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a short reflection: appetite11.18.09

Appetite is a noun that means a physical desire to satisfy, most commonly for food or drink. It can also be a strong wish, urge or wanting for something: an appetite for learning.

I think, at this time of my life I have a highly need for appetite suppressant when it comes to food, sweets, chocolates, rice, ice cream, cake, laziness, short tempered-ness, undisciplined, boring-ness….

On the other hand, appetite stimulant is lacking in the following aspects of my life and I need tons of doses on: love, blogging, photography, music, work, sleep (in the morning), musical keyboard, drawing, accountability-ness, reading, timeliness, orderliness, laughing, dancing, productivity-ness…

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Have you noticed your lines near your eyes and above your eye brows?  Usually it appears when you smile (for the one near your eyes) and when you frown (above your eye brows).  Yup!  They are called lines.  I never dare to even call it wrinkles.  Just the sound of it makes me feel old.  It something that mostly every woman’s dreading because it’s the sign that we are  loosing our youth, our shine, our beauty.   It’s something that I’m also dreading but I’m more afraid of having lines and not earning it.  As if I’ve never lived my life.  As if I’ve done nothing.  You know, it’s something that cannot be solved by wrinkle cream, but it’s of something with worth that we can do today.

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being sexy01.24.09

This is what Halle Berry have to say when she was named by the Esquire as the sexiest woman alive for November 2008, that is even after pregnancy and giving birth at the age of 42.

“Sexiness is a state of mind — a comfortable state of being,” she says. “It’s about loving yourself in your most unlovable moments.”

Yes!  Who will not love her for saying that? The comfortable state of being and loving yourself in your most unlovable moments!  I think every woman whom have read that will definitely love Halle a little bit more.

It is true that being sexy you must have the perfect vital stats of 36-24-34, but for me being sexy is how you really carry yourself and being comfortable and confident with your body.  Having the perfect body helps but you also have to know how to use it, project it, and be in it.   I don’t even have anything against people who take diet pills.  If you think it helps your body, go on.   I think that loving your body with or without the wobbly bits and being comfortable with it is what makes every woman sexy by their own right.

Have it a mantra: sexiness is a state of mind.  I AM SEXY!

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Kung Sakali by Ogie Alcasid07.26.08

Kung Sakali – Ogie Alcasid

Click to hear!

Now sing together with the lyrics and if you can play the guitar…try the chords too! You’d love it!

Title: Kung Sakali
Artist: Ogie Alcasid
Written by: Marivic Sotto

Chords by: from SOURCE

Intro: A-F#m-A-D-E

Buhay ko ay sayo lamang,
Bm C#7 F#m
hindi-hindi magbabago ang isip ko
B7 D E
Tunay ang pagtingin, sana’y ganon ka rin giliw

At kung sakali man ikaw ay,
F#m Bm E
Mayroon ng ibang minamahal, minamahal,
At kung sakali man tuluyan
F#m Bm E
Nang mawalay ang pag-ibig mo sa piling ko

D E A F#m
At kung sakali man magdusa,
Bm7 E
ito’y aking matitiis…

C#m F#7
Maghirap man o maghinagpis
Bm E
Baka sakaling mahal mo pa ako

Di mo ba mauunawaan
Bm C#7 F#m
Pag-ibig na inalay ko sayo’y tapat
Pagkat ako ngayo’y
Nangangamba sa’yo giliw

(repeat chorus)

At kung sakali man ikaw ay
G#m C#m F#
Mayroon ng ibang minamahal, minanamhal

At kung sakali mang tuluyan
G#m C#m F#
Nang mawalay ang pag-ibig mo sa piling ko

B G#m
At kung sakali man
E F#-B-E-F#-B
At kung sakali man….

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great charity works01.19.08

I just discovered an organization that has a unique idea in doing charity work. All they do is seek people who are willing to donate their unused boats whether used and even if it’s not working. People with big hearts who have gone into boat donation gave society a needed boost particularly in helping people in need. The organization converted the donated boats into a mobile hospital at sea and it goes wherever it’s needed. They even launched medical mission to misfortuned places.

Aside from people, who are giving through boat donation, there’s another organization that do charity works in another form. They’re called Car Angel ( It’s is a non-profit company that uses car and other donations to make videos for kids and teens. They’ve released 2.4 million videos for this very unique charity.

Money raised is used to make the videos!

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Time Is it Then.04.24.07

For our weekly wisdom provided by Christnotes, it is:

“Time is the price you must pay for intimacy with God.”

Ouch! Guilty as charged.

I admit. I admit. I don’t make time for our devotion. And most of the time, I don’t have time.

I always feel so tired coming from work. Possible that it’s because the stress of commuting 2 hrs from work, just to go home or it could be that I’m not fit enough to have the extra strength needed for quality time with my family and quality time with my God.

As advised,

Reserve a specific slot each day to spend time with God. Don’t do anything else
during that time; make it your time specifically for you and God. You can’t use
the excuse, “I’ll read my Bible and spend time with God, as soon as I can find
some time.” You will never find time! You must make time. Therefore, reserve
time for God, remembering that time is the price you must pay for intimacy with

I got to make this a habit. Now when will I do that? Let’s see, this is my scenario, I got up early everyday, around 3:00am for my 5:00am shift. Most of the time, I am not even awake while I’m preparing to go to work. So I doubt, morning sessions will be effective. It’s either during work time, now this depends if I can have couple of minutes alone. I can take my two 15-min break to do devotion. Right? I can do that. But the problem is I could not make it like with a specific time everyday, simply because I am at work.

Well, if I just wanted to do read and not write, I could do this while I’m on the bus. Since I spend almost 2hrs everyday commuting, might as well read the bible right? That would be way too cool.

But the most ideal is when I get home, I can do my devotion during Asian Treasure (GMA-7) because all of the people would not bother since they’re busy watching…hehehe. That I think would work. It’s not too late for me to get sleepy and it’s not too early for me to be bothered. Way to go then.

I will have time for him. I will make time.

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