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Pancake but no Pancake05.01.10

After watching Iron Man 2 with Howe, we ate at Pancake House in Eastwood City but no we did not eat pancakes. I ordered their Roast Beef Special. For P231 you’ll get a niclye done and perfectly sliced roas beef and a cup of rice. With that you also have vegetables on the side and Caesar salad. On top of it, this meal set already have iced tea to wash out the tasty food. It’s a complete meal, carbo, protein with veggies and a nice ice tea.

I really wanted to try and order dessert, the frozen yogurt and the best of it all, it says that it’s 98% fat free. But I can’t because I was already full from the roast beef meal. But that’s no biggie since I work about 50 steps away from it so I can drop by anytime I want.

Love the Pancake House! And most of all, I love spending time with Howe. It made the whole dinner a lot more special.

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Cream Cheese Dip by Sheryl Cruz01.01.09

This is one of the best dips I’ve tasted that will best match the Bread Stix and other snacks like biscuit type or other plain or non-flavored chips in the market. Created by Ms Sheryl Cruz (yup! her real name!), the sister-in-law of Aimz. She served us this very tasty dip last Dec 26 when we went to Aimz’s place for her birthday celebration. Actually she’s a very good cook. She makes very delicious viand every time we go to Aimz’s place. I pray that her wish will come true, which is opening her own resto.

Thanks Ate She for the recipe, we (my family) loved it!

You can also try this for yourself. Very easy to do and it will only cost you around 40-50 pesos or 1 dollar.

Cream Cheese Dip


From Cream Cheese Dip Session

1 Nestle All Purpose Cream 250 ML
1/2 Eden Cheese or your preferred brand (Small Size)

1. Grate the cheese.

From Cream Cheese Dip Session

2. Mix the grated cheese with the Nestle cream in a bowl.

From Cream Cheese Dip Session

3. Double boiled the mixture until the cheese melts or thickens, roughly about 1-2 minutes. Or you can improvise like what I did.  Put the bowl inside a pot with water, then boil.  I wrapped the outer part of the bowl, not sure if it’s ok to heat it.  But if you’re not sure, use another pot (smaller) instead.

From Cream Cheese Dip Session

4. Serve with Bread Stix or plain Chips.

From Cream Cheese Dip Session

OPTION: Best when served chilled.

Thanks Ate She!

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YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I made it! I made it!

Sorry to blurt this out to you guys, I’m just so happy that I want to share this to all! This is the first ever dish that I cook in my whole life…ever. Hahaha! What a pity! :) I thought that kitchen and I don’t mix at all. But realization hit me! This is so not true! I can cook! I can cook! Well, my mom was helping me, telling me mostly what to do, but I did it all. Actually, I was kind of afraid to do it. I thought mostly of it will go to our house dog, Piso. Hehehe.

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days of gluts02.21.07

Don’t do this EVER…

I think I’ve just gained 10 lbs because of over-eating. Yes! You heard me right! And that is just in all 10 days (and counting…) of training that we’re having. I think this is mainly because of the stress that I’ve been feeling due to the heavy information that I’m trying to enter in this little piece of brain that I have…hahaha! So to compensate for the stress, Kimmy and I had “days of gluts” as we want to call it.

On our first day of training, Tuesday, we ate KFC. Hmmm…not bad? Uhm…we ate just the regulars. Next day, Wednesday, Valentine’s Day. I was with Alex, and of course, we ate out. Thursday, we ate Goldilocks…not the “right” meal, but cakes! Sweets na naman. And the day after, Friday, we decided that we wanted to eat ice cream, so we bought, each of us a pint, she had Magnolia, and I had Coffee Crumble Selecta (if my beauty is not mistaken). Saturday, I went home alone, but I ate three plastics of Pastillas on the way…hehehe…sarap kasi eh, lasang gatas talaga. Sunday, I attended the service, then we (DFCM beauties) ate at Wendys. Monday, work again, Jean joined us (Kim and I) and we ate at Tropical Hut, and I got my self two slices of pizzas from PH, aside from the Spag Meal that I had na ha! Tuesday, I went home with Alex again, then we ate Maki from Teramaki at Commonwealth. So sarap talaga! Grave! Per order you got 8 pieces. Malalaki yun ha. Then nakain ko ata is 11…hahaha… Takaw noh? Wednesday (today), Kim and I ate at Gateway Mall. I’ve wanted to try the DQ. So we had Wendys and DQ. Sobrang busog namin, that made us realize that we were like so GLUTS for the past few days nah. So we promised to ourselves that we will try not to eat tomorrow….

Oh by the way, all the trainees are planning to eat at Pizza Hut…sana wag tomorrow…sana sa next day na lang….

UPDATE! Aruy, after promising that we won’t eat out, I could not say no to Jean and Erwin. Natatawa na lang kami ni Kimmy…hehehe…ay! huhuhu din pala…

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