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New Prison Break Cast Photo for Season 407.24.08

Wait! Before I continue with my stories behind my hiatus weeks…let’s check this out first!

We’ve got the new cast photo for the season 4 of Prison Break! Yahoo! Gosh! Gosh!  Sarah is back in Michael’s life! Isn’t it great?!

Thanks to SOURCE through ONTD.

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The Real Thing with Miller?04.11.07

From what my BFF Malen posted, this one is for real. I mean real news, but I don’t believe it! Coz I know that at the end of the tunnel, of this! It would be me and Scofield. Hehehe.

Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller grabs Starbucks in West Hollywood on Friday afternoon with new rumored girlfriend called Amie Brice.

No public displays of affection yet, unless you consider a pat on the back as a PDA.

And it looks like Wentworth and Amie popped open a botlle of wine and chowed down on chinese food for their romantic dinner date Friday night.

TV hottest inmate Wentworth Miller has a new girlfriend named Amie Brice, according to Polish celebrity gossip site Zycie Gwiazd.The Prison Break hottie went on a romantic dinner date with Amie last Friday in West Hollywood!

Here arethe details of Wentworth Millers rumored girlfriend, translated from Polish:
Wentworth Miller has always been very discreet and reserved with regard to his
personal life. Rumors have even appeared of him being gay. The actor, however, denied it. He does stress all the time that his private life should not concern anyone other than him and his nearest and dearest.Hence, it was a big sensation when Miller appeared in the company of Amie Brice.

The couple went on a date last Friday in west Hollywood. They had a romantic dinner first, then they went for a walk which ended at the actor’s house. Amie Brice only left in the,early morning.

She spent the night? Who is this Amie Brice?? Start gossiping now !!!!


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