya had no answer for Pacquiao’s speed and movement. The Golden Boy was never able to pull the trigger on the smaller fighter. He just couldn’t find him.

Pacquiao also scored with sneaky right hooks and jabs that closed Oscar’s left eye by the end of the fight. The discussion to end the fight began in Oscar’s corner after the seventh round and they finally stopped the fight after Oscar posted back-to-back rounds during which he was barely competitive.


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Google Hosted Life Magazine Archive11.22.08

From angelofthewaters – reloaded

You can now search millions of images from Life Magazine photo archive hosted by Google from 1750s up to present. Imagine the treasure since most of the images were never published!

Enjoy history buff! This one is specially for Malen

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new cellphone load scam10.19.08

According to my reader, there’s a new cellphone load scam that we all have to be aware of. I have not verified this or contacted the phone number given by it’s all for you to know or to share…

By the way, wait for my Puerto Galera update on my next post!

Here’s the share…

There is a new share-a-load scam that you cannot do anything about. you would just be informed by 2916 that you have shared a load to an unknown number (even if you hadn’t shared anything to anyone).

i have encountered this kind of incident last sunday. i lost 200 pesos load to 09272635349. and this afternoon P30 was again deducted from my account and was shared to 09276519372. I hope this racket of some shameless people will be put to an end.

i already reported the incident to globe but it seems they have no plans yet of doing anything to stop this illegal activity. such a disappointment!

Thanks to snuffles

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